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Julez finally sees the Quarry, and something he shouldn't.

Tammy heard the noise and sank down as far as she could in the water, to cover as much of her as possible. When she saw him coming through the trees her breath caught in her throat. She had never seen a man as handsome as this one. He was tall and had a very solid build. She thought he looked almost as surprised as she was. The thought that this might be his land went through her mind. She started to swim towards him when she remembered she had no clothes on. She stopped were she was and said " Hi ." He stood there looking at her for a moment and then he to said hi. "Am I on private property?" she asked. "No" he responded. "My name is Steve. May I know yours?" he asked. Tammy let out a light laugh and said "Well hi Steve my name is Tammy and it is nice to meet you."

"Are you from around here? I don't ever remember seeing you in town." He asked.

"I just moved here about eight months ago. I bought the old Herms farm." She stated.

"Well that explains why we have not met yet. I have been out of town on business for the last eight months." He explained.

"Do you travel a lot?" she asked.

"Not very often but when I do it is usually a long trip. Did you move here with your husband?" He asked.

"No I did not. He is a snake and I hope I never see him again." She said this with so much anger Steve knew she must have had a ruff break up. "But that is another story and nothing I would like to talk about." Tammy said.

And then all of the sudden she remembered she was naked. She looked at him and said "I don't know if you know this or not but I do not have any clothes on. So unless you want to make it even and take off yours and join me, would you mind turning around and not looking while I get dressed."

Steve got a big smile on his face and said "If I have a choice in the matter, I would like to join you. If not then I will turn around for you."

Well Tammy thought he was very cute and had a good sense of humor to say what he did, so she decided to see just what he was made of. She looked him square in the eyes and said "I was not planning to get out any time soon, until you arrived that is, but I think you had the idea of a swim too. Otherwise you would not be here. So if you want to get in be my guest."

Before she even finished the sentence Steve had his shirt off and was sitting on the ground taking his shoes off. Tammy was admiring his chest and powerful arms when he stood up and looked at her. He really was a very beautiful man she thought. His eyes were warm and bright and she could see the spark of laughter in them. He let his pants fall down his hips to his ankles then he stepped out of them. He started toward the water when Tammy said "No no no. If I am not wearing anything in here neither can you." With that she turned around and waited to hear the splash of the water before she turned around again. Steve stood there for a minute with a smile on his face.

He took off his underwear and threw them with the rest of his cloths. Then he went to the side were he knew it was deeper and dove into the water. He surfaced directly in front of her and she jumped back. She did not expect to see him there. She thought he would be behind her. He reached out and took her hand in his and said "It is very nice to meet you too Tammy."

She started to laugh and he joined her. They swam and played and talked for a while. He stopped in front of her at one point and started into her eyes, eyes as blue as the sky he thought. "Tammy I know we don't know each other very well but can I kiss you." He asked.

She looked at him for a moment and thought there was nothing she would like better then to be in his arms for a while. She reach out and rapped her arms around his neck and said, "I think that can be arranged." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He kissed her with all the passion that was running through his body. She melted against him and gave herself up to all of the pleasure of his embrace.

He ran one hand up her body while he wrapped his other hand in her hair

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