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Nikki and The Mistress both get their turn with Jayce

"Yes, I have been thinking about it; can we invite cute girl over again one evening?" (Robyn had taken up the nickname I had always used when talking about cute girl). "But before we do that, I need to tell you some things and ask you some questions. First, it's fine by me if you fuck cute girl or do anything else with her. In fact I'd love to see you fuck her, and to watch your big hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt lips, and to lick you as you do. But how would you feel about me touching her? I have no idea what I might want to do with her -- or to her -- if we get her into bed, but I'd like to know if there are any limits as far as you are concerned. Would you mind me kissing her lips? and her breasts? and her pussy? and how would you feel if I found I actually wanted to fuck her?"

My answer came out almost before she had finished. 'Anything, absolutely anything, would be fine by me. And if you wanted to, I'd love to see your little cock slipping in and out of her pussy, and to lick your cum off her lips."

"Wonderful. Thank you! I hoped you'd say that, and was pretty sure you would. Can you leave it to me to make things happen when she comes over? I'm beginning to get some ideas; and I'll tell you anything you need to know before we begin."

That evening, our sex was quite extraordinary. We both came almost as soon as we touched each other, but that was only the prelude to a long evening of sucking and fucking that left us both dazed and amazed.

Cute girl duly accepted Robyn's invitation that she should come over for supper the next Saturday. Robyn was more dressed up than the previous time, with one of the prettiest of her loose skirts that came just below the knee, and a stylish shirt, also partly unbuttoned and showing glimpses of her big soft puffy nipples on her tiny breasts; and, as I knew from watching her dress, she was wearing one of her usual pairs of modest white panties, with her cock demurely tucked down between her legs. I asked her quickly before cute girl arrived whether she had any special instructions for me. "No, but watch me; I'm going to play it by ear, and may get some good ideas when I see how things are going." I still had very little idea what she had in mind, but felt my cock beginning to stir at the thought of watching any sort of sex between her and cute girl -- and also, I must admit, at the possibility of touching cute girl myself and perhaps feeling her big soft moist cunt lips caress my cock-head.

When cute girl arrived, to my surprise she was dressed quite differently from the previous time; now she was wearing a quite short tight skirt that showed off her firm and slightly fleshy thighs, and a very pretty, lacy blouse that seemed to have one more button undone than necessary. And, as she moved past me, I realised she wasn't wearing a bra, and caught a glimpse of her breast nestling against the blouse, not large but pointed and with rich pink areolae.

Supper and wine and conversation, and then Robyn suggested we should watch a video of the recent series of 'Sex and the City'; so we sat together on the long sofa, me on cute girl's left and Robyn on her right. After a few minutes, I felt some movement by my right shoulder, and realised that Robyn had put her arm along the sofa back behind cute girl, and was brushing her fingers across her shoulder. Cute girl then nestled a bit closer towards Robyn, and gently rested her head on her shoulder, while Robyn continued to run her finger tips across her shoulder and then across the exposed skin of her neck. Then cute girl quickly glanced round at me, realising that I had noticed what was going on, and I gave her the wide, open smile that told her that this was all just fine by me.

Cute girl then turned round to Robyn, flung her left arm across and round her, and kissed her deeply on the lips.

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