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Scott tries to conceal his desires from a gifted researcher.

Did that discourage me from wanting to see Ken again? For that night it did, but I was back in the loft the following Wednesday as his witch-mate.

I found out later that DeeDee had propositioned three men and one woman that night, but they all refused her invitation. She begged the cabby to fuck her, but he said he was married and couldn't do it. She offered to go home with him and eat his wife, too. He must have felt sorry for her because he finally did screw her. She knelt on the back seat and he did it to her doggy; then he had her suck him clean, so his wife wouldn't smell DeeDee's pussy juice on him. However, DeeDee's smell is very strong,

Unfortunately, DeeDee didn't get him clean enough and his wife could still smell her, threw a fit and told him she wanted a divorce. She had previously suspected him of screwing his female fares. To add insult to injury, when Ken found out that the cabby had fucked DeeDee instead of having a complete stranger do it, he wouldn't let the cab driver pick up his witch-bitches any more. DeeDee was an expensive piece of ass for the cabby -- and he was just trying to be a Good Samaritan.

Celia, you're married to a monster. You have to break away from him."

"You're right, Susan, but not just now. I need time to work this out. In the meantime, please don't desert me. I need your cooperation. Don't tell me anymore now. I can handle only so much. Another glass of wine? No? Well then, can you teach me how to have oral -- how to eat a woman's vagina? Let's go into my bedroom."

The two women went into the master bedroom and, on Ken and Celia's marital bed, Susan explained and showed Celia how to eat her pussy. Celia practiced on Susan for almost two hours, bringing her to orgasm several times. Celia wanted to eat her one more time -- for practice, she said, but Susan wanted to leave before Ken came back. Anyway, her clitoris was sore from Celia's intense sucking. She seemed to be so hungry to eat Susan that she didn't suck softly and delicately. After Susan left, Celia masturbated. She wished that she had asked Susan to lick her until she came. Well, there was always next time.

Celia had been pleasantly surprised that performing oral sex on another woman wasn't as bad as she had anticipated. She had actually enjoyed the taste and texture of Susan's genitals. She would have no trouble eating Susan from then on, but she was apprehensive about the other women she probably would have to have oral sex with.

Like Celia, Susan was a squirter, but when Susan came in her mouth, Celia found the fluid to be almost tasteless. She had no trouble swallowing it. Then too, this way, the bed wouldn't get soaked. Celia wasn't unhappy at all about the evening's sex session. She wondered if maybe she were bisexual. She had also enjoyed the time that Karla ate her. She masturbated again.

"Well Celia, have you called those other women?" Ken queried. "If you want your ass to heal, you better find at least a dozen women for our little game."

"No Ken, you're not going to whip me again, ever. I'll go along with the three-

ways to protect OUR daughter, and you can use the flicker on me, but I won't put up with the welts and bruises.

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