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Love, later on in life.

Then I realised the implications of what she'd said.

"Hang on, Helen. Did you give him my number?"

The phone rang. I sat there in silence.

"Go on then" said Helen.

I picked up the phone. It was Andrew. I listened for a moment and then spoke. And now this was so very weird to me, the voice I was using was my 'Bethany' voice. I listened while he told me he'd been to his sister's the for New Year and had stayed over and how he wished he could have been at Helen's party. He'd looked forward to maybe meeting me again.

"Look. Bethany. Can I come round this evening? About eight? Maybe we could go for a drink? Do you know Senorita's?"

Just at that moment Helen had been leaning over with her head next to mine, listening. She heard it all. I hadn't replied, I was so surprised. She just looked at me and nodded, mouthing 'Yes, go on, say yes.' Which I did. I put the phone down.

"OK, so Bethany has a date" said Helen.

A date. Yes. Wow!

Helen looked at me again. Yet again she had dictated to me, decided what 'I', Bethany that is, was going to do. And yet again I had my doubts, OK, Helen had got it right so far at almost every stage. But this time, this was serious. Just what had she got me into?

"OK Ben. I can tell you are not so sure about this. But trust me. I am a pretty good judge of people and I do know what I'm doing. When Andrew gets here tonight he's not going to know what to expect so it's up to you to lead the way. He will find out what you want him to find out, but only if and when you decide. This is your date, and it's your day. Now. I have a couple of phone calls to make, I'll be back in about half an hour."

I was somewhat reassured by Helen's comments but not totally so.

"And then we're going to get you ready. Please, indulge me, I'd love to help. I really would like to watch the transition Ben. The whole idea has fascinated me ever since a couple of weeks ago. And maybe I could help?"

OK, That was it.

I had been thinking while Helen had been talking. This Andrew seemed like a nice guy. Certainly I could see why any woman would consider him handsome, he was tall and well-built. In a sense a trannie's dream really. And maybe he was gay. That meant I didn't have to be quite so scared of him finding out my secret. And anyway he suspected it already, that was probably why he'd suggested the date. I just had to go ahead.

After Helen left to make her calls I decided not to rush things.

'Take your time, Ben, do it right,' my late father had always said.

I'm sure he'd have been surprised to find me applying his words of wisdom to me dressing up in women's clothing, much less wearing makeup. And going on a date!

OK, but the advice did apply to Bethany too. I did make a start. I had a hot shower and used the depilatory cream lavishly all over my body, then dried myself and applied my favourite talc in all the places I thought it should be applied.

Then I sat down to watch TV! For over half an hour, I watched the end of the News broadcast and then one of those 'classic' sitcoms which are all the rage. I'd never really understood its attraction the first time round but by the end I was chortling away merrily, feeling very relaxed. Just as it finished I heard my doorbell again, it was Helen.

"Well Ben, you still are Ben aren't you? You do smell sweet. Have you started yet?"

"Nearly, I was just relaxing first but I'd better get on with it."

I hesitated for a moment, then slipped off my robe to reveal my naked body and looked up at Helen. I just couldn't help it. My excitement very rapidly revealed itself.

"Wow Ben, you are about to have problems. I mean, I could help with that but I don't think Charlie would like it!"

I grinned and turned away, reaching for a pair of black panties. I pulled them up and tucked myself in, then turned back to face Helen. Her eyebrows rose.

"Where is it?" she asked, smiling.

"Don't worry, it's just a trick. It's folded into these panties. Now, I think I've decided what to wear but I would like your advice."

I showed Helen the blouse and

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