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Their rematch has greater consequences.

Marisol nodded, satisfied. "In case you didn't realize, I plan on parading you around and making sure everyone realizes what a hot and awesome chick you are. And also making sure one certain person realizes that he screwed up big time by being such a prick to you."

I smiled and stretched out my arms. We hugged for a few brief seconds, then Marisol went back to the bathroom to lotion and I finished my blow-drying.

I did in fact have to use the strapless, backless bra cups that Marisol had bought me. My dress had the thinnest of straps over my shoulders, and almost my entire back was exposed in it. That didn't leave me much choice when it came to undergarments. The dress itself was sleek and silver-gray satin, fairly simple, which was the way I liked it. Marisol's dress was a bit more extravagant, red with black, embroidered vines. I had helped her pick it out, and I thought that the colors suited her wonderfully.

We were ready to go by seven thirty, hair freshly pinned up and lips shiny with gloss. Marisol had volunteered to drive, so she was wearing her sneakers, which looked a bit silly with the elegant dress. She had her heels in a plastic bag that she threw in the back of her car before getting in herself.

"So, are we sure this is a good idea?" I asked while she started the car. It was too late to back out now, but I was starting to feel a slight tingle in the general vicinity of my stomach. I knew Seth was going to be at the dance with Anita, and I wasn't sure if I could stand seeing them together.

"It'll be fine," Marisol assured me. "You can do this, Jenna. We'll have fun, and if you need a moment in the bathroom or something, give me a signal."

"Like what?"

"Uh, I don't know. Fan yourself and say you're hot."

"You do realize that I'm going to look ridiculous, right?"

Marisol grinned wryly. "That's okay. Better ridiculous than pathetic."


We arrived fashionably late at the high school, and after Marisol changed her shoes in the parking lot and we both slipped out of our coats, we marched towards the front entrance arm in arm, both slightly nervous. There was a table set up behind the large entrance doors, at which parent chaperones were selling the tickets. Marisol and I walked up to them, smiling. We had plans for this occasion, and they included getting in for cheap.

"One couple," I told them, and they stared incredulously.

"But... you're..." said one of the mothers. We both raised our eyebrows at them, daring them to call our bluff. The other woman at the table elbowed the first, who reached for the money box.

"We'll kiss if you want us to," Marisol told them, sounding serious. "But to be honest, I think that's harassment."

I almost lost it right there. Somehow, I managed to pay for our tickets and walk inside, still holding hands with Marisol, but once we were out of sight, we both started giggling.

"Wow," I told Marisol. "You're crazy. Would you really have kissed me?"

She shrugged. "I probably would have raised hell and screamed harassment, but that almost would have been worth it. That couples-are-cheap policy is bullshit anyway."

We high-fived and made our way further into the school, until we arrived in the commons area. Here, the lights were dimmed and couples were already moving on the dance floor. Along the wall, parent and teacher chaperones stood guard, watching the students and making sure no groping or making out was going on. I recognized Christoph Marshall next to Coach Bassett, and Seth's dad gave me a short nod and a smile upon seeing me.

"So what now?" I asked Marisol. We were standing there watching the dancers, and maybe I was just imagining the funny looks, but I felt out of place. "Want to leave?"

"No way!" Marisol pulled me along the wall, and it took me a moment to realize that she was targeting the table with the alcohol-free punch bowls.

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