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Her boss brings out her true nature.


She laughs scathingly, and replies, 'Perhaps I don't want to be saved, father, perhaps I'm happy as I am now.'

The look on Sir Malcolm's face changes towards determination. He aims the gun and shoots his own daughter in the shoulder, any shot closer to a vital part as likely to kill Vanessa as Mina. Or maybe he doesn't want to kill his daughter at all.

Despite feeling light headed from lack of air, Vanessa is ready to make a run for it, towards safety. As soon as she feels the bullet-stricken arm waver, she tears loose, and runs towards Ethan, collapsing in his arms.

With six black-clad warriors running towards her, Mina is hit by another bullet from her father's gun, this time much closer to a vital part of her body. She collapses wordlessly, but before anyone can reach her, one of the evil creatures drops down from over their heads, picks up her still shape, and disappears in a wink.

Bruce and his guys find no trace of blood, no sign where they went. He asks Sir Malcolm, 'Sir, do you want to take the lady home? We can comb out the ship to see if we can find them.'

'They're probably miles away by now, you won't find them. But suit yourselves. Thank you for your help tonight, may we impose on you again if we have to go out another time?'

'You certainly may, Sir,' is the answer, 'good night to all of you, and good luck for the lady!'

And with this, they part company.

Bruce and his friends comb out the whole hold of the ship, and finally they find a hidden door that the creature may have disappeared through. They open it, and indeed they find a blood trail, proving that this is the right way to go.

After the main group has disappeared into the hold of the ship, Adison, Vincent and the doctor enter via a hatch in the poop deck.

Descending an narrow stairs, they soon find themselves in a twisting corridor. Walking along, keeping a close watch out for danger from front and back, they move along at a good pace.

'Do we know where we are going?' Victor asks.

Adison answers, 'We keep going to the front of the ship, as we come closer to the creatures I'll probably be able to feel their evil.'

She has her gun out, ready to fire. The others have their weapons readied as well, Victor his gun, Vincent a wooden stake. Silently they follow the corridor over half the length of the ship. Then it opens into a hall, with several doors. Now they have to choose a door.

'Adison, can you pick one?' Vincent asks.

He follows her as she checks out three doors. One, she dismisses outright.

'This one leads down to the engine rooms. They are not in that direction.'

She does not feel a lot of difference between the other two.

'Let's try the middle one.'

As they open the door, sounds of a fight reach them, and they hurry along the corridor towards the noise. At the end of the corridor, they find two doors to left and right, but the fight is clearly straight ahead. So they retrace their steps, ready to take the third door. They open it, and find a larger space, in the right direction. Crossing this room, they hear the sounds of the fight have stopped.

Adison now quietly points them in the right direction, she can clearly feel the evil close-by. They ready themselves for a fight, as they reach another door. But before they can open it, it crashes inward, opened from the other side.

One of the creatures emerges, carrying a body over its shoulder. As it sees them, it drops the body and hurls itself at Vincent with a howl of rage. He is shocked by the evil emanating from the thing, but his reflexes have already taken over.

He catches it with a roll, and launches a kick straight after.

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