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Mary's life is changing.

Zach explained to Anna his abilities. Then, as they lay next to each other, he did it.

Anna, looked down and could not believe what she saw. Gone was her long red hair, and perky breasts. Gone were her long pale legs, and her petite waist. In their place Anna had full pectoral muscles, Zach's abdomen, and his very hard cock. She looked to her left, and there she was, looking back at herself, and grinning.

"See, I told you I could do it." Zach said.

"This is so weird Zach, is this how you always feel when you're hard?" Anna asked.

"Yes, yes it is." Zach replied.

As Anna starred at herself Zach reached out and grabbed his cock, well what was his cock, and was now her cock.

"Oh fuck." Anna moan as Zach gently rubbed his hands up and down her shaft. Anna had been laying on her side, and Zach gently pushed her onto her back, and climbed on top of her in a classic sixty-nine position. Zach then sucked Anna's cock into his mouth and Anna's head and body arched back as she moaned.

"Jesus baby, I didn't realize how could that would feel." Anna moaned.

Zach kept working his mouth up and down her cock, slowly getting used to the feel of it in his mouth. As Zach got more comfortable sucking her cock he was able to go deeper onto it, finally sucking all seven inches into his mouth, a skill that Anna was usually able to do with no effort at all.

"Mmmmm you're a really good little cocksucker honey, oh fuck keep going please keep going." Anna said as she squeezed Zach's ass and ran her finger teasingly around Zach's pussy.

After a few more minutes Anna started bucking her hips up and fucking Zach's mouth a little bit more, and abruptly she stopped, moaned, and filled Zach's mouth with her cum.

"Your turn." She said as she raised her head and began to lick at Zach's very hard clit.

Zach turned around and straddled his girlfriend's face with his pussy, just like she loved to do to him. Fortunately for Zach, Anna was just as good at licking pussy as she was sucking cock. It only took a few minutes and Zach had cum twice. Zach climbed off of Anna's face, and the two began to make out for the better half of an hour, all the while groping at each other's chests, and asses.

Eventually, Anna broke it off and pinned Zach down.

"You know, I really like being the stronger one, and being able to pin you down for once." She said as she moved her mouth to Zach's breasts.

"Mmmmm; I'm glad you do, but I'll get you back for it eventually." Zach replied.

At this point, Anna was fully erect again and began rubbing her cock against Zach's pussy.

"You ready to lose my virginity for me?" Anna asked.

Zach responded by taking Anna's cock in his hand and moving it to the entrance of his pussy, and kissing Anna deeply.

Anna plunged into Zach, who felt the large, thick, mushroomheaded cock split him in two. Zach grunted in pain and pleasure at the same time. Anna stopped moving instantly, and just let her cock sit inside of him.

"No, don't stop, fuck me. Fuck me however you want. Show me what you want me to do to you going forward." Zach said.

So Anna did. Anna started slow, and the built up to a faster speed. Anna alternated between short thrusts, and thrusts that involved taking nearly her entire cock out of him and then drilling it back in. Zach in turn moved his hips in time with hers and the action was driving him insane. Zach was brought to two strong orgasms, and could tell Anna was getting close to her own.

"Where do you want to cum?" He asked. Knowing that she was on the pill, but uncertain as to what exactly she wanted to do.

"In you. I want you to be full of my cum when we go out for dinner." She told him.

As she told him this, Anna groaned and filled Zach with her cum. Immediately after she pulled out of him, and put her cock in front of him.

"Suck our juices off of me baby." She said, as she ran a hand through Zach's long red hair.

Zach rapidly complied.

"Ready to switch back?" He asked.

"No! I told you I want you full of my cum at dinner.

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