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Family fantasies.

I was lying on my back so my erection wasn't pressed against her.

I asked her stupidly, "why...why do you want him?"

She had no idea that I was becoming aroused and so answered reluctantly, "I guess just how he looks, how he acts." She paused a moment and continued, "several girls at work have slept with him and they say he's....good."

"Good? " I asked. I rolled on my left side to face her directly.

She seemed embarrassed, but we were secure now, just two best friends talking. She replied with a half smile, "well, supposedly he's big and he lasts a long time." Up until that moment I'd never thought of my endowment as anything other than respectable and satisfying to my wife and every other girl I'd ever slept with. And I realized with a thud of recognition that he was probably bigger than me and my wife found that appealing.

I tried to sound casual, a bit sarcastic and not threatened, "He can't be that big, he's not that tall." She said nothing. I continued a bit defensively, "He can't last longer than I do."

She sensed that I was threatened and laughed to lighten the mood as she said, "you are fine honey." And so saying she reached for my penis to illustrate her affection. She encountered my rock hard, lightly leaking cock and exclaimed, "oh my god, this is turning you on!" She laughed a bit more now. Relieved now, if perplexed by my reaction, she began to slowly stroke me. I wanted to know more, but this was unfamiliar territory.

I tried to sound nonchalant, "How did you hear this? How many girls has he fucked that work with you?"

She stopped stroking. "Don't get mad" she said. "He's fucked almost all of them. Five or six that I know of." I couldn't help it. I got even more excited as I pictured the way he'd hugged her when we arrived at the bar.

"Don't they get mad?" I asked. "Don't they care that he's just going through them?" I pictured several of the cute girls that worked there and imagined him fucking them.

When she said the next words, I began to slightly thrust my hips while she held my cock. "They don't care... he's a great lay they just don't care." And then, as if it weren't clear enough, "He's such a stud." This last remark once again made me jealous I guess because I realized somehow in her estimation I was not "a stud" like him.

She looked at me now very directly, gauging my reaction and I could tell she too was getting turned on by the conversation. I reached down to touch her pussy and it was sopping wet, so much wetter than our normal fucks.

"You're so wet," I said trying not to sound accusing, but feeling a bit betrayed. She once again seemed a bit embarrassed, but nodded and continued to stroke me as I played with her. "You are thinking about him aren't you?" She seemed to get even wetter if that was possible and began stroking me faster, but didn't answer. I was overcome with emotions again. This was new to me. Jealousy flared, but was quickly overwhelmed by lust. The non answer was an answer.

I said, "I have to fuck you now."

I mounted her missionary. I had to slow down since I was so close to cumming even though I'd come just 30 minutes or so earlier. I began slowly moving inside her as I asked again, "he really fucked all those girls at your work?" She nodded, she has closed her eyes now, no longer watching me as I slowly moved inside her.

I couldn't help myself from saying, "you know he wants to fuck you too don't you?" She didn't answer but seemed to thrust a bit harder back at me. "It's ok," I assured her. "I won't get mad. I'm so fucking turned on right now." Still, she waited maybe ten seconds before finally answering me. Then she once again checked my expression and sensed jealousy was nowhere in sight.

"Yes," she answered looking at me now. "I know he wants to fuck me." I slowed down because I was getting close to cumming.

She looked a bit worried, but relaxed when with a smile I said in smart ass way, "Oh yeah, how can you be so sure? "

Her reply shocked me, but it s

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