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A story of my path into the BDSM world.

I nodded my understanding to her. "It is simple , now that we have found this. So we just keep a watch on this last brothel for the next 6 months watching for this guy? " I asked.

"Well , yes and no. We are going to watch, but the captain thinks the guy won't do it , if he finds out we are watching"

"So we aren't going to keep a watch?" I asked incredulously.

"No. But the captain had a better idea. He said we should have someone from the department go undercover."

"Wow, thats some out of the box thinking. So, he is going to send some good looking newbie to be a whore?" I asked.

Ingrid grimaced a bit. She then put her down and kissed me passionately on my lips. I could tell that she had been drinking even before she came as the overpowering smell of cognac hit me.

"Do you love me? Do you think I am beautiful?" she asked me.

"Of course darling. Why do you even have this doubt? I am the one who chased you all over the place to marry you."

"Well, the captain also think I am extremely good looking" she said plainly.

It hit me then. "He asked you to go undercover? No way.. you are a wife.. you couldn't have been asked"

Ingrid then started on what had happened before she left the precinct. " The captain called me into his room. He started saying how this case had scared the city with a murder happening every year and how he needed someone who was mature enough to handle this case but also look drop dead gorgeous. He said, if this case is solved, he would personally ensure that the undercover part is known to no one and I would get a public recommendation and a promotion."

I stopped her at that and asked, "You obviously refused. Right?"

She nodded a no. I felt my jaw drop. She patiently explained why she wanted to be the person who solved this case, but I still couldn't get over the fact that she was willing to whore herself for that.

After half an hour of her monologue she finally said "Honey, I won't do it if you do not approve it but I really really want to solve this case.". As she said that she unbuttoned her shirt , to show her wonderful 34C breasts bulging out of her white bra. I lost my thought process, as I started staring at the beautiful milky white breasts and the cleavage between them. "Will you still love me , if I show these to other people?" she asked sexily as she bent down to fix me another drink.

I tried thinking fast , trying to figure out a way to dissuade her from this. However, I do not know , if it was the drink or if it was her beautiful half exposed breasts staring at my face, I took the wrong line. Ingrid was not a woman who liked to be challenged, and that was exactly where I committed the mistake.

" Honey, Forget me loving you, that is a given. Do you really think they are going to accept you , a married woman, into a high class brothel as one of the girls? Do you think they will go for you?"

I realized the mistake as soon as I uttered, since she buttoned her shirt back and walked out of the kitchen into the bedroom in a huff. She came back , picked the phone from her bag.

" Tom, I am on for tomorrow. Remember, the cover is that of a well educated, sophisticated girl , who has fallen on bad times and is willing to work her way out of it. Give me a call when the madam wants to meet."

I watched all this , unable to speak , knowing that I had spoken without tact and there was no way , Ingrid was going to stop now. The fact that I had challenged her had irked her to no end, and now she saw no barrier to this job. Inside however, one part of me was very excited that my hot wife was going to be with other men or women as well. The thought of her with other people , led to a small tent in my shorts. Ingrid noticed the tent and smiled.

"Does the thought of me with other people excite you?" she asked as she moved seductively towards me.

"Well , I guess my body shows for itself", I said.

"Well , in that case, do you mind, if I practice for my audition?" she said , and slowly licked her lovely , pink lips.

I smiled and just nodded a yes.

She stood about two feet from

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