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A secret game is played by siblings.

Hell yeah, and that's not all, he thought to himself. He calmed himself down and said softly, "I'd love that." David knelt down in front of him, as James leaned back against the wall. David held James's now semi-hard cock in his hands and started to stroke gently. He could feel it harden as he did so, as James let out a quiet moan. As the shiny purple head of James's hard cock protruded all the way from the foreskin, David did only what felt natural and licked it, swirling his tongue around the head and tasting James's body. Then David opened his mouth wide, and plunged on to James's cock, taking him as deep as he possible could.

James grunted loudly with pleasure; Sally had obviously heard, because she came back in saying, "Are you OK, james?" She gasped as she was greeted with the sight of David on his knees, giving James a fantastic blowjob. Neither of them cared, though, because it felt so good. Sally came and sat on a chair close to them.

"Mind if I watch?" she said with a big grin on her face; David indicated that he didn't mind by simply continuing to suck on James's big juicy cock.

After a few minutes, Sally, knelt down behind David and started to unbuckle his jeans. "You two know each other quite well, then?" said James.

"Oh yes, we certainly do," said David (as best as he could with his mouth full of cock). It wasn't long before David's jeans were off, and Sally was stroking his cock whilst holding him from behind.

"Your cock's not bad either," said James to David.

David stood up, looked directly at James, and said, "Well, you'd better get sucking then, hadn't you?" James smiled and obeyed. He knelt down, and wasted no time in getting David's cock down his throat.

Sally stripped to her underwear as she watched in admiration. "You guys are making me so wet, I'm gonna have to fuck one of you in a minute." It was such a turn-on to hear that, for both of the men. Then she knelt down next to James and started to lick David's shaft, almost competing with James. James released David from his mouth, and knelt behind Sally. He held her breasts as his cock nestled between her legs, gently rubbing on her hot wet pussy.

"Oh James, fuck me, please!" she breathed. He slid his hard cock into her welcoming pussy, as she sucked harder on David's juicy cock. She moaned as his thick cock filled her, her juices dripping from his balls. Her head was bobbing up and down on David's cock as James was ramming in and out of her in fast, hard thrusts.

"You love having two cocks inside you, don't you, you dirty bitch!" said David.

"You'd better be ready to fuck some ass, James, because I want you inside me now," said David. Sally, sat on the floor with her back against the wall; she was slightly breathless, but ready for more. David straddled her on his knees, and she giggled as she was presented with David's rock hard cock. James knelt behind David and started to rub his cock, wet with Sally's pussy juice, over David's ass.

"Oh James, fuck my ass, please," moaned David as he started to fuck Sally's mouth. James dutifully slid his cock inside David's welcoming ass. Both men moaned loudly with pleasure. James fucked David hard and deep, as David's cock pounded into Sally's mouth with every thrust.

"I need some cock in my ass," breathed Sally. Much as David loved the feeling of his cock in Sally's mouth, he desperately wanted to be in her sweet ass.

"Get on the table, you dirty slut," said David, "we're both gonna fuck you now."

Sally sat on the table and laid back, spreading her legs. David stood in front if her, lifted her legs roughly, and slowly pushed his big, wet cock into her ass. He started to thrust slowly, as James knelt over Sally on the table in the 69 position.

"Suck James's cock - suck that cock while I fuck you in your tight ass, you wanton bitch," said David roughly. James lowered his cock into Sally's ever-welcoming mouth and got his face down on her pussy. He vigorously licked and sucked her clit as David pumped her ass harder.

"Get down and fuc

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