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The resort staff invoke a procedure for loosening Sandra up.


I ran to the kitchen and found two shitty plastic Tupperware bins. I figured they were big enough. I showed them to her when I got back. She nodded.

"Pull down the sheets. Gently."

I did, exposing her very shapely legs.

"My panties, now. Carefully, Jimmy."

I lifted up her gown and saw simple, light blue panties. I slipped my fingers under the straps on her hips, and slid them down. She shaved. I pulled them down and off her feet.

She groaned and spread her legs a little, and she lifted her knees. She panted, and I put the basin container beside her pussy.

"Get the other one. Hurry."

I put the other one inside the basin one, vertically, forming an L.

"Okay. Fuck. I'm going to lift up now. Slide it under me." She stopped. "Jimmy, it will be less messy if you hold me open. Can you?"

I nodded, and she screamed and lifted her ass off the bed a few inches. It was enough.

I slid the container under her and held it with one hand and then, fuck me, I opened up her pussy with the index and middle finger of my other hand.

She was fully exposed and urine blasted out of her. I couldn't believe the spray, but the containers worked, apart from some back splattering on her legs and tummy. She pissed and moaned and pissed more. Her legs trembled.

She went for a long time, and when she finished, she screamed, "Slide it out!"

I let go of her lips and slid the container out just before she let her ass back down.

"Oh, fuck that hurt."

I carefully removed the container and went to the toilet to dump it.

"Jimmy, hurry. It's coming again."

I dumped it and ran back to her. She clenched my fingers and I put my head beside her, but sideways so that I could still see her pussy. Claire had beautiful legs, and I couldn't help but stare at her pussy. She put her head against mine and wailed into my ear, and there was something bizarrely sexual about the entire thing.

I was hard. I tugged at my shirt to make sure it hung over my groin.

When the agony passed, she whispered, "I'm sorry, Jimmy, but thank you."

"It's nothing, Claire."



"Can you clean me up?"

I did my best to camouflage the hard on, and then I fetched a warm wash cloth and came back. She didn't say anything as I dabbed and wiped her clean. But, when I was about to get up, she stopped me.

"Jimmy, you've got to get the inside, too."

I nodded. I pulled her lips apart and drug the warm, wet cloth front to back across her pussy and clit a few times.

"That's good. Thank you."

Back in the bathroom, I adjusted my bendy cock, trying to get it pinned to my tummy by my underwear and pants. I let my tee shirt fall over the front, and I walked a little bit hunched over, but not so I looked like an idiot.

I came back and stood beside her. After a few seconds, she said, "Jimmy?"


"Are you going to put my panties back on?"

"Oh, shit. Sorry, Claire."

I hunch-walked to the end of the bed, and I picked her panties up off the floor. I think I caught a bit of a smirk on her face when I came up. I tried not to look at her or her pussy as I slid them over her feet and up her legs.

"Be gentle, Jimmy."

I tugged them, alternating sides, until the straps were back in place over her hips.

"They're bunched up underneath. Can you pull them up?"

I slid my hand under her ass, and I pinched the back hem of her panties right in her ass crack, and pulled them the rest of the way up and over her ass. Her ass was soft and firm, and my imagination ran wild.

"The sheets and blankets, too, please."

I lifted them up and over her legs, and then another peak of pain struck, and I held Claire until it passed.

When she could semi-relax again, she said, "Yesterday, I was getting ready for nationals. Today, I can't move and my nephew just helped me piss into a Tupperware container." She laughed and cried, and then she just cried.

I held her, and saw her through another wave.

"Wipe my eyes?" she asked, and I did. She smiled at me. "You've been great, Jimmy."




"You can't tell your Mom about this."

"I won't.

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