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The Date! Josh and Carrie's first date.

I have waited for this for so long that I am almost scared it's going to be an anticlimax! I try to busy myself putting on music, closing curtains, pouring myself another glass of wine and I don't hear the key in the lock or his footsteps approaching, so I jump when I suddenly feel his hand cupping my ass through the silk and his mouth on my neck.

The very next thing he does is to slide the robe off my shoulders so that it drops to the floor in a pool of silky softness. I feel so exposed now, naked apart from high heels, stockings and barely-there knickers. His hands are cold and slightly rough against my skin, sliding over my shoulders and down my arms, giving me goosebumps and making my nipples harder still. And then his mouth, warm and soft planting gentle kisses on my shoulder, nibbling and licking.

I moan and lean back in to him, unsteady on my feet with the overwhelming feelings of lust that are flooding my body. He tells me not to move and I stand there breathing through my nose, eyes closed, gripping the work surface in an effort to calm myself down. I don't know what he is doing as I daren't look round but when I feel his chest warm against my back and a hardness pressing against my ass I realise he has stripped.

Still standing behind me he takes my arms and lifts them up around his neck, then reaches round and starts to play with my breasts, cupping and massaging them, rolling and pinching my hard pink nipples between his fingers, all the while murmuring in my ear about how much he is going to enjoy playing with me and making me come.

Now his hands make their way down over my belly, teasing the skin just under the edge of my knickers, causing me to hold my breath in pussy is aching and wet and his fingers as so close that I can hardly bear it. In my head I am screaming for him to touch my clit and give me the release I so desperately need, but instead he hooks his fingers under my knickers and slides them down my legs. He tells me to stand back from the work surface slightly and spread my legs wider so now my ass is completely exposed and I am pretty sure he will be able to see the moisture that has gathered on the lips of my sex.

I wonder what I look like, long legs encased in sheer black stockings, high heels forcing my ass out further, my sex glistening and pouting, the soft mound of my ass and then the slightly darker tanned skin of my back.

He comments on how aroused I seem to be, and slides one finger unexpectedly through my pussy lips, making me cry out. He reaches round and puts the same finger in my mouth, telling me to suck it clean. Fuck. I can barely stand there now, my legs are shaking, my breathing is shallow and fast, and I can feel the cum running down my legs.

"Please," I beg, "please, please...."

He takes the tip of his cock and rubs it against my pussy lips, oh so close to where I need it and I push back, trying to manoeuvre him inside. Instead he puts one hand on my ass and the other begins to strum my clit and before I know it I am coming, my hot juices running down his wrist and dripping on to the floor. I can't stop coming, and as his fingers drive in to my sex the room is filled with the sound of my juicy pussy squelching, and the scents and sounds of my pleasure.

When he finally pulls his fingers out he spins me round and wipes the fragrant juices that are soaking his hand all over my face and breasts and then proceeds to lick them off -- jesus, what a turn on.

I can see him properly for the first time, and my eyes travel over his broad suntanned chest and down to his cock which is pointing at me, the top glistening with pre-cum. I can't help but reach out to stroke the shaft, and he closes his eyes, concentrating on the sensation. He tells me the wants me to suck him, and God, it feels so sexy, as I kneel there in front of him, my pussy wet and swollen and his cock staring right at me.

I know he wants me to take him in my mouth because I can feel his hands on the back of my head trying to guide me

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