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In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness.

I found out later that they weren't all married couples. Some were just dates that enjoyed a good time. As I mentioned earlier, the party wasn't for swingers but most of Tom and Mary's friends were.

Tom had told me that he felt up Helen some and she either didn't notice or she liked it. He figured by the end of the night she would be going to his room. At about eleven o'clock Helen said she was really feeling warm and she and Mary went up to our room for a few minutes. Both women returned with their hosiery off.

Helen told me she was just too hot and she also wanted to put on some flat shoes since she had been wearing her high heeled boots all night. Tom overheard our conversation and sat down and picked up Helen's legs and started rubbing her feet. She had quite a bit to drink and didn't notice how high her legs were being raised by Tom. I knew he could see her panties while rubbing her feet. He could see her trimmed dark mound pushing against her panties.

I was dancing with Mary at the time and she told me to slip my hand under her dress. I did and she not only had taken her tights off but was panty-less. I felt her hot wet pussy as she smiled at me.

Here I was fingering a woman not ten feet from my wife as her husband was rubbing my wife's feet and staring at her crotch. I had a hard on and pressed it against Mary till the song ended.

"Your husband gives such a great foot massage," said Helen to Mary as we returned to the table.

"That's not all he knows how to rub," said a smiling Mary. Both women laughed.

As the party was coming to a close, Tom and a few of his friends bought a few bottles of liquor to take up to their suites. I didn't know it but they all had suites rented in a row on the fourth floor. Mine and Helen's room was on the sixth floor.

Tom suggested all their friends head up to their room for nightcaps. I asked Helen if she wanted to go; she was half drunk and agreed to go. They all were getting up and I told Helen I was going to stop by our room and take off the boots and vest and would meet her there.

Tom put his arm around her and the group started heading up the elevator. Mary stayed behind and said she would come with me and we could go to her room later. As we entered the elevator she kissed me. As soon as we entered the room she was undoing my pants. She told me to get naked while she poured us a drink.

I knew we were going to fuck before going back to her room. Even if Helen backed out I would at least have fucked Mary. We downed our drinks and then laid on the bed and started kissing. I knew I had drank too much, but I sure wasn't going to pass up this fuck. She didn't take off all her outfit. She said it was too much to put back on so she slid off her slips and raised her dress to show me a beautiful shaved pussy.

"I should put on a condom," I said to Mary.

"I'm clean if you are," replied Mary. "It's up to you if you want the real thing."

I remember talking with Tom and I asked him if he had sex with Helen to please wear a condom and he told me he would. Here I was with his wife and she told me bareback was fine. I was too far out of it to worry and tossed the condom to the side.

It was the first time I had ever seen a shaved pussy and I got down between her legs and started sucking on it. God, she tasted great. I lost all sense of time as I climbed between her legs. She grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy.

"Okay, Cowboy, let's see how good you can ride a real woman," said Mary.

I was fucking her as hard as I could. It was great! The last thing I remember is shooting a load of cum deep within her pussy. I heard her moan as she was being filled.

The next thing I remember is it was morning and I was lying on one bed and Helen was asleep on the other. She was out cold and had on her nightgown. What had happened? Did I pass out? Did she have sex? So many questions, no answers yet.

Chapter 4 - Helen Explains What Happened

As we entered the party room it was overflowing with happ

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