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Sex in the woods.

Again your wicked finger slipped just inside my pussy. Carnal waves of pleasure again crashed over my helpless body. Once more the evil finger slammed hard into my abused cunt. And once again it began its maddening retreat. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. "Pleaseeeeee nooooooooooo," my mind screamed, "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee don't take it away. OHHHH FUCKING GOD PLEASEEE DON'T PULL IT OUTTTTT" yet I dared not say a word. I had no choice but accept that which you my Mistress wished to give. After all a naked and hogtied girl doesn't have many choices now does she?

In a nano second of weakest I flexed the muscles lining my pussy down hard on your magical finger. God how I wanted to hold that velvet like finger in me. Instantly you flew into a rage ripping your finger from my most feminine hole.

The magical tongue was gone from my ear as you stood up right beside the king sized bed. "You fucking greedy bitch," You hissed, "didn't I warn you not to move? Didn't I? Didn't I?" They were questions requiring no answer. "God damn it, whore, I give you a chance to make amends and this is how you behave, ignoring my commands," You my beloved Queen continued your tirade.

Hands fumbled roughly with my bound ankles. The pure unadulterated agony of a million sharp needles assaulted my body from very angle. You freed my legs while leaving the spreader bar between my knees and my wrists tightly bound behind my back. My not at all innocent body spasmed violently as the rough handling caused fresh rounds of hellish agony. As I tried to catch my breath I felt myself being pulled from the bed. My tortured tittie nipples paid a horrible price all in pain as they were dragged rudely across the mattress. And in a split second I felt myself in free fall as I was rolled unceremoniously from the bed landing with a window-shaking thud on the floor.

Almost before I hit the floor my Mistress Queen hissed, "Kneel up, slut. Kneel up NOW!" Such a simple command yet nearly impossible in its execution given the spreader bar buckled between my knees and the fact that my wrists were still locked firmly behind my back. However, I was in no position to argue or debate, as you my Venus Queen never accept excuses. It took several minutes of struggling but I was finally able to achieve the submissive position that my Owner/Mistress desired.

Glancing up at my Mistress it wasn't surprising to behold the grin of superiority upon her lovely face. Nor was it unexpected to find that in her right hand she held what appeared to be several cruel nipple clamps. My body visibly cringed with fear and foreboding. I couldn't imagine that my abused tittie nipples could endure another round of those evil clamps. Glancing down I was not shocked to find that me love buds had turned an ugly reddish purple in color and swelled to nearly three times their normal size. The awful pain that still radiated from them told me my eyes didn't lie. How could a mere girl of soft flesh be expected to endure even more soul crushing agony? But in my helpless pose I had no choice but to accept the will of my Owner.

In a moment my mind was returned to reality as you presented one cold steel nipple clip to my lips. Softly and tenderly I kissed the horrid clamp with its sharp and unforgiving teeth. I used my tongue to caress the evil clip with its sharp and unmerciful teeth. I knew what I had to do, you have trained me well. Gently, lovingly, I tongued the awful object, knowing all the time that it would soon be making it's own special love to the defenseless flesh of my tittie nipple.

You pulled the clamp from my loving tongue preparing to attach it to my left nipple.

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