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Just a little misunderstanding.

Although, if you can be honest with me you'll agree that it's impossible not to like it. Sweetheart, you've got the same senses as a girl does, so silk, satin or a little touch of sugar and spice and everything nice has simply got to feel the same exact way for you as it does for us!" Mark's mother said flatly.

"Then why the rules?" Mark asked in frustration.

"Now that's the real question and I'm not sure to be honest with you. I'm guessing it's because a lot of boys would dress like this without those rules, and the ones that can't handle it, the ones who like following rules, just don't want that happening." Mark's mother said.

"You're guessing at that?" Mark said.

"Of course I am, but it's as good a guess as any. OK, so why do you think those rules are there?" Mark's mother asked.

"I don't know?" Mark said.

"So then, my opinion of this is valid then?" Mark's mother asked.

"As good as any I guess." Mark said.

"Then can I ask you something, just for the sake of argument and only between you and me?" Mark's mother asked.

"I guess?" Mark said with a touch of apprehension. He was already violating those unwritten rules big time.

"So does it feel good or not? I mean if you ignore those rules." Mark's mother asked.

"Maybe?" Mark said straddling the fence for his ego's sake.

"Does it feel good or not?" His mother asked.

"OK! Yes! Yes, it does!" Mark said throwing caution to the wind. A wind also, as it happens, that was making his hair move slightly on his right side. It felt really good he decided.

"Then that's really all we have to care about for now." Mark's mother noted happily. It made Mark even more comfortable suddenly. Comfortable enough to ask another question.

"Mom?" Mark asked.

"What?" His mother answered.

"Mom, why three pair of panties?" Mark asked.

"You caught that did you?" Mark's mother noted.

"Yes?" Mark said.

"Well, tell me this, how is that pair holding up?" Mark's mother asked and added, "don't want to embarrass you but since we are talking we might just as well explore this some more."

"So what was the question?" Mark asked back.

"How are those panties holding up?" His mother asked again smiling.

"Not very well I suppose." Mark answered blushing but figuring his mother already knew the answer and of course he also now knew why she'd gotten two more pair now.

"I rest my case!" Mark's mother said laughing.

"So, do you think the other boys, the guys that have to do this for Saturday, like it as well?" Mark asked anxious to change the subject.

"Absolutely. They are the same as you. To be honest with you, you and those other boys are the same as Don Venuto's son. The only difference is that he's effeminate and that unfortunately gives you guys reason enough to tease him." Mark's mother noted.

"I didn't. Never did." Mark said in his defense.

"But you never stood up for him and you could have. So could Ralph and even Steve?" His mother said.

"I wish I had now!" Mark said as he got out of the car just as the garage door came down.

"Well, it's never too late to change! And pardon my pun." Mark's mother said and added, "so what say we fix dinner."

"Aren't you worried I'll get this dress stained or something?" Mark asked as the sides of his skirt rubbed the right and left edges of the kitchen door frame.

"Yes, so grab that pinafore from the bag!" Mark's mother said.

"Where? A what?" Mark asked not having a clue what his mother was saying.

"It's in the bag. A pinafore! Goes with the dress. Girl's wear them... No, make that girls use to wear them to do their chores so they wouldn't get their dresses dirty." Mark's mother said.

"Which bag?" Mark asked.

"It's in the dress bag." Mark's mother answered.

Mark moved over to the guest closet now holding the bag and zipped the bag open finding the white cotton pinafore as his mother noted.

"It's like a dress?" Mark said pulling the soft satiny pink hanger out that held it.

"Supposed to look pretty as well as being functional.

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