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The steamy story continues.

Girl and Truck disappear into a bedroom that has a water bed and deer antlers on the wall. I am left alone. John Deer and I sit on a love seat we make arbitrary conversations for two seconds, I wonder why he thinks he needs to talk. He begins to kiss me, it was mutual, I knew I was there to fuck he was to. He tastes like the bar, but I get used to it. He leans in, his body weight is on me. I like it, he's gentle. Once again my switch is turned my body goes on auto mode and my legs wrap around him. He kisses my neck I feel like I'm on fire. Truck interrupts, standing naked in the living room, stroking himself. He's looking for a condom, there in my car. Truck leaves.

I don't recall how it happened but John Deer undresses. I take off his pants, I actually asked if it was okay, of course it was. He pulls his shirt off, I like the way he did it, and he looked so happy and excited. He asks why girl and I don't worry about catching something. I hear my self-saying that its not that were not worried, it's just that were not afraid. I wonder to my self at that moment if I actually believe it. I begin to suck his cock. He pulls my sweater undershirt and bra over my head in one graceful motion. I'm impressed. His hands feel so amazing on my skin. I suck his cock he moans softly, touching my back. I like his cock, its nicer than Trolls, it seems to comfort me. John Deer's hands rub my neck, it feels so good, and my skin seems to be climaxing with out me. Somehow now I'm on the floor, telling him not to undo my pants. He licks my nipples. I watch him his tongue is beautiful. I tell him I cant have sex with him, I gave it up for the new year. He says okay. I let him undo my pants but I continue to protest, but I let him take them off. I try to fight it but he begins to lick me.

Ex went down on me all the time, making me cum hard, smiling lovingly touching me comforting me. I recall rubbing his big strong back when he came in me, my head resting in-between his neck and beautiful shoulders. The comfort of his smell, his touch.

John Deer expertly fingers me while he uses his tongue. He feels so good, but I'm afraid. I'm way too vulnerable like this. This was the last thing Ex and I had that was all ours, his mouth on me, and now like the years I wasted with ex, it was gone to. Again with no protection I have sex. John Deer fucks me, it feels so good. He makes me go slow and he's so gentle. When I let him in me the first time I slide down onto him, his strong hands pushed me down on to him. He feels so good I think I might die, suddenly I feel my self explode, we both cry out softly. It feels to good, intoxicatingly good, I'm shaking. He's afraid he cant hold back pull outs. His skin was so soft, his body hard and strong like his hands. I'm not sure where they were all the time, but they felt good.

He keeps making me go slow down, I'm confused. He fucks me in odd positions and kisses my hands and face as he moves in me. I feel my insides turning again and again, he feels good he's so gentle. He holds me tight kisses me softly when were through, pulling me close when I try to get away. I feel like letting go but I wont. I fuck him again and then again. As I sober up, I begin to realize the reality off the situation. Were in the living room of someone's mom's house. The carpet is shag and itchy. I get dressed, I wake Girl up. Truck snores loud. We leave quickly John Deer says nothing to me. We don't even say good bye. I know it meant nothing. It was nothing. I know that the dead have no feelings.

Girl and I are on the prowl again.

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