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Rose's encounter with young Cory climaxes.

"You going to hit this or sit there staring at your cock?"

Tyler got up letting his fully erect penis fly proudly in front of him as he made his way to the bong. Leann began lighting as Tyler sucked noisily from the big green bong. Tyler closed his eyes like he always did when he smoked when he felt Leann's hand massaging his cock again He felt his zipper go down and her hand fish inside his pants and boxers to stroke his now rock hard penis. He kept hitting the bong enjoying the idea of getting high and a hand job at the same time. With out warning Lean pulled the stem and let go of his cock at the same time. The smoke rushed into his lungs unexpectedly causing him to almost fall straight over in agony. He coughed furiously, struggling for breath. He finished off his second beer and started on his third as Leann rolled around on the floor laughing. He finally caught his breath and put his dick back in his pants, as Lean stopped laughing.

"Real funny ass hole, how bout I get your pussy all wet, then stop all of a sudden?"

"Who says you didn't already get my pussy all wet?" she stared him the eyes with the most seductive voice he had ever heard. Her face screamed sexual aggression, Tyler quickly downed what was left of his beer and then stood right in front of Lean.

"What's that mean then girlie?"

"I'm pretty sure it means I want you to fuck m..." as she finished the sentence James burst in the door with his girl friend at his side. Tyler and Leann quickly separated each looking like they had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Hey bitches, we gonna fire this blunt up or what? Cliff's waiting out by the pool for us, were going to hot box the pool house." James was hammered and it showed. He beckoned for them to follow and then grabbed his girlfriend up and made his way to the pool. Tyler looked at Leann and she simply mouthed the word "Later" and then grabbed his hand as they walked out to the pool.

They stooped holding hands as they got to the pool. Jeff's house was amazing and the pool area was no different. His pool house was like a small one room apartment complete with frig, stereo, and a massive bed that took up most of the room. James and his girl sat on one end of the bed, with Cliff, Jeff, and Jeff's girl Jessica. Cliff sparked the blunt and it slowly made its way around the room. Tyler and Leann sat near each other at the foot of the bed in a pair of bean bags. The blunt rolled by a good five times before the rest of the crew began making their way outside in to the night sky. Most of them completely forgot about Tyler and Leann laying at the end of the bed.

As soon as the last person left Tyler made his move taking his hand and gently rubbing her ample breasts. His hand moved delicately upward, until it slipped inside her halter top. He worked his hand around her bare breasts inside her top until she finally just ripped the top off letting her beautiful tits to fall forward into Tyler's waiting hands. He pulled Lean on top of him and buried his face in the beautiful orbs in front of him. Her nipples were small and bright pink, a beautiful contrast to her milky white skin. The nipples hardened under his tongue work, he felt Leann slowly grind her crotch all over his cock. He pulled her in close kissing her, letting their tongue play freely in each others mouth. With a power one would expect from his 6' frame he rolled over on top of Leann and began sucking gently on her neck.

He ever so slowly made his way down her neck to her chest. He let his tongue caress over each nipple before making his way to her belly button. He licked seductively around her belly button before making a line down to her skirt. Leann tried to rip the skirt off but Tyler forced her hands to her side. He licked all around her stomach and just above wear the skirt sat, she groaned and whimpered as he toyed with her.

"What's a matter baby, do you want something?" Tyler asked teasingly taking a nipple into his mouth again and then backing off.

"Tyler if you don't get down here and eat my pussy I swear

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