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Slutty 18-year-old Catholic school girl is taken hard.

I agree. We took the bus and slowly climb up the hill. He was strong and so we can climb to the top. We make the speech while walking.

"I am so much happy to have you as the daughter. You take care for me when sick. You even wash and clean for me my body. I feel so embarrass because if the nurse, it is alright because it is her job. Or my son, but he never come to take care for me. Having you wash my backside maybe not fair for you."

"It is alright. I don't mind. We are so close and I am most happy." I assure for him.

"Oh. Personal thing like that should not trouble for you. If I am the woman, maybe okay. I am the man, so maybe not right for you."

"It is nothing. Everyone has the body. There is no secret really. I go to the bath house and every woman include so many stranger she see me naked. I am not shy. But I can not just let everyone see my naked. I thing maybe I want the person I like so much to see me and I like also to see him. I have seen also Nan naked, so I know what the man look like. Not curiosity."

He hold my hand and we reach the chair and rest. He was looking at me so anxious, and then he say, "I am the old man now. I wish I am young like Nan and I will find you the more precious woman for any man."

"Father, you are not so old. Maybe you have the white hair, but you are still so strong. If you want the good woman now, you still can find so many want you."

"Li-Wen, do you think my that thing is so small. My wife say she cannot enjoy so much."

"No, what I see, your chiba is like Nan that big. So big if you are not sick because when you sick and not hard, it is still so long and big."

"I am happy to hear you saying that. I never think I was so small because I also see many naked man when we bath and I think my is alright. Maybe not the biggest. But the smallest I saw was like the small boy's cock."

"Why did Nan's mother leave you? I heard you are so conservative."

"Maybe I am. I never want to be unfaithful for her. But she also was conservative until now. I am shy o say now. But we have been marry for twenty years, I never see her bust or her bi. Only I can feel under the blanket because she think all the time it is so unlucky for me to see her. She always wear the pajama top and bra to sleep. We make the sexy only after take out the panty and the room must always dark. I sometime can touch her bi using the hand and she has so much hair. I want to see because she is my wife. She can let so many woman see her, not me the husband."

"I like total nude with Nan. He only see the bi one time and then he already think I am so smelly and dirty because I am not virgin for him. I like holding the cock for him, but after some time, he think maybe my hand has touching so many cock, so he also not want me touching."

"He do not know the good thing from the bad. He is stupid. I tell him many time. You have so pretty the face and so perfect the woman body, but he is stubborn. I can not change him. I know the right and the wrong and I like you so much because I know you are virgin the first time for Nan."

That night, we have dinner and go his house. I know he want me sleeping his bed, but he shy to ask again. So I tell him I enjoy so much because two person make the good heater and so not so cold. He ask me to drink some wine as it was cold. We agree and drink half the bottle.

I wake up again past midnight. He was sleeping so soundly and body upwards so near me. His hand was straight by the side, so I can not like the night before use the thigh for the bolster. I turn the body and sleep face downwards, my legs between his lower arm and my bi so near his hand. I was pressuring on his wrist, but it was not so fun, not like the thigh.

I remain awake.

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