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Katie crawled up out of the bed, completely naked, my cum and Ann's juices on her face and hair making them glisten, but she didn't care. She stood in front of Dillon, her face inches from his and read him the riot act. Beth looked on shocked, whether by her friend being so aggressive or the realization that Dillon had cheated on Katie with Ann, I wasn't sure. But when Dillon backed up away from Katie it was Beth who slapped him across the face, yelling at him to get out of the house and that they were over.

Dillon stuttered a bit and then chose to flee, knowing this was one battle not worth fighting. Now Beth was crying and Katie walked up to her and hugged her. Ann then crawled out of the bed and they had a three-way group hug.

"Can I join too?" I pleaded, trying to add a bit of lightness to the moment.

"Shout-up you pervert, this is a girl's thing," Katie replied as she smiled at me and winked.

"I like girl's things! Now all we have to do is get Beth naked!" I said with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

Now it was Beth's turn to tell me to shut-up. Though, at least my pleading did grab me some attention as Katie broke away from the three-way hug and came back onto the bed and hugged and kissed me.

"Don't want you to feel too left out."

Ann and Beth both laughed lightly, still with there arms around each other. I never knew them to be friends, but somehow I guess given all that had just transpired, Ann was now part of their little clique.

Holding Katie naked next to me, seeing Ann standing there naked with Beth next to her I responded the only way my 18-year old body knew how, with a hardening cock. Katie immediately noticed,

"No way buster! You had your treat for the night. Don't you ever stop? Besides, I think I need to get home before my parents slaughter me."

Of course, while she was saying this she was jerking my cock off, sliding her hand up and down my shaft under the sheets. She made no attempt to hide her movements from Ann and Beth who stared on, wondering what Katie had in mind. She immediately stopped, jumped out of the bed and started to get dressed; leaving me behind with a very noticeable hard-on and Ann and Beth laughing at my predicament.

"You are so cruel! I'll get you back, just wait"

"Promises, promises!" Katie replied, laughing.

She was at least kind enough to toss me my boxers and jeans so I could dress without being the center of attention.

Once we were all dressed again we went out and down the stairs to the main living room. There were still a few stragglers left, two couples making out quite heavily on the couch, one of the girls topless another seemingly fucking her partner, straddling his lap with her skirt hiked up, rocking back and forth. Needless to say, I stopped to watch the action, but Katie immediately grabbed my hand and tugged me along. There were also a few people passed out here and there. Beth said she would clean up the mess and see us next week at school. We dropped Ann off who again apologized to Katie for having an affair with Dillon, breaking down crying while doing so. Katie consoled her, holding her hand. She stepped out of my car with Ann and they hugged tightly, before Ann ran up to her house.

Katie did not say anything during the few minute drive to her house, obviously deep in her own thoughts. I tried to speak to her, but she wasn't interested. I reached out and grabbed her hand, giving her a slight squeeze. She squeezed back, looking up at me, thanking me for being such a good friend. She kissed me passionately before getting out of the car and then waved just before she went inside.


Over the remainder of the spring semester Katie and I continued to date, make out, and have sex whenever we could.

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