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Scott & Michele begin to explore exhibitionism.

"Baby, I think she's coming!" Amber grunted and was again gripped by the shooting pains.

"Are you sure?" Violet asked.

The baby was not due for at least another month. Almost as if to answer, Amber's water broke and amber howled in absolute pain and terror.

Okay, okay, let's see," Violet was mumbling to herself as she hurriedly dressed. "Call Doctor Fizelah, go to Piedmont, what's Doctor Fizelah's phone number?

"Number four on your speed dial," Amber sobbed as Violet helped her pull her sweat pants up.

"Why do babies come in the middle of the night?" Violet asked as she supported Amber as they walked as rapidly as they could to the door of the apartment.


"You look like a doctor," Amber smiled despite her tears, as Violet, now dressed in scrubs, blonde hair stuffed inside of a surgical net, appeared in the cramped delivery room.

"And you look like a mommy," Violet laughed and clutched her lover's hand.

The nurse's aide noticed that Amber's blood pressure was dropping very rapidly and alerted Doctor Fizelah to this. Doctor Fizelah barked some orders to the nurse, who scurried away and returned a moment later with a vial. Doctor Fizelah broke the seal with the needle of a small hypodermic syringe.

Amber felt light-headed. The pain in her belly was lessening; she could barely feel it anymore. She could barely feel Violet's hand in her's anymore. (The nurse had shoved Violet away so that they could work on Amber.) She turned to say something to her lover and saw the absolute fear and terror in her lover's eyes. She smiled, trying to reassure Violet; the pain was gone now, there was nothing to worry about. She saw Violet's lips move, but heard no sound.

"I love you," Amber said and closed her eyes, a smile on her lips.


Lili Marie Goldman was a scrawny four pounds and four ounces and thirteen inches long. She had her mother's classic nose and her father's deep brown hair. Violet looked through the glass at her as she slept in the small incubator.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered.

As if Lili could hear her, she opened her light brown eyes and looked at Violet.


Toxic Anemia. Violet had never heard of it and looked it up on the Internet. A simple blood test would have detected it in the pregnant girl, and a simple prescribed medication would have helped her immune system beat the toxic levels of white blood cells that were attacking the iron rich red blood cells in her body. But because her insurance did not require her health care provider to test for it, it was never discovered.

Chapter 4

Amber's mother put on quite a show at the funeral home, sobbing and weeping loudly and clinging to anyone that was foolish enough to come within her grasping reach. Amber would have been pleased with the number of friends she had in attendance, and the number of Ubelhorn & Associates employees that took the day off to attend her funeral.

Mr. Gustav Ubelhorn gave a brief but heartfelt eulogy to an employee he'd had for less than a year, but would be missed and would be difficult to replace.

Amber would have also been pleased with the simple headstone Violet ordered.

*Amber Michelle Goldman

Beloved mother and friend.

1987-2008. *

Violet very firmly told Ruth Lassen Goldman Steinman Rosenberg Iselhoff that she was welcome to Amber's furniture and clothing, but any jewelry or other keepsakes would be held for Lili Marie Goldman, Amber's daughter, and that Ruth could come pick up the furniture and clothing when she paid for her daughter's funeral.

A very bitter Ruth Lassen Goldman Steinman Rosenberg Iselhoff stomped to her Mercedes-Benz and returned to Miami and began to search for another husband.

Chapter 5

After nine days, Lili was released to violet Smith, named by Amber Goldman as Lili's guardian, should anything happen to amber. When Andrew had plopped the file on Violet's desk the day after the funeral, even he was touched by Violet's gut-wrenching sobs.

"I guess we'll have to term it 'paternity leave,'" Kenneth had shrugged when Violet came to him about taking some time off.

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