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Robbie's saga continues as Robbie grows into a boy!

The wore a long green robe and kept staring at her as she spoke.

The room was grimy and dirty, other humans and other beings in cages, some curled up, others rocking back and forth as her eyes went back to her captors, one banged on her cage making her jump as another grabbed her arm through a slot, injecting her and everything went dark again. A flash of light and then she was in a bath, steam rising as she looked to a doorway in front of her. The clear creature smiled at her beckoning, she was naked, looking like a human gummy bear almost, smooth skin and perky breasts, her hair was long and she smirked, beckoning. Keira rose out of the bath and to her, she blinked and she was panting, looking down herself as her dick pumped in and out of the creature, her breasts bouncing in time to her thrusts as she picked up speed, the clear woman's cooing making her shiver as she watched herself release inside of it. She threw her head back in bliss as her eyes closed and opened to her hands covered in some rainbow liquid, almost like oil in a parking lot. The clear woman laid dead in front of her, anger rising in her throat, as she kissed the beautiful creatures forehead, covering her with a jacket, she slowly stood and walked over the body and out a door. Another flash and other creatures laid murdered, as she pulled the trigger killing the last one that was pleading for it's life. Another flash and she was on earth, looking at a woman, looking down at a locket with a picture of her. Looking back up she was holding a boy, who looked a lot like Greyson. She felt herself wipe away tears, looking up again she saw a funeral, a man looking like Greyson, holding a woman as they both stared into the grave below them. The mans hand was on a little girls head, she had bright yellow hair. She blinked and she was back in space signing a contract, her services to pay off a debt. Another flash and she saw her own self in the doctors office, naked and glowing with power, then in the doorway in her blue outfit looking shocked and hurt, and finally going down the stairs, looking like a goddess, unrecognizable to herself. She felt a strong emotion in her chest at each sight of herself as suddenly the vision went dark. Gasping she opened her eyes to see the storm again swirling around her, reaching to her stomach to grab Greyson's hands as she panted tired, her mind racked with confusion.

The intensity in the room was thick, not one dared to breathe as suddenly Samuel's chanting stopped and the mist fell down on top of the circle. The two were lit in flames, one red, one golden. The flames twisted around them, making some step back cautiously and then it died down, revealing the two. Greyson and Keira's symbols faded. Their eyes stood the same, red and gold, and would remain like that.

Greyson stepped away from her, and they shared a long look at each other. Before either could speak they were interrupted by Samuel.

"The rite of passage is complete. Keeper and Elemental are now bound together. Let the feast begin!"

Servants came out into the crowd offering food and drink, the noise picking up as everyone started talking with one another. Music could be heard faintly over the noise as Keria and Greyson stepped out of the circle and back into the crowd.

"Your next step is to find the others," Samuel spoke to them. "That will happen later tonight, as of now, we enjoy ourselves. Think of it as a little down time before the big game." He bowed and walked away leaving the two alone.

Keira awkwardly looked at Greyson, "Did you, did you happen to see anything while we were in there?" She asked pointing to the circle.

Greyson stared into her eyes, "Even if I did what would it matter? We have a job to do, why don't you go mingle with that Druindar you were with last night?"

Keira blushed, his hostility throwing her off.

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