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Jade enjoys smoke, piss and being dominated.

In those days I wore boxer shorts so any inadvertent stimulation was pretty obvious to anyone who cared to look. It also meant that right now I could feel the softness of my balls and the outline of my cock as it began to firm up under my touch.

Although horny as hell, I'd never been much of a success with the girls. Bookish, tall and awkward, nearsighted with a round face, I was nothing like my handsome, athletic dad or my beautiful mother. I looked more like my grandfather. The glasses and receding chin had skipped a generation. My luck!

When my buddies hung out recounting their sexual exploits, ostentatiously displaying the condoms in their wallets, I nodded and smiled as if I were in on the game. Oh well,

I may not have had any experience with girls, but I was good, very good, at masturbation. Not the sort of thing one bragged about. Everybody did it, but no one admitted it.

Oh yeah, my cock was hard now. I unzipped my fly and eased it out into the cool night air. Delicately I moved my fingers down my shaft, felt the rim around my circumcised head and squeezed the spongy tip.

Our cottage was part of a community that dated back to the 1920's. Everybody called it "The Island" even though it wasn't really an island. We were early this year. Most of the summer folks hadn't yet arrived. The night was quiet and cool. I could hear the sound of the waves down in the bay.

By this time I had pulled my balls out through the fly and was using both hands to caress them and stroke my cock.

My mom had always been a bit prudish. One time when she caught me masturbating she felt compelled to give me "The Talk". Her explanations were a bit confusing, but one thing I remember was that I shouldn't "touch my penis".

I tried really hard not to touch my penis when I went to bed that night, but the pull was strong. Then it dawned on me. Mom told me not to touch my penis, but she didn't say anything about touching my balls! Well alright then! I started playing with my balls. That was OK, right? Well, no surprise, soon enough my hands found their way to my cock, and you can guess the rest.

But now I unhooked my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and sat down on the wooden lawn chair. The light from the kitchen window where my mom was puttering about cast a shadow. I was sure she couldn't see me, but still...

Ah, the hell with it! I stood up and dropped my pants to the ground. My white boxers shone in the dim light. Roughly I yanked them down jerking my cock and balls back through the fly opening. There I was, bare-assed in the night.

I sat back down on the chair. I could feel the cold damp wood on my butt. My cock stood upright like a flagpole in the wind. I slid my hands under my tee shirt and began to caress my nipples.

Somewhere along the line I had discovered the delicious stimulation of playing with my own "boobs". I think I was trying to imagine what it would be like to handle a real girl. Good masturbation takes a good imagination.

My dad was staying back at the city house and wouldn't be down here until Friday. He was a hotshot in industrial sales, handsome and popular, though not particularly affectionate. Our typical summer routine had always been mom and me on the Island, with my dad joining on weekends.

I tweaked my nipples building the tension until I could no longer resist the call of my cock. A cool breeze blew as I slowly slid my hands down my chest, over my belly and down to the edge of my pubic hair. In the night I could see the dark shadow with my upright penis standing like a tower beyond it.

At last my hands found their destination. Right hand on my balls, left hand gently rubbing my cock against my thigh. Gradually increasing the pressure, I could feel my member getting hotter and hotter.

Before I went into orgasm, I switched position, jerking my cock to the right and putting my balls to the left. Oooh yeah! I felt a pulse and backed off before I exploded.

"Billy! Are yo

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