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Sara meets Mrs. Norton.

I reached up and opened her blazer to expose the breasts that were covered with the sheer fabric. The light of the movie shined nicely to show me and the guy down the row her sexy tits. I brushed my hand across them and massaged them through the fabric.

As we sat there, the man in the third row got up and came back to the back row via the aisle on the right and sat directly behind the guy who was already watching us. Joy was still fixed for the moment on the lady on the screen as both of the men she was fucking were standing over her jacking off. The first guy shot a long stream across her face and then immediately the second one shot directly into her mouth. She went back and forth sucking each one dry.

As I alternated massaging Joy's breasts and thigh, I noticed that the man in our row pulled out his cock, and it must have been something that Joy sensed too because she looked down the row and saw that the man had his hard cock out and was stroking it while he was watching us. She could see his hand moving up and down the shaft in long strokes. It was also obvious that the other man was doing likewise and watching her.

I reached up to unbutton her blouse and was surprised when she didn't stop me. I opened the blouse and exposed her breasts to the two men. Just as I did that, the man in the first row stood up and moved into the seat in front of us and just to our right. He turned and watched also. I was pulling and twisting her nipples and massaging sensually as she watched the man at the end of the row stroking his cock. He seemed to take this attention as an invitation and he stood up and moved closer. I could tell that this both seemed to worry Joy and increase her desire. As the man moved down the row, his hard cock dangled and waved, exposed to her. When there was a seat still between us, I motioned for him to not come any closer and he nodded and sat down. His hand returned to his cock and he stroked it. Joy watched as he stroked it faster and faster. The man that was in front of him moved closer to us also and he now stood and was facing us in the row in front of us, his cock exposed and his hand stroking it.

I moved my hand down to Joy's exposed thigh and immediately her hands replaced mine on her breasts and she was now massaging them for the gentlemen. She also uncrossed her legs. I took the opportunity and unbuttoned a couple of buttons of the skirt and was surprised when I encountered no resistance. She was fully fixed on watching the men jack their cocks off. Once I had all the buttons except the top one undone, I opened up the skirt and exposed her shaved pussy to the men and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. She opened her legs and gave me full access to her pussy.

The man two seats away stood up and slid hesitantly into the seat next to her. I didn't stop him and Joy looked down and watched up close as he slowly stroked his cock. My hand found her wet pussy and I started to massage her hard clit. She was so wet and her clit was so hard. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "Take his cock in your hand." I paused as it sunk in. "Jack him off." Reluctantly and shyly she reached out. He let go of his cock and her fingers hesitantly wrapped around it. I began to flick my finger across her clit. She adjusted her hand and wrapped tightly around his hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. My finger worked faster on her clit. Her eyes were now fixed on the two men standing in front of her that were jacking off their cocks. Her hand moved faster....... faster............ He pushed his hips up as she stroked harder and faster. He bent his head back and let out a huge grunt and shot a stream of cum about 6 inches in the air. The hot cum fell down onto Joy's hand as she continued to milk his cock. I could feel her first orgasm flush through her as soon as the cock in her hand shot.

The first man got up and mumbled a thank you and moved out of the row.

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