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Mom and Dad include her boyfriend in the action.

'Bitch and yell and scream all you want, babe. The clock's running. You're down to fifty-nine minutes. You should be able to pack enough good shit in that time. Now, if you'll excuse us, Ruth and I need to talk some more. In private. Real private, yeah. Adios babe. Have a good life.' He slid a hand inside the back of Ruth's pants and squeezed her bubbly ass. His office door closed behind them again.

"I screamed some shit at them and pounded on the door. The intercom zipped on. 'Fifty-eight minutes and counting, babe. Carlos is a strong guy and he follows orders. Remember who pays him. It ain't you. Hey, don't worry about the divorce, I'll pay for it. Fifty-seven minutes. Mmmm, that's nice, Ruth.'

"I shook in rage. Then I calmed down. The bastard was serious! He really was kicking me out! I drank the last of my coffee and started packing.

"Carlos was right on time. He was very polite. I offered no resistance. You've heard that 'resistance is futile' shit? I knew Dave could be an immovable object. And I'm just not an irresistible force, I guess.

"I was thinking as I packed. What would I do? Where would I go? It came to me: reciprocity. Ruth came to Dave. So I had to come to you. I had time to call the airport and book flights to here. I only landed a couple hours ago.

"And now I'm here. Can I stay here awhile, Ran? You've always been a great friend and a real gentleman to me. You never tried to fuck me when you had the chance. Oh, I know you're no saint, and neither am I. But can I take refuge here? Just for a while? Please?"

Lovely Lupe had leaned against me during her recitation. Her eyes sometimes touched mine and sometimes stared into space. Now she looked intently into my soul. Her eyes pled for mercy and bled pain. How could I refuse?

I kissed her sweet forehead. "Of course you can stay as long as you want."

Lupe sat up and gripped my jaw with a long strong hand. "And now you're going to tell me just what the fuck is going on with Ruth!"

I told her of Ruth's total un-fix-able infertility. Lupe's mouth tightened.

"That shitweasel! Dave never wanted babies. Said they would intrude in our life. Always made sure I was on The Pill. And now he has Ruth who CAN'T have babies! That slime! He said they've been fucking for a long time. Did you suspect anything?"

"Not a clue. Ruth always demanded total exclusivity." Except with Jocelyn, but I did not mention her. "I thought she'd been monomaniacal about me since she was twelve. I am just fucking gobsmacked."

I could not run to Mexico City to seek revenge. Been there, done that, fled already. I had killed the scum who raped Ruth there two-and-a-half years before. That turd had been politically connected. His protector was gone now and nobody in power cared enough to have me hunted down but I surely could never openly return to Mexico. Dave and Ruth were perfectly safe, the shits!

My loving, cheating wife. My loyal, cuckolding best pal. Burn in Hell, guys.


Lupe had packed her valuables but not many clothes or other necessities. We spent that day driving over Portland, shopping, snacking, talking, and plotting. I walked her around my quaint Sellwood neighborhood late in the afternoon. She admired it and noted the possibilities.

"Hey, clean this area up a little and move in some kewl stuff and it'll be a real trip! You think you're going to stay here, even without Ruth?"

"Ruth gets pretty determined. I don't think she'll be back. Yeah, I'll stay. The college and shops and joints here, downtown not too far away, all sorts of new enterprises starting. It's a whole different life than I had before."

Lupe unpacked and settled into the downstairs guest room. I called for a pizza delivery and a growler from a local brewpub -- the pizza guy brought the beer for us. We drank hot cocoa and mezcal for dessert, smoked a joint or two, lounged on the couch before the fireplace, and talked and talked.

Midnight struck. "It's been a day," I said sleepily. "More tomorrow, okay?"

"More tomorrow, sure.

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