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Hitchiker wants to do it in the cemetary.

He was thrusting lustily into me and plainly was soon to fill my cunt with his cum. As I looked up I could see four or five very erect cocks that were waiting their turn to fuck me. Whether we could be seen or not, I had passed caring and as Carl literally rolled off me he was soon to be replaced by another willing and rampant weapon and once again the urgent thrusting began and the feelings of lust and wantonness built up inside of me. At the periphery of my blurred vision was a chap who was nicknamed Donk, he was very shy and retiring and over the time I had known him he had spoken only a few words. I was soon to know why he was nicknamed in such a way. My stare moved downwards to the most enormous cock I had ever seen, he truly was rigged like a donkey, the shaft was as long and thick as my forearm and the head was the size of my clenched fist. It hung down towards his knees but as he was moving his clenched hand up and down over its length it was growing into erectness and pointing steadily away from his body. Fortunately, the length did not increase but the width seemed to steadily grow. Carl said he would have to wait until last before he could fuck me, as he would turn my cunt into the size of a bucket and after he had used me the rest would have to fuck me in two's in order to feel anything. I gazed in astonishment mesmerised by the size of the cock and a little afraid that it might hurt me. It was hard to believe that my cunt could take such a massive weapon. By this time four of the lads had unloaded inside of me and the hot cum was pouring out of my hole down between the crack of my bum and onto the grass. I was sucking on the cocks that had already fucked me in order both to clean them of the spunk and my own juices and to get them back into a condition where they could fuck me again. A sizeable cock penetrated me but I had eyes only for Donk as he waited next in line. The cock inside me rammed in and out in a frenzy of movement but my mind only saw the huge bell end which seemed to be getting larger as its time of entry approached. Suddenly my present lover was pumping loads of cum inside me and shouting in ecstasy as he unloaded himself, I was only pleased that the spunk was lubricating me and that it might help in allowing an easier entry.

As I looked up I was certain that my audience had grown and at least twenty men and women looked down at the spectacle of my nakedness and debauched state.

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