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He Mom & Aunt while pining for his dream girl.

..I was hoping that my wife and Lefty could witness this, but when I looked into the adjoining room, I saw him pounding her from behind as she was bent over the desk...I tasted the tequila on Robin's lips and tongue...I was so fucking hard...!! We fucked this way for awhile, and she got off on the deep penetration provided by gravity...I still was yet to come, but it was unlikely that I'd be able to while standing up and concentrating on balancing the two of us...

Eventually, Lefty & my wife returned to the main room...somewhere in here, we switched, and before I knew it, Lefty was fucking Robin missionary on the bed, and the wife and I laid down next to them and started having some fun of our own...she asked me to eat her pussy -- something that I love to do, particularly after she's been fucked hard, as she had...she was getting off on my tongue, and Robin & Lefty were getting off next to was hot...! As they came down, I slid up next to the wife and started kissing her, as Lefty went down to her pussy to start playing with her he did, he pulled Robin over to sit on her knees in between the wife's splayed out legs...while my wife was holding her pussy lips open, he would alternate rubbing and licking her clit, making her feel great...I got up on my knees and put my cock into my wife's mouth and she started sucking and tongue-ing me...I looked down to her pussy, and saw that Lefty was encouraging Robin as she started touching my wife's pussy...before long, she had two fingers inside my wife rubbing her G-spot, as Lefty was rubbing her clit...I looked back at my cock in my wife's mouth, and then back to see that Robin now had her tongue on my wife's clit...!! Unfortunately, it didn't last all that long, and neither woman really seemed that into it, but it was awesome that they were both willing to try, and it looked incredibly hot...!!

Sometime after this, we all got another drink and were hanging out...I laid Robin down on the bed, in the middle, and got back on top of her...I was taking my time with her...rubbing our bodies together, pinching her nipples, making out, talking softly...until I gently eased my cock back in her pussy and started slowly fucking her again...suddenly, I felt my wife climb onto my back, with her pussy rubbing up against my ass as it went back and forth while I fucked Robin...almost as if she was fucking me -- or fucking Robin thru me...I immediately started fucking Robin harder...before I knew it, I could feel the weight transfer on the bed and realized that Lefty had climbed on top of my wife, and was proceeding to fuck her from behind as she was grinding her pussy into my ass, and I was fucking Robin...a 'dog-pile' as my wife later called it, and it felt fucking incredible -- the four of us, on the same page, in the same zone at exactly the same time...we were a twisted tangle of arms, legs, bodies, hair, and we were all fucking in sync, and I could feel each of Lefty's thrusts as they went thru my wife to us below...! I realized then that I could feel Lefty's hairy legs on my hairy legs and made some joke out loud that I think the wife needed a shave...that configuration was definitely a highlight of the night, as we were all involved simultaneously...

At this point, Lefty and my wife had re-taken over the bed, and were enjoying another moment together -- they really went back and forth between quiet, tender moments and all-out, balls-to-the-walls loud fucking.

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