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They learn more about themselves and each other.

Sometimes it was minor little things, like making fun of him for wearing the wrong shirt and pants combination, but other times more serious humiliations, like when she fucked Jeff in the tent. Maybe he wanted to be there to watch her experience some degrading, disgusting sex with the men.

"I'll just sit in the kitchen and be there if you need me. I promise I won't be a problem. I get what you're doing, and I get that it's just business for us. Please, let me be a part of this. For us."

Becky thought for a moment. "I'll have to ask Tanya, but if it's really important, I'll do it."

Allen smiled and hugged her. Once his face was past hers and she couldn't see him, his smile turned cold.


Tanya thought it was weird but gave in to Becky and let Allen be in the apartment for the next session. He was home alone when she showed up. Becky had gone to the store for some mundane household stuff and must have been delayed.

Allen answered the doorbell. Tanya's face lit up into a huge smile when she saw Allen. Allen's face remained non-committal.

"Hello stud!" she greeted him. "Long time no see. How come you never called me? Man, after that fuck you threw into Becky on the mountain, I really wanted some of your tall stick of candy."

Allen turned and went to the kitchen, ignoring Tanya and her twisted come-ons. She followed him in and got up close to him so that when he turned around, she was inches from him, but not touching him. She grabbed his hand and put it on her soft, plump boob. She had no bra on under the shirt she wore.

"How long before Becky's back, stud? Want to get some before the party starts?" She used her other hand to massage his growing cock under his pants. "Hmmm. Looks like Jr. wants to play. What do you say?"

Allen squeezed her tit and moved his face closer to hers. Her lips parted and her eyes closed as she leaned towards him. He moved her hand off his crotch, let go of her boob and stepped back, leaving Tanya kissing the air where his face was supposed to be.

"No thanks," was all he said as he moved away from her. He busied himself with nothing in the sink.

"Wow. Really. Are you sure? I'll probably offer again, but you might like being first instead of last."

Allen said nothing and ignored her.

"OK. Your loss," she said as she stripped her shirt off and threw it at him. She turned and walked out of the kitchen, undoing her pants as she did. Allen stepped to the entrance of the kitchen to watch her go. She stooped to remove her pants and threw them on the couch. Totally nude, she turned and looked him in the eye, watching him as he looked her up and down.

"Still no? Oh well."

And then she was on her way to the bedroom. He watched her firm round ass as she walked away. He had to admit, for a guy who didn't get laid much a year ago, it was hard to pass up a sure thing.

Becky came through the door with some toilet paper and a small bag of groceries about 20 minutes later. Allen had to turn down Tanya two more times by then. One of her propositions involved her sitting on the couch with her legs spread and a finger in her pussy while she tried to tease him into sex. He still resisted her and could tell that she was getting into the challenge of it.

Becky handed him the groceries and took the TP to the bathroom.

"Now you have to stay there and stay quiet," she reminded him. "The clients will be here in just a minute."

"Clients! Ha, that's a laugh," said Tanya.

Becky shot her a look and went on her way. Allen went back into the kitchen.

The door bell rang, and Tanya went to answer it in the nude. Two black men and a blond guy stood at the door when she opened it. Each was over six feet tall. One was really overweight and they all looked to be in their late 40's or even older. They eyed Tanya like a cold beer on a hot day.

"Come on in," she said and stepped aside.

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