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18-year-old takes away her father's stress.

Ann and I decided it was getting late and headed for home. I told her how nice Bo and Mike were. Ann just laughed and said I would have to tell her all about it when we got back to the beach house. When we got home, Ann went to the bathroom and started getting ready for bed. I went downstairs to get a cola. Mr. Adams was sitting on the couch watching television. I asked him if he had a nice day and he said that he spent most of it just walking up and down the beach. He confessed that he was having a hard time with it being the first Christmas holiday without his wife. I told him that I was sorry that happened to him.

I told him that he is a very nice looking man and any woman should realize how lucky she is to have him. He smiled and said thank you. Then, jokingly, he said that if I didn't look so thirteen he would marry me for being so nice. I pretended that the young looks comment made me more upset than it actually did. I told him that I wasn't that young and I had the body to prove it. He laughed and said, "Okay, you could pass for sixteen including the body." I huffed and said "My body does not look sixteen! See!" And with that I pulled up my t-shirt and bra and flashed Ann's father with my big C cup breasts. Then, I laughed and ran upstairs before anything could be said. I know it had to have turned him on. He had surely been imagining what they looked like since the towel incident. After my little adventure earlier, flashing him didn't seem like a big deal and I was sure it made his night.

Later, Ann and I got into bed and began gossiping about our evening at Jay's. She told me how hard Jay had thrust inside her, which I already knew, and that she was a little sore. Then, she made me confess about being with Mike and Bo. It was exciting just telling someone about it. I know so much about Ann's sex life that I feel comfortable telling her these things because I know she won't spread it. As I told her the story, I could tell Ann was getting as excited as I had watching the two guys please each other. Ann confessed that she knew they were gay, but said she had never even seen them kiss before. Then, I told her how I got involved myself and became so enthralled that I allowed both of them to cum in my mouth. She couldn't believe it. We had both gotten aroused again as we started talking about whether either of us had ever been with a girl. Neither had.

We talked about it more and finally decided we would try a kiss. We got under the covers, moved close to each other, and slowly moved our lips together with our eyes wide open. Once our lips touched, we smiled and began light pecks. Then, the kissing became more natural, and our mouths began to open. Our tongues started gliding over each other as our eyes closed. I moved my arm across her soft body and moved my hand under her night shirt. Working my way up to her breasts, I grabbed her left breast, squeezing it eagerly and pushing it up. Ann went the other direction and lowered her hand down to my panties. She quickly moved underneath them gliding her fingers past my pubic hair. We both let out a gasp when her finger brushed over my wet clit. She began massaging it while I moved my hand away from her breasts and down to her wetness.

For two girls who had never had a lesbian experience we were moving so quickly. It was almost like we wanted to do it before we lost the nerve. We were now masturbating each other while our kissing became more and more intense. Ann began to shake and suddenly she pulsated against me in orgasmic pleasure. She smiled at me and we both laughed. She had pulled her hand away from my warmth, but she wasn't finished. Ann pulled the covers away and began to tug at my panties whispering for me to take them off. I slid them down and tossed them to the floor. She explained how she had always wondered what it would be like to eat a girl out and that she had imagined several times about us doing this. She gave me a kiss and then moved down.

First, she licked and kissed around my belly butto

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