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Cynthia's Party lead Nancy from gloom to love.

I leave it unlocked."

The lady smiled again. She lifted the blanket a tiny bit to peek in, smiled, and stepped out of the office shutting the door behind us.

My last hope that the basket had been empty just shattered.

Brittany turned to me and smiled wickedly. My heartbeat increased, but I wasn't sure why. I glared again at the carrier.

"What's wrong, you jealous?" she asked.

"Yes." I admitted hesitantly. "I thought that we were ... meeting up today for ..."

"For what, baby?" She asked, taking the suit jacket off. She began unbuttoning her blouse. My breath caught a little, but I knew she was getting ready for the baby and not for me.

"For us to continue what we started last night," I whispered. She wrinkled her face up as though she didn't know what I meant.

"What did we start?" She asked. She had unbuttoned her shirt most of the way by this point and was unclasping her bra. It was a black front closure. I found myself anticipating the moment I would see her titties popping out of it.

"We..." I licked my lips, trying to stay focused, trying not to want her. She was so good at the innocent act. "I didn't get to make you cum last night. I owe you one from the theater," I said shyly.

"Ah. Yes," she said in the same innocent, disinterested voice. She reached into her shirt and guided her left titty out of both the bra and the shirt. Her nipple tightened from the cool temperature in the room. Her tit was so big and round.

"You can start here," she said pulling me toward her chest.

"But what about..." I started to ask but she quickly put a finger to my lips.

"Shh, right here baby," She whispered again, lifting her titty toward me. Her fingers on the other hand found the back of my head. I didn't resist as she pulled me down. I let my tongue wander around her areola and flick against her nipple a few times before I pulled back.

"We're going to do this in front of a baby?" I questioned. I kicked myself as soon as I asked. I didn't really give a fuck as long as I got to have her.

To my surprise, she started laughing. She pushed me away and went to the carrier, pulling the blanket down. The infant inside appeared to be asleep.

Brittany picked it up roughly and as I was about to protest she flipped it over, flicked a switch and the thing started wriggling. It cooed, it cried every now and then, and it blinked its eyes. A toy! It looked so real! She dropped it back into its basket and turned to me.

"Are there any other problems, or are you going to suck this titty?" She asked.

"Yes mistress," I replied and got obediently back to work. I licked her nipple and then sucked greedily. Her titty felt as big as my face. I massaged the base with my hands while I sucked the rest into my mouth.

"Ah, there you go baby," she whispered to me. "Good little girl."

I felt heat accumulating between my thighs but I didn't dare stop sucking on her. I didn't mind walking around with a wet spot on my dress if I got to suck these beautiful tits.

I lapped at her nipple, still massaging her titty with my hands. The nipple was so pink and hard. I moved in and suckled just the hard little bead. "What a good little girl, mommy likes that," she whispered.

She transferred me slowly to the other tit, guiding my head like I was a child. I lapped at that nipple too, eager to feel it harden in my mouth. "Such a horny slut," she whispered, "do you like big titties in your face?"

"Yes mistress," I said, not taking my mouth off of her titty for longer than necessary. I noticed that she was reaching into the carrier for something, beneath the blanket. I didn't turn my head to look. I was sucking her titty deeply into my mouth when she guided me down to the floor.

I never stopped carressing her with my tongue, just following her lead. I ended up laying on my back with two gorgeous titties in my face. I pushed them together with my hands and tried to lick both nipples at once. I felt her breathing catch every once in a while, but she stayed quiet.

"Good girl, you remembered not to wear panties today

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