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Again and again he hear his mother sigh and moan as she climaxed on his cock. He could feel her cum flowing down over his shaft and he felt how hot it was as it coated his cock.

Bonnie told her son to reach between them now and circle his cock shaft with his fingers. Bobby used his thumb and index finger.

She said: "Feel my cum covering your cock shaft Bobby?. You are pleasing mommy so good. Feel your cock going into my body. Then feel it come out all wet and sticky. You made me cum so hard baby."

Bonnie licked his ear as she held him tight. As they kept fucking, Bonnie held on to her son and wiggled and slowly moved on his cock as a second orgasm shook her. She shutter and shook again as it took control of her body. She cried out as she peaked and again Bobby felt her cunt grab his cock shaft. He moaned with her this time.

Bonnie lost contort now. Her body was going thru something she hadn't felt in years. Even her husband hadn't taken her this high in the good old days. Her son was sitting there and she was riding his cock and Bonnie was cumming over and over and over again.

Finally Bobby felt her cunt's heat and felt her pussy walls grab his cock as hard as she had ever grabbed it. She was tight, tighter than he had ever felt her. He couldn't move, she held his dick that tightly like in a vise!

"OH GOD Bobby," she hissed into his ear.

As she held him as tight as she could and then she climaxed one last time. Bobby had never seen a woman do what his mother was dong. Multi- orgasms she told him later on, that's what it was called.

He had never seen a woman lose control like his mom, his beautiful mom, had done while fucking him. NO!! It was more than fucking, it was mating. His mother was giving him all of herself. She had let go completely. She offered her pussy to him before, yes, but this time she offered her entire body to him. She was mating with him. She was giving her son everything she had as she climaxed over and over and over again.

Bobby couldn't stand it any longer. As his mother rested with her head on his shoulder he lifted her up in his arms. His big young cock still was buried inside her, he stood up.

She didn't move she just held him with her arms around his neck and her legs locked around his ass. He held his mother with his hands under her ass as he walked out of the family room and back to the bedroom.

She never lifted her head off his shoulder. When he laid her down on the big bed She opened her eyes and watched as he moved up between her thighs. He stopped and licked her wet cum flooded pussy for a few minutes until she pulled on him to come up to her.

As he came up to her face she held him and kissed him and whispered that she loved him so much. He smiled down at her as he used his hand to guide his very hard cum covered dick into her wet cum covered pussy hole. His mother's cum was all over them both.

"Love me Bobby," she whispered as she felt it going into her body.

Bobby thrust deep inside her pussy. "Yes, love me baby! Show me how much you love me. Mate me Bobby, fuck me hard and long! Show me you're my lover," she told him!

Hearing her say that made her son moan with his lust for this beautiful woman who was under him now. His mother moaned as she felt his very hard young cock going deep into her body. He wrapped his strong arms under and around her thighs and lifted her legs up over her head. As he bent her almost in half he drove his throbbing cock into her hole hard and deep. She moaned out as he bottomed out in her again.
Driving his cock into her hole over and over again he told her: "I'm going to fuck you now mom because that's what you need. I made love to you earlier, but now I'm going to fuck you and cum in you and mate you just like you want me to do. I'm going to mate you just like dad did with you when you created me.

He paused for only a second or two and looked into his mother's eyes.

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