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Faith's journey takes her into a new realm.

The customer asked for James to come to his apartment and check out what all he needed, money was no object.

Melissa sat at home thinking about the man who was there the night before. She knew that James had given up his wandering ways. She had been told by friends that he was always after one woman or other but she thought she could change him. The ringing of the phone interrupted her thoughts. "Hello Melissa...I know that you don't know me , but we are family and I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Diana, James cousin in Cleveland." Melissa had a sinking feeling in her stomach. First there was the nasty man from last night and now a call from his cousin in the same town that the nasty man was from.

Diana talked for a while and when Melissa relaxed Diana began to tell her about her friend from Cleveland. Andrea. Melissa listened to James's cousin tell her that she felt it was her fault because she introduced James to the wife at a party which she invited him too. She told Melissa that her husband was a private investigator and that she had learned a lot about James through an investigation that her husband had done. She said that if she had known what her cousin really was that she would have told him that he wasn't welcome in her home. Melissa was stunned as Diana named women's names and places and times, many of them after their marriage in which James had taken advantage of hapless drunk wives.

"What your husband is dear is a predator, a rapist that molest women when they are vulnerable.

He is the reason that a husband has to feel bad about leaving his wife alone at home while he has to travel while earning a living them. People like me have been the unknowing dupes of creeps like your husband. I will tell you that Andreas husband is a real bad ass. he was special forces in the army and he could deal with James with both hands tied behind his back. You have been warned about James. I can't do anymore myself but I am sure that peter will.. Get out while you can. Peter called me and said that you were a real sweet girl." Melissa held the phone for a long time while after Diana hung up. Then she went and began to pack her things up. She wanted to be at her mothers by the time James left the shop. She need not have hurried because James was going to the large black man's apartment after he closed up.

The large man that had been in James's electronic store was sitting in his apartment and talking to several other men, one of whom was Peter. He and Peter had served in the army together and they were blood brothers. the other three men were notorious flamboyant gay men that Gene, the black man, knew in his business dealings. at exactly at nine thirty the doorbell rang. James was eager to complete the sale. Gene opened the door and a very eager James came inside. James had spent the last hour trying to call Melissa to let her know that he was going to be late. For some reason Melissa wasn't answering either the home phone or her cell.

He started to speak and wring his hand's in anticipation of a large sales when he saw Peter calmly sitting there. He hesitated nut when Gene handed him a drink and made a motion that he was to drink it, he did. he also drank several powerful drinks in short order while trying to figure out how to extract himself from this situation. Peter didn't speak but kept looking at him. Finally James's state of drunkenness got the best of him and he started to yelling about Peter's wife being a lying cheating slut. Peter looked at gen and nodded his head. He stood and he and Gene went back to another room leaving a drunk James with three very horny, very aggressive gay men.

James realized that something was wrong when he felt one of the men clutch his buttocks and squeeze hard. "Oh my...this one has a real cute everyone take a feel."

James was too drunk and confused to put up a struggle.

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