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Christies Prof gets his comeuppance, and John gets her ass.

One hundred new scientists were selected, and with the countdown clock at 14 days, the Zorteff prepared for departure. The process for determining the final three hundred sex slaves was the same, with one major exception. After the three hundred were gathered naked in front of the Empire State Building and the tasting of the air selection process was complete, several Zorteff with totally different patterns on their skin walked among the women inserting something into their sex.

The women stood, as ordered, with their hands on their heads and their feet slightly spread. After the Zorteff touched them, their eyes were even more wide with fear and anticipation. They had prepared themselves to be marched naked through the streets, but having what was effectively a very large dildo thrust into them in public was something new and unexpected.

After all women had had a device inserted, one of the commanders walked to the front of the columns of slaves. Staring intently at the terrified women, he raised his hand high into the air and then brought it back down. As his arm slowly lowered, the tribute women began to gasp and then pant and then shake and cry out as tremendous orgasms overwhelmed their bodies.

After the orgasms passed, the women stood trembling in their columns. Some had fallen to the ground and had to be helped up by the security people who were guarding them. Again the tasting lizards walked through the lines checking the air in front of each woman. Six times, one of them stopped and tapped a woman on the shoulder and pointed toward the steps of the Empire State Building. Once their replacements were in place, the other Zorteff returned and inserted the devices in the replacement's vaginas. After all six were crying out in passion, the testers tasted the air in front of each of them and then made some sort of signal to the large group of Zorteff who were holding the coffle chains.

Once everyone was collared, the march through the city began. When all three hundred were aboard, the Zorteff ship lifted off. Shortly after leaving Earth's orbit, on their way back to their home planet, they once again deflected the asteroid. When it passed through the night skies, still well within one lunar distance of Earth, all the countdown clocks returned to 27 years, 231 days.

The entire process, including the parade of slaves, was repeated when Colony Ship Two was completed, as it was for Colony Ship Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven. The only difference was that in addition to whatever it was that the Zorteff inserted in the women's vaginas, beginning with Colony Ship Three, small devices were also pressed over their nipples. Those devices were activated first and the women were forced to stand for nearly two hours, brought to the edge of orgasm by the pulses which tingled through their bodies. All the while, the testers walked up and down the rows, tasting the air in front of the slaves. Occasionally they would tap a woman on the shoulder and tell her to leave, but more often, they would use what appeared to be a small can of spray paint to create a pattern on the slave's abdomen. The /O\ pattern looked almost like an eye, but the Zorteff did not explain its meaning. Once all three hundred bore the /O\, the coffle chains were brought out and the march to the ship began.
By the time construction began on Colony Ship Eight, only a few of the original Zorteff construction crew remained. Each colony ship was crewed by one half of the recently returned scientists and engineers, and one half of the construction crew for that ship. It was apparent that the last of the Zorteff construction crew would leave when Colony Ship Eight was launched.

The final list of who else would leave Earth on Colony Ship Eight was announced when the countdown clock reached 120 days. At 90 days, the list of scientists and engineers was announced.

Everyone had assumed that Maria would be one of the chosen ones, either for the colony ship itself, or for the cadre of scientists and engineers who would b

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