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They had grown up together, explored each other, and helped each other. She had been his before, but he loved her so much that he couldn't give her the attention and love she craved, he was ready now and she would be his again.

The moon was high as Erin peered into the darkness beyond her little cottage. 'I know I shouldn't fly home but the cool air is so relaxing. If only I had someone to share it with.' She thought as she pulled her jacket tighter around her full bosom. Then, she spotted him, he was almost perfectly hidden from her sight, and there was an odd familiarity to his presence. Still, it angered her and she revealed her true form with a deafening roar of anger. Then she took flight to capture her peeping tom.

"Well Shit," he muttered as he flew up, making himself more visible. He flew towards her back-winging to show his undersides in a show of submission. She neared him and roared at him as she started to turn back towards her roof. He followed her and landed on the roof beside her, changing into his human shape before she turned around.

"Who the hell," she started to scream at him as she turned around, "Scott!"

"Hello, love," he smiled as she to him.

"What are you doing here?" she questioned.

"I have come to reclaim you my queen," he answered her huskily as he drew her in and kissed her deeply, their tongues entwining with passion.

With that he lead her into the cottage and to her room. He quietly undressed her, kissing every spot of skin as it was revealed. As he was kissing her he sent chills all down her spine from her head to the tip of her toes.

"Scott... I'm getting so wet," she whispered breathlessly. He rose his head from the crest of her erect nipple, which stood out like a little spear and kissed her deeply, letting his tongue connect with hers. They kissed with a passion that surpassed any that they had ever felt before.

He broke the kiss and started kissing her cheeks, moving to nibble and bite her neck. She responded to him with a low growl, grinding her hips into him, feeling his pulsing member growing hard beneath his restraining pants. She slowly slid her hands down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and removing it before she slid her left hand inside his pants to fondle his large, pulsing cock. With her right hand she undid his belt and jeans, letting them fall to the floor all the while stroking him, massaging him to a hardness he had never been before.

He undid her jeans and backed her slowly to her bed, making them step out of their hinder-some pants. As they reached the bed, he gently laid her down, spreading her legs and moving his wanting lips to her seat of passion. He breathed in deeply, inhaling her scent. It drove him crazy, and with animalistic ferociousness he ripped off her delicate panties, revealing her sopping wet pussy. She reached her hand to him but he snapped at it, growling at her as he pinned her arms down in a show of dominance. He was in total control of her. He inhaled her intoxicating scent once more before plunging down to feed upon her sweet juices.

She let out a slow moan as he licked her gash from clit to ass and back again, stopping only to suck and nibble on her hard little clit. He reached his hands around her back and grabbed a large handful and pulled her harshly towards him sinking his tongue deep inside her love hole. She couldn't hold back anymore, she screamed as waves of ecstasy rolled through her body. She soaked his face in her cum. When her climax subsided, she managed to grab a handful of his soft, dark hair. She forced his head back, growling at him. "Now! I.... need.... you.... NOW!!!" she hissed.

Pulling him up, she pushed him over onto his back and positioned herself above him.

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