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The Spark.

Men filling their cars in gas stations had lingered just a little longer than normal and their wives or girlfriends chastised them when they got back in the driver's seat. The boys buying candy in the convenience stores and then whispering about the hot redhead. The girls in the diners they stopped at that wanted to know about her look, hair and make up.

Suddenly all the emotions that had been pent up in the last months came crashing in on her and she began to cry right there at the valet stand. She broke down, everything that had happened over the past few days came in on her all at once. She realized that she wasn't a "man with tits" and that if it weren't for her best friend she would still be sitting at home afraid of her own shadow. Sandy had shown her that she was beautiful and feminine and she realized that she loved her.

The poor young man was confused and Gina tried to convince him that she was just overwhelmed by the beauty of his city through her sobs. Sandy knew it was more than that. Rushing around the front of the car she took her friend into her arms and consoled her "It's okay baby, I'm here, I understand, let it all out."

Sandy helped Gina into the lobby and got their keys. Gina whispered in her ear "I want to go to our room right now. I need to show you how much you mean to me." Gina nipped at Sandy's earlobe causing the petite blonde's nipples to stir in her blouse.

Sandy was surprised, she wasn't sure what had come over Gina but she was sure she liked it. The bellman took their luggage and followed them up to their room. Once the man left Gina threw her arms around her friends neck and kissed her lips greedily. Gina her tightly to her body cradling her head. "Oh God I love you" Gina breathed across Sandy's ear. They had never made love before but that would change after tonight.

They fell into the bed together and Gina's lips caressed Sandra's neck fluttering over the sensitive spot where it met her shoulder. They had known each other since middle school and had shared all their little secret places with the other. Sandra had unbuttoned Gina's top and pulled it off her shoulders. Gina sat up cradling her lover's face as Sandra brought the top down the redhead's arms, slipping it from her body only to vanished onto the hardwood floor someplace. Sandra slipped her hands back around Gina and pulled her back down on top of her, their tongues intertwined as the both whimpered and cooed in each others arms. Sandy managed to unclasp Gina's bra then rolled her over on her back tugging it free.

As Gina laid there looking up at her closest friend, confidant and now lover as Sandy nearly tore her own blouse from her body and undid her bra tossing it on the growing pile of clothes. She was straddling Gina now and bent down lovingly taking a nipple into her mouth, her tongue running circles over it. To Sandra's delight Gina let out a low moan, her back arched as she grabbed at the bedspread.

Ever since her HRT Gina's nipples had become ultra sensitive. She could feel something stirring inside her, the same something that she had felt yesterday morning only this was much more intense. She began to tingle in her belly and she felt her little cock begin to stir. Sandy felt it too and she began to grind her hips against Gina's as she pulled on the nipple with her teeth. Gina wailed before she grabbed a pillow and screamed into it with all the lust that had built up over the last months. Sandra had begun to awaken things inside her friend that Gina didn't know existed.

The petite blond shimmied down Gina's body and plucked off her shoes tossing them with the other things and yanked her tight jeans and panties free in one smooth motion. She had known a long time ago that she loved this redhead and she couldn't believe this was happening.

With all that Gina had been through Sandra didn't know if her friend felt the same toward her and now Gina was in her bed and they were making love.

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