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Sweaty workout leads to a hot shower for Indian couple.

She and Byron were seated on a low divan with their legs stretched out in front of them. Byron kept his arm round her shoulders, and Nancy found that she liked this. She had only had a couple of glasses of white wine and was in that happy, relaxed stage that comes before things start to blur.

She snuggled up close to Byron, laying her head against his shoulder. The hand on the arm encircling her shoulders was playing gently with her hair. It was nice, very nice, and she hoped he wouldn't stop.

People seemed to be drifting off to other rooms. On the other side of the room they were in, was Aida with her three escorts. What were they doing to her? One was obviously kissing her, another seemed to be doing something to her breasts while the third had pulled her dress up and was stroking her thighs.

The music had stopped - no one seemed to want to put on another CD. The noise level had dropped and the only sounds Nancy could hear were faint groans and cries that came from other rooms.

Nancy looked around for Cynthia, to see her leaving the room with a boy called Lindsay, and Aida was whimpering and giggling as her swains continued to, as Nancy put it to herself, "molest her."

She heard Aida murmuring, "Yes boys... yes... I'm ready." Then all three of the boys picked her up and carried her from the room.

Nancy was now in no doubt about what was going on. The ecstatic cries told her all she needed to know.

In the distance she heard a shriek.

"That's Delia," Byron explained, "She always make a lot of noise when she comes."

Byron's closeness; what she had seen being done to Aida; and the sounds of sexual pleasure all around them, had started a fire in Nancy. She felt her inner thighs getting wet; her clitoris was throbbing and her hardening nipples were pressing against her shirt.

Byron kissed her deeply but unhurriedly. From a now long ago memory Nancy opened her mouth and felt his soft tongue gently probing.

It had been so long, so very long, and her body was screaming for long denied gratification. As Byron began to unbutton her shirt she had no will or desire to resist.

"I want him... I want him... "

She was wearing no bras since she hardly needed them. Byron's hand was on her breast, stroking and fondling.

She thought, "Oh yes Byron... yes... don't stop."

"I knew your breasts would be beautiful," he whispered, and the took a nipple into his mouth. As he sucked and nibbled his hand went down to the bottom of her skirt, and then moved up the inside of her thighs.

Feeling the slender barrier of her panties his hand reached to the top of them and pulled them down. His fingers were exploring her vagina, feeling its moist warmth, and then passing on to circle her engorged clitoris with his finger.

Nancy now knew what Cynthia meant when she had said, "Byron is very gentle."

He was unhurried; as if he wanted to enjoy her femaleness and make the pleasure last.

"I've wanted to do this with you for a long time, Nancy."

It had never been like this with Arthur, not even when they first became lovers.

Even as the desire grew in her to almost unbearable heights Nancy was still too shy to speak her thoughts out loud. To herself she was crying out, "Yes Byron... yes... don't stop... please don't stop."

She felt him taking her panties off and she thought he was about to penetrate her. She spread and raised her legs ready to receive him, but there was no penetration.

His head was between her legs and he was looking at her sex organ. She felt fingers part the lips of her labia, and his gentle voice saying, "You're lovely Nancy, lovely."

He was doing something to her; something soft was probing her. Nancy at last found her voice.

"What are you doing to me... what are you doing? You mustn't... you might not like... "

She had never experienced cunnilingus before. It was wonderful that probing... that licking and sucking... but her smell... her taste...!

She made a brief a

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