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Friends wake up the morning after.

She did notice, however, that both girls had bare legs which seemed like a good start!

"Heya Kelly," they said in unison.

"Happy Birthday honey," said Kelly, leaning towards Bianca for a quick kiss. Bianca may have expected a peck on the cheek but Kelly decided to take a risk straight away, she put a hand on Bianca's bare knee and very quickly kissed her on the lips. She didn't try to use her tongue; she just pressed her lips against Bianca's for a moment and leaned away.

"And where's mine?" Amy asked with a playful smile.

"I'm sorry," said Kelly giggling, her hand was still on Bianca's knee but, as she leant towards Amy, she slid her hand a little further up her leg. Bianca didn't flinch at all, which, Kelly thought, was a good sign. Amy leant forward to meet her and they quickly pressed their lips together directly in front of Bianca, as the taxi pulled away she moved her hand away, she didn't want to try too much too soon unless she came on too strong and scared her away. The three girls talked and giggled during the journey, according to the sisters they would be met inside the club by a couple of former school friends who they kept in touch with, both of whom were women of Amy's age which pleased Kelly. No men was just what she wanted to hear, the last thing she needed was to be fighting off the advances of some guy she'd never met before, so far, everything was going well.

They arrived at the club about 10 minutes later; there was very little traffic on the roads which made them all wonder if the club would be emptier than they anticipated. After Amy paid the driver all three of them got out of the car, Amy's door was closest to the curb so they all got out the same way and, as Bianca climbed out, Kelly watched as her coat rode up slightly, showing off a little more of the birthday girl's sexy thighs. Once they were all out they made their way to the door, still chatting and giggling, there wasn't a queue outside the door which confirmed their suspicion that the club wouldn't be packed, the doorman smiled at the three women and waved them in, taking a good look at all three of their sweet arses as they walked past him.

Despite the lack of a queue outside there were still a lot of people in there, the music had a beat to it that shook them right to the bone and, evidently, it had the same effect on most of the patrons as they danced with their hands in the air and moved to the beat. Bianca saw the two girls they were meant to be meeting sat at a large table, they stood up when they saw the sisters and immediately embraced them, exchanging greetings, smiles and pecks on the cheeks. Kelly was introduced as a good friend of both sisters, which made her feel more at ease. The two girls weren't as good looking as Kelly had expected, in fact, they were downright ugly! One was overweight and the other, while much slimmer than her friend, had a really goofy looking face, she had a large overbite and greasy skin. A real pair of lookers, Kelly thought sarcastically as she shook their hands rather than embracing them, she doubted her arms would get all the way around the large girl anyway, besides, she'd struggle to get close enough to actually embrace her given the protrusion of the massive tits that stuck out before her, only a top engineer with a degree in booby science would be able to fashion a bra strong enough to hold those mammas in place. Kelly was being cruel and she knew it, in truth she just didn't want to be fighting for the newly 19 year old blonde's attention!

It was hot in the club and both of the sisters removed their coats, giving Kelly her first real look at her prey.

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