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A tale of paranormal erotica.

She looks like a good fun old fashioned fuck!"

Nickolai approached the scene in his usual torn jeans and nice button up shirt. He was 6'4 and 260lbs. He was strong. His thick blonde hair was messed up from his usual 10pm fuck he always got. His Russian accent was thick as he spoke "Whats going on?"

Emmanuel said something to Nickolai in Russian and then turned to John. "My life for hers."

"Fuck that!" Nickolai growled. "We can cut a nicer deal. No?"

John laughed "Death would be to easy. Too simple. I have a better idea." he licked his lips. "I want her fucked. Brutally and viciously. Tonight. Either I give her a good fuck, then my boys do too. Or Nickolai fucks her."

Emmanuel's face went red. "No." he knew her worst fear he couldnt let this happen.

"So we all get to fuck her then kill her." John smiled.


"Pick an option then!"

Nickolai turned to his friend. He loved Emmanuel. Like a brother. "Maybe i should do it." And not just because I want to fuck her sexy brains out and hear her scream my name and submit to me... He added to himself.

"Fine." Emmanuel growled. Defeated.. At least his friend could do it. Someone he trusted.

"Great. Hop in the car. Meet at headquarters. Don't be late." John ordered.

They met at headquarters after the long drive. Anna was still fast asleep. John greeted Nickolai and Emmanuel with a smile as he threw Anna onto the queen sized bed. She twisted and turned before she started to wake up.

John smiled at her cluelessness, "This is going to be fun. Emmanuel. You watch from that chair." Emmanuel held his head low as the men chained him to the chair.

"We will stay around the room. If I feel that you are going too easy, I will fuck the shit out of her until she passes out. Then fuck her some more. Then I will kill her." John laughed.

Anna sat up and looked at Emmanuel. His head was down. She could hardly understand John. "What the hell is going on? Where am I? Let me go!" she yelled as she started to stand up off the bed.

Nickolai pushed her roughly onto the bed. "That's it. Waste all your energy."

"Nickolai stop! What are you doing?!" Anna yelled as she punched his brick hard abs. Normally, Nickolai would be the type of guy physically that Anna would go for, but in this situation, she tried to forget her 'normal taste'.

"Mmmm I like when you say my name..." he growled as he nibbled on her earlobe. He held both of her tiny wrists in one hand above her head. Then began to rip her shirt off.

"STOP!" Anna screamed trying to wriggle free. She only succeeded in rubbing herself against his seemingly huge erection.

Nickolai dove his face into her lucious breasts. He nibbled and licked them with the skill of a man who fucked 8 different girls on a regular basis. He watched her face closely, studying what she liked and disliked.

The minute his mouth touched her breasts, Anna's eyes shut and her protests began to turn into whimphers as she tried in vain not to moan.

He licked all the way up to her neck. Immediately he saw her back arch and heard a light moan escape. "Ohhh. I see how to make you want me." he smiled before returning to her neck.

"No.." Anna whimpered as he continued to lick, nibble, kiss, and suck on her neck. She could feel a sensation she never felt before travel down her body and between her legs. And it seemed to grow immensely.

Nickolai took off his shirt and pants and his 10 inches cock was bigger than ever before as he mounted his prize. He pulled off her shorts, she kicked him. "Oh none of that sex kitten.." he snapped as he gently grabbed her ankle before breaking it with his hand.

"Ahhhh!" Anna yelled. Shocked that he could o anything like that.

"I'm Russian bitch. I'm not here to play nicely." he laughed before roughly pinching her hard nipples and kissing her neck.

She could feel the head of his massive cock on her pussy lips and immediately freaked out into sobs. "Please! Anything but that! Why?!"

He gently mixed his pre cum and her juices with his cock head. "Shhh. If you calm down. I will ease it in slower."


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