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I woke to the sight of Nikki smiling at me.

"This is, . . ." I stammered.

"C'mon, she wants you to have a good time."

Melody always talked about a threesome. She said it was just a fantasy though. Maybe she was going to join us. I didn't know. I do remember her telling me how attractive Jennifer was. I reached up, found the lighter (just were it always was) and lit a few candles.

Very nice! And what a body. Long and lean. "You guys have great genes!"

She smiled, rolled over, and smacked her ass. "Another family trait."

It was gorgeous. And I got along side of her just as I'd done with Melody so many times. Knowing Melody, she gave her cousin pretty good details as to what we've done. Didn't want to disappoint. I don't know how long it had been since Jennifer had been fucked, but she was as wet as Melody when we first got together. That slippery, sloppy, oozing wet! Christ, my thumb went right to her G-spot like a homing device. Her ass arched up and I worked it until her body shuddered. There were no screams, just deep, throaty moans. She pressed her ass to my hand. I cupped her like a bowling ball and lifted her until I could slide my legs under her, keeping her ass high. I played with her cervix, hoping that response would be another family trait. Bingo! More shuddering, more moaning. Jennifer was no where near as tight though. I pulled my thumb out and replaced it with a couple fingers. I was twisting them pretty good and didn't really feel any pressure, so I added another. The moan did get a little louder, and she was getting wetter. I was twisting like a cork screw. My pinky seemed to add itself with only a little resistance. I'm working it now and I know where this is headed.

(I only remember doing something like this with Melody one time. Our first date; got four fingers inside. I think she was trying to impress me. After that one time, never more than two.)

Jennifer was looking over her shoulder at me. She's very attractive! I bend forward to kiss her. She comes to me as much as she can. We kiss, very wet. I'm just trying to get more lubrication for her pussy that's about to have my fist inside. I suck her mouth dry and bring my head over my thumb letting all her spit drool out of my mouth onto that thumb. Right on target. I four finger fuck her for a little while longer, then tuck my thumb in under my index finger. It was a little tough going in. Jennifer hungrily reached back, grabbed my wrist and pushed her ass back. At least I got a muffled scream out of that. Now I'm mostly just twisting inside her and she's getting into it. The pain, I'm guessing. Nothing wrong with that. Let's see how far I can go. My cock is at full attention next to her hip. I can see her little asshole winking at me, almost calling my name. Who am I to deny her. While my right hand is knuckling her cervix, the middle finger of my left hand finds her mouth. She licks it, then sucks it deep, making it slick. Damn, she had a nice mouth. Couldn't wait to get my cock back in there.

But right now, I had a sphincter to massage. Her asshole was tight. Could have had something to do with the fact that my fist was taking up all the slack. Didn't matter, tight or not, it was going to get fucked. She's writhing in pain, or pleasure, who knows. Her hands are under her now, I'm guessing she pinching the hell out of her nipples. I'm sucking the inside of my mouth to gather up all the spit I can. Every time I get enough I'm spewing it into the crack of her ass, letting it seep down. I'm using my finger to feed it to her hole. It's not long before I'm working on the second finger. It's not that easy but I think maybe, with a little effort, my cock may find its way. I remove the two fingers and grab Jennifer's hip, rolling her on her side. My fist remained deep as she pulled her legs up into a fetal position. That gave me the easiest access to her asshole. It still wasn't going to be easy, but what the hell, if it were easy, little girls would be doing it.

"Hey, got any spit left?" I asked her, as romantic as that question could be asked.

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