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Oriental girl enjoys mother-daughter love.

Also she had realised things about her man over the last couple of years as she had become more sophisticated and her eyes became more open and aware. That he wasn't as innocent as she thought at first, however she let him believe that she hadn't caught on to his little extra's and acted the innocent, turning a blind eye to his and Patrick's sidelines at the bar.


Snake sat in the car that was parked in the run down area on the outskirts of Leeds, graffiti scrawled on walls of houses, litter on the street and boarded up homes making a desolate feel to the road where his targets lived.

The house they lived in was a small Victorian brick one in a small row of similar houses, the odd person walked down the street, cars were parked outside homes on the street, and a group of children played on a small area of almost dead scrub grass at the end of the street. Snakes Porsche stood out against the rest of the five years or older cars that lined the street.

The area made him shudder as it reminded him of where he grew up, a slum area, with a lousy mother, and very little money or love.

Turning on the ignition of his car Snake drove out of the area into the centre of Leeds and parked in a multi storey car park of one of the shopping malls that could be found in the busy city centre. Walking through the throngs of shoppers in the mall he found a place to eat and entered, ordering food and settled down to waste the time until night would fall.


The man sat sipping his second beer watching as Patrick stood behind the bar serving the few people standing there mid afternoon. He watched as his target said something to a young couple, both blond, looking like they were beach birds, and then the three of them laughed. It had been like that since he had arrived and observed his targets. He wasn't sure why his client in the UK wanted to have found for him such a diverse band of people, from the couple living in poverty in Leeds to the two couples here in Florida but he now felt in his guts that it wasn't good.

Watching and sipping his beer he settled back into his seat. Why should he care? After all he was being paid a lot of money. He was here in the Florida Keys on expenses, and it really wasn't any of his business.

Still he wondered what all these people had done to piss off the man who was employing him.


Jerry and Megan walked hand in hand through the trendy shopping streets of Key West looking at baby stuff. In Jerry's hand was a bag containing a few baby clothes and things that they both couldn't resist, including a little white sleep suit with appliqu__ cats and dogs and stuffed toy cat with a big grin on its face. Squeezing Megan's hand in his Jerry walked along a happy and contented man.

He thought to himself 'Who would have thought that two lost and lonely souls from South East London would find each other and end up here in paradise with everything they need.'

Her hand in his, the bag in the other the couple walked oblivious to the hate and the malevolence that burnt in the heart of the very person that Jerry thought was dead and gone but lived for a vengeance against all those who destroyed his business and nearly killed him.


Danny's hands swept up the girls legs as she lay back on the big crisp sheets in the hotel bedroom, her thighs open to him, her womanhood glistening at him, wet and slick and a deep dark husky pink. He moved his face down towards the slit and with his tongue gave a long lick from end to end of her cunt, tasting the sweetness and making her moan.

His hands grabbed and squeezed her buttocks and lifted them up towards his mouth, holding her still as he pressed his tongue hard against her clit, now peeking out from its hood, moving it around on the hard nub before he bit down softy and then sucked it into his mouth.

The girl arched her body and gasped deep in her throat, her hands holding his hair, pushing his head deeper into her as she moved closer to her crest, and Danny continued to lick and suck and bite her sensitive nub until he felt her thighs squeeze

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