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All work and no play undergoes quite a change.

It was not your standard rental video. In fact it did not seem like a rental at all. The cover bore the strange lettering: CFVx. The print on the back cover went on to explain that CFV stood for Custom Fantasy Video. She did not know what to make of it and how to feel about it. Apparently, CFVx was a company that specialized in custom adult one of a kind videos. The clients can commission the taping of any adult video they wanted (the cover explained). The company provided the models, the taping and editing gear as well as the technical crew. The client may write, direct and even star in the video (all for the right fee of-course).

Every fiber of her being told her that she should respect his privacy. After all he is a handsome and fit man in his late forties with normal needs and desires. How he took care of those needs and desires was his own business. Yet she had always been curious, that who she was. She grabbed the remote, turned the TV on and hit the play button.

The tape had been rewound. Seconds later the video opened with a blonde woman walking into the center of the frame. Her first thought was she sort of looks like me, but did not make much of it as she was way too curious to see where this was going. Imagine, she was thinking, my father's sexual tastes revealed. She wondered what he liked. The girl in the video started posing as if being photographed. In fact in the background of the tape there were faint clicking sounds of a camera's shutter. But the screen shot remained on the blonde woman as she slowly took off her leather jacket, revealing a skin -tight short one- piece dress. Again she thought how the woman in the video looked like her and even dressed like her, as she noticed her nice well toned legs, accentuated by stockings and heels, the curves of her hips, her jutting medium sized tits, rosey full lips, and shoulder length blonde hair. She wondered if her mother had looked like this at some time, shaking off the resemblance to herself. Regardless, she thought, dad sure had interesting tastes, the woman's posing turned more provocative. Her shoulder was bared as she ran her hand over her chest. "Honey, you look so beautiful, these pictures are gonna be great" she heard the familiar voice of her dad coming from the TV as the camera panned back revealing her dad sitting on a couch taking pictures. "Do you really think I look good?" Her poses becoming more bold more sexual, her dad on screen was clicking away. "Yes, baby you look wonderful. In fact I think you have a great figure."

"Really? " she asked, as she struck another pose. This time her ass was jutting out as she placed both hands on her knees as she looked seductively at her dad on screen as he got up and started taking pictures from various angles as the model held her pose. He was really focusing on her ass, and nice legs.

Watching all that happened on screen, she was flooded with conflicting thoughts and emotions. On the one hand she felt that she was invading her dad's private world and intruding on a sweet man's apparent loneliness. Yet, there was something exciting about seeing him in this light. He was so graceful, self assured and so bold as he commanded the model to pose for him. Did he really "create' this video from his innermost fantasies. How far will he go? Will she see him fuck this model? She felt an all too familiar but oh so sweet stirring in her loins. She could not help it, but she was definitely getting wet and excited. What happened next on screen turned her world upside down and set her on fire with lust.

The camera shot suddenly changed. It was a view showing the back of her dad's head as he sat on the couch while he watched the blonde wiggle her ass in his face. She then tuned around as the camera captured a look of lust on her face. "Daddy, do you think I look sexy?"

"DeeDee I think you really are sexy. You've gotten your dad so turned on."

Watching the video, her first thought was "Huh? DeeDee? That's MY name!.

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