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A woman that has made me feel older and better...

I know he's very good at English and writing, and struggles in math, but only addition. Subtraction he understands, so I taught him a method that lets you subtract by adding. Sounds stupid, but it's actually a thing.

One night while Derek was working late, I made him dinner, helped with his school work, made sure he washed, and tucked him in. I sat on the couch and realized I was nearly domesticated. To wrap up this clich__ with a nice bow, my sex life is in tatters as well.

I can't even have sex the same. Derek says he's fine, but I'm not. I need to have sex, just to feel normal. Not being able to fuck, has made me feel like less of a woman. I'm down to Derek holding my right leg up while I'm on my left side, or me riding him.

The pills have made me incredibly drowsy and nauseous I can't fuck for longer than ten minutes. In the same week, I puked while I was riding him. He had to hand me the trash can, and I looked away to avoid hitting him. Talk about sexy. Then I fell asleep while he was slowly but firmly penetrating me from the side.

I woke up the next morning and looked up at him and was very confused.

"Derek...Derek," I say, tapping his chest until he woke up. "Did we have sex last night?"

"Kind of," He said honestly, and I groaned and buried my face in the pillow.

"I fell asleep," I said, and left the bed embarrassed to get dressed. "Can you take me home. I need to work. I need to do something."

"You need to rest..."

"Stop, don't fucking say it. Let me look at case files or do paperwork. My brain is turning to mush," I say and Derek relents and starts getting dressed to take me home. I slowly get my stuff together and swallow some pain pills then put my sling on. I hate it, but it does help.

I decline having Derek walk me up to my apartment. Penelope knew where I was so she's probably comfortable on my bed instead of the air mattress. I open the door and I hear music coming from my room. You better not be doing that on my bed.

Penelope can't hear me because of the music but I open my bedroom door quickly. Excellent freeze frame of her bouncing on a cock facing away from me.

"What the fuck Jill?!" Penelope shouts.

"You're in my place, on my bed, don't even," I say and lean wide to see the guy she's banging. It's Leslie Kirkland from across the hall. "I was going to be nice and let you finish, but it's you. Get the fuck out."

"Please don't tell..."

"I'm telling her. Your girlfriend is a nice girl, and you're a slime ball, and that's saying something coming from me. Get out," I say and point with my left hand.

"You can't tell her," Leslie says.

"Probably not smart to say that, with your dick still in my sister!" I shout and he pushes Penelope off and starts grabbing his clothes and frantically putting his jeans on.

"You have a girlfriend?" Penelope asks, and now she's as angry as I am. Probably not as much since I walk over to my closet, press my four digit code on my gun safe and pull my side arm out.

"Run naked shit heel, get out," I say and point it at him.

"You fucking serious? That real?"

"I'm a cop fuck nugget, you think I keep an air soft gun in this place?" I retort, and he trips over his jeans as he's sliding his leg in and falls face first into the ground. I follow him out as he enters his apartment where Billy is pouring coffee and jumps back seeing Leslie.

"The fuck?" Billie asks.

"I come home, he's balls deep in my sister. FYI, he fucked me before I knew he had a girlfriend," I say, her looking at my gun and having a understanding expression on her face.

"I can explain..." He got out before she splashed her coffee on his still vulnerable dick and balls. He squeals like a pig and ran away from her.

"Get your shit and get the fuck out of my apartment! Get out!" Billie screams and I turn to leave her too it.

I closed the door to my apartment and walk back to my room where Penelope is holding her head with her hands, still naked but wrapped in the sheet.

"Hey," I say, her turning to me.

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