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The start of a journey

" Max cleared his throat softly glancing down to his lap. "She always pushed me to write, every time i wrote a story, no matter how long or short she would put it in this large scrap book. Three years ago at Christmas she gave it too me, it was so neat seeing the evolution of my writing, on the last page was a blank piece of paper, she said it was for all the stories I have yet to write."

"Does she know what you write now?" Tina asked giving him a quizzical look.

"Yep, she read one of my books, she thinks I can do better with a subject that is more mainstream, but she is happy I am still writing but just not thrilled about the subject." he chuckled.

"And how about your dad and brother? Do they know?"

Max laughed shaking his head, "Well my father mind you, is a die hard old Marine so writing to him in general is not a career it is a hobby, at best. He never understood my passion for it, and was deeply upset that I choose to write instead of join the Marines like, he and my Grandfather had done." "My brother on the other hand, he followed in my father's footsteps and joined up. He always encouraged me to write, but it wasn't till he got sent over to Iraq that he truly appreciated what i wrote." Max laughed at his small joke, remembering the twelve page letters he use to send his brother, two of the pages were an actual letter, while the other ten was another chapter or two from one of his books.

Tina saw the look of pain slowly creep across his face, he was looking beyond her, deep in thought. "Hey? What's wrong?" She asked touching his cheek.

"Huh? Oh nothing, just thinking about the last time I saw him." Max replied sadly.

"Is he coming home soon?" Tina softly inquired.

"No. He was killed three months ago in a road side bombing." Max whispered rubbing his eyes, trying to wipe away the coming tears.

"I'm sorry Max." she whispered pulling his head to her chest holding him tightly, she could feel his shoulders heave, and heard him sniff loudly. Wrapping his arms around her he held her tightly fighting with his tears trying to will himself to stop.

Max was shocked the day his mother called and told him his brother had died. He remembered sitting down in his brown chair struggling to even comprehend the idea that his big brother was no longer around to listen to his stories, or to goad him about finding a girlfriend.

Two days after the funeral a letter had arrived in the mail from his brother, it was post marked two weeks prior and it was a humorous letter from him. The last couple of paragraphs talked about how worried he was about going out on patrol, and how he only had two more months before his tour was up and he would be coming home. On the back of the last page was a final written line, "Talk to her you goof, before you lose her!"

Max slowly sat up wiping his eyes, he looked up at her, she appeared to be saddened by what he had said. "I am sorry Tina, I just haven't thought about him since the funeral, and I..."

She covered his mouth gently with her hand. "Don't, be sorry, I understand. Thank you for sharing that with me." Tina was honestly touched by his admission, even more surprised he had been so open with her about something so tragic in his life. She felt sorry that he had lost someone so close to him, she knew that if either of her sisters or brother was killed that she would not be able to handle such a loss.

"Max, tell me the most adventurous thing you have done during sex?" Tina asked nonchalantly, knowing that she needed to change the subject before they both became depressed.

Max gave a nervous laugh "Well, um having you on top?" Wiping away the last of his tears.

Tina sat back in surprise, shaking her head she replied "Bullshit! You have got to be kidding me?"

"No, I'm really not." he quietly answered. "My last girlfriend, well only girlfriend I have had, was not very adventurous."

"So all the little sex scenes and scenarios you come up with in your books, you have never tried?" she asked.


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