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Howard gets his revenge.

"Do you like what you see, Lace honey?" Sara said coyly.

"Yes, baby. Very much." Came Lacey's throaty reply. She had never been so horny in her life!

"Then let me see!" Sara almost begged as she sauntered over to sit next to Lacey on the couch.

Lacey looked into her eyes and gave her a quick kiss before standing. The only thing she had over her lingerie was her dress, so she found the rhythm of the music and slowly started to slide it off her shoulders and down her body. Her hips swayed gently with the slow beat of the music and she felt like a total little slut. When her dress was down to her hips, she turned her ass towards Sara and smiled lustily into the camera and she pulled her dress off her ass and let it fall to the floor. Keeping her legs straight the whole time putting her ass high in the air. She gave her ass a quick smack before standing and blowing the camera a kiss. She then turned around and walked back over to her place on the couch next to Sara. She sat this time so the two girls' legs nearly were on top of each other.

"You two look like you are about to eat each other up!" Kathy said in that sexy, lust voice she has. "I'm just going let you two play for a while and see what happens."

After saying this she took and refilled all of their wine glasses, made sure the camera was facing the couch and sat down where she had a good view.

The two girls smiled and gently started kissing. Teasing each other with their tongues, hands wandering down to breasts or thighs. Just feeling every sensation the silk and lace gave them.

This time it was Lacey's hand that started to wander up Sara's thigh. Lacey stopped kissing her for a moment to look into Sara's eyes and her hand came to rest on the crotch of Sara's panties. Sara just smiled and closed her eyes, waiting for the next moment.

Lacey just gently rubbed her cock through her panties. Feeling how hard it was getting and how it would jump when she touched the tip. She let her fingernails rub the underside and her fingers go down to gently cup her balls. She kissed her deep and soft, their tongues mingling with each other. She then moved down to kiss Sara's nipples, first tasting and sucking each one through the bra, then pulling the bra to the side and sucking and kissing them.

She started stroking her more and when she looked down could see the tip sticking out the top of her panties. She slid herself off the couch and down on her knees in front of Sara. Looking up they stared into each others eyes and Lacey pulled Sara's cock out of her panties then tucked them down below her balls. She kept looking into her eyes and she started stroking the shaft then brought her mouth to her balls and gently started to suck them one by one between her lips.

Sara's eyes closed in lust and her head went back to the couch. Her hands started to tease her nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

Lacey moved up from Sara's balls and took her cock between her lips. She was very careful and practiced many times on a dildo. She slowly pumped her head up and down, sucking gently. One of her hands was gently pumping the base of the shaft; the other one was alternating between rubbing her balls and teasing her ass.

Sara started to pant, then moan. She couldn't believe how good this felt! Lacey sucked a cock like she had been doing it for years! Before she knew it, she was going to erupt!

"I'm going to cum, Lace," she whispered.

Lacey sped up slightly and pushed her finger into Sara's ass.

She felt Sara's cock jump in her mouth, then bulge as she started to cum. Lacey swallowed as quickly and deep as she could sucking it all in. She kept sucking as it kept coming until finally Sara settled and let out a long, slow breath.

Lacey let Sara's cock slide out of her mouth then looked proudly up into her eyes. Sara could do nothing but smile back, obviously satisfied.

"Wow, I'm impressed.

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