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An inviting view in the mall with promise of things to come.

Everyone turned to look at her very nice ass.

"Last night," she said. "It's a henna."

"Oh," Allie said. "Like last time." She shared a smile with Scott.

"Yeah," Jen said. She looked into my eyes. "Scott helped me pick this one out too."

I realized everyone there knew about the video; had seen it or lived through it. Maybe not Sonya, but Bryon had probably told her. They all glanced at me. I tried not to blush. I wondered what I was doing there, they all knew too much about me and Jen, about my demented desires.

Byron handed me a beer and I gratefully took it, drinking almost all of it in a single chug. I tried not to notice people looking at me. I lay on my stomach too, not wanting them to see my hard-on.

Jen seemed to be drifting off. The sun and alcohol were making me sleepy too, and I fell asleep.

I woke up groggy, hearing water splashing and hypnotic trance music playing in the background. My iPhone said 3pm. I'd slept for hours.

I was alone among our lounge chairs. In the distance I saw Keri and Jim with Sonya and Bryon in the pool. Allie was holding court with a group of buff guys on the other side of the pool. All 3 girls were still topless and attracting a lot of attention. Where were Jen and Scott?

I thought I heard his voice over by the bar. I got up, noticing then my back was sticky with suntan lotion. I guess Jen had put some on me so I wouldn't burn.

Scott and Jen were indeed at the bar. They were laughing and flirting, being touchy-feely, Jen treating him the way she used to, laughing at all his jokes, hanging on his every word. I felt sick, threatened, jealous - but aroused too.

Like the other girls Jen was still topless, and she was attracting a lot of male attention. Mostly lustful stares though, since Jen seemed so clearly into Scott.

Jen's legs were crossed on the bar stool, and she still wore the high heels. I'd thought them too much for the pool, but other girls wore high heels with their bikinis too. Vegas I guessed. Jen wore them the best though. She truly did have the world's best legs, long and shapely, and toned from so many years of dance.

As they spoke, Jen sometimes flirtingly dug the pointy toe of her high heel into Scott's calf, or the spiky heel into the top of his bare foot. All play of course. She was such a tease, and knew how to get into a guy's head.

Scott was talking full advantage of the green light she was giving him. He had his hand on her knee as they spoke. More than once, his other hand brushed across her naked breasts as they laughed.

I felt my erection stir and knew I had to sit down soon to avoid everyone seeing.

Jen was so into talking to Scott that it took a moment for her to notice me as I approached. "Hey you," she said with a smile. "Have a good nap?"

I nodded. I noticed her shift slightly towards me, away from Scott. Before they were sitting so close their legs almost touched. I quickly sat to hide my growing erection. "Having lunch?" I asked hoping my erection would calm down by talking about mundane stuff.

"Yeah, are you hungry?" she said feeding me a french fry.

Scott looked annoyed I had interrupted their flirting and casual petting. The last thing he wanted was to see Jen paying attention to me. "I'm gonna hit the pool," he said getting up.

"See ya later," she said.

"You don't have to sit here while I eat," I told her after a moment. Over her shoulder I watched Scott dive into the pool.

She followed my eyes. "You really were disappointed I didn't hook up with Scott yesterday, huh?" she said. She saw the excitement in my eyes, and the hesitation. "You're so funny," she said smiling.
"I saw him touching you," I whispered.

She nodded. "He's been touching me constantly. I'm soaking right now." She gave me an inquisitive smile. "Were you really sleeping? Or pretending so he could get me alone?"

It was my turn to smile. "Really sleeping, but that's a good idea," I said and we both laughed.

"Soooo ... are you Jen or Jenny right now?" I asked with an excited grin.

She smiled back.

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