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The adventures of a male activist in America.

There was a group of people waiting for the elevators also. When the first car arrived we all stepped in. We were packed in quite closely, Ellen and I standing in the back. I was behind her so I decided to gently rub her ass. She pushed back as she felt my hand on her. She took a step backwards, slowly so that the others wouldn't notice. I reached down until I could feel the bottom edge of her short skirt. I slowly pulled her skirt higher up in back so that I could feel the soft skin of her ass.

I let my fingers roam until I found the crack of her ass. I spread the cheeks of her ass apart with my fingers and pushed them in as far as I dared. She stood perfectly still as I played my game. We finally reached the floor where the others were getting off. Ellen and I stayed where we were as they exited. As the doors began to close, one of the women turned and looked back at us. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened as she realized where my hand was.

She said nothing as the door closed and Ellen and I burst out laughing. Ellen and I held each other and kissed passionately as we rode the elevator to her floor. We ran to her room as fast as we could. She fumbled with the lock as I played with her ass once more. I had pulled her skirt up as high as it could go and tossed it onto her back. She might as well have been standing there naked. She finally unlocked the door and we rushed inside before someone else saw us. We ran to her bedroom, tossing close off as fast as we could. She was naked before I was. I had trouble with my zipper so Ellen came over to help.

"Having a bit of trouble David?" she asked. I looked at her, smiled, and shrugged my shoulders. She came over to me and kissed me. As she did, she easily unzipped my pants and helped me take them off. She held my hard cock in her hands while I played with her nipples. We stood there feeling each other for a little while and then Ellen bent down to suck my cock. As she took my cock as far into her mouth as she could, I leaned over her body to feel her round ass. It felt very smooth and taut because of her position. I reached farther until I felt the long hairs at the base of her cunt. I could sense the warmth and dampness that was coming from her pussy. I reached until I could put a finger into her. She moaned as I pushed my finger in as far as I could.

Her hips moved with pleasure as my fingers explored her entire cunt. Ellen finally stopped sucking my cock and began to stand up. I pulled my fingers from her and stood in front of her, eye to eye. She smiled and asked, "Would you like to eat me David?"

I felt that I knew what she meant but I really wasn't positive. "This would be a first for me Ellen. I'm going to need some coaching if you want me to do it right."

"Don't worry David. Just listen to what I say and you'll do just fine." She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She pushed her tongue into my mouth to play with mine. Her tits were soft and warm as she pressed them to my chest. I felt the hairs of her pussy rubbing against my hard cock, her firm thighs resting on mine. She let go of her hold on me and went to the bed. I watched as she carefully pulled the covers down and then the sheets. She got up onto the bed and took two of the three pillows of the king size bed and placed them in the middle of the bed. She then laid down, placing her hips on the pillows and her head on the third.

"It's time to eat me David," she said. "Come her and let Ellen show you how to please a woman with your mouth." I crawled unto the bed with her and waited for her instructions. "Get yourself between my legs David and get yourself comfortable. You can lie down or kneel, whichever feels best for you."

I decided to kneel because the two firm pillows had lifted her hips so high.

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