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Sexual nephew conquers his aunt, ready to do same to cousins.

After what felt like a lifetime, she was finally allowed to enter inside the room where her husband was already seated on the soft mattress filled with red rose petals who welcomed her to sit next to him. When she sat down a hand's width away from him, he quickly rose and made the gap non-existent by sitting so close to her that they could both hear the loudness and feel the warmth of their breathing. Without speaking, he laid his manly hands on her fragile hands and ran it slowly to her cheeks which he pulled forward and kissed her moist, pink lips, which parted to make way for his large tongue to probe inside and taste her quickly secreting saliva, while simultaneously receiving copious amounts of his own testosterone-filled juice allowing it to get mixed with her womanly secretion. His dark hands ripped apart her blouse and bra to finally get to the softest thing his hard hands had touched all his life. He pushed her on the bed as he squeezed her large tits and sucked on her erect, pink, soon-to-be-filled-with-milk nipples with a hunger Anita didn't imagine a male could possess.

He mounted her and, while sucking on her breasts, he slowly moved his hands towards the place which he had so longed to touch and own. They moved from her soft thighs to a thin fabric which was so wet that he felt like it didn't exist at all. He parted it rubbed his hands over his wife's smooth, shaved and slippery pussy. With an animalistic desire, he let two of his fingers probe deep into the welcoming slit which resulted in a heavy gasp by Anita. She knew that this wasn't the real the thing, but still enjoyed the feeling of a long, hard organ inside her silky soft vagina. He finger fucked her till she experienced her first orgasm. It barely started to diminish when she felt his husband's long, thick, black cock penetrate her femininity. Each gasp was filled with inexplicable and overwhelming pleasure as he continued to his all the right spots of her virgin pussy. After a long pounding with his hard manhood, Anita felt the reproductive organ pulse inside her pussy, each stroke make the penis hotter and it throbbed harder until she felt her cervix being bombarded with her man's warm, thick, long ropes of cum intent of fertilizing one of her lucky eggs.

He ravished her most of the night while cumming inside her 2 more times into her already overflowing female hole and once into her desirous mouth which wanted to taste the stuff which was going to put a baby inside her fertile but empty womb. She immediately got pregnant a few months later after her ravenous husband continued to fuck her silly during their honeymoon. She was especially proud that none of her body's orifices were denied the pleasure of the feeling of his large cock pounding upon them helplessly until eventually being drowned by wave after wave of his male juice. His potent seed produced twins in her first birth and she finally experienced what being a mother means. She felt more powerful than she ever had and found that her lust for pleasure and power increased to such a degree that she seduced her husband and milked his balls bursting with newly produced sperm into her pussy just 2 weeks after she had given birth. He had proven his virility again as he knocked her up after less than 6 months of space between the birth of the twins.

After she gave birth to her fifth child within just 4 years, she happily saw the look of unbridled envy in the eyes of her still childless women in her family who didn't miss a chance to glare at their husbands for their failure to do even a part what they saw Anita's husband accomplish.

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