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The belle of the ball.

ive Mark blow jobs?"

I shook my head and said "No Darling, that was my first ever and I'm so pleased that it was for you. Love you, Ian." I could see the elation all of my words gave to my twin.

Friday afternoon came and Mom and Dad packed to go off for their weekend away. Mom fussed about leaving us on our own and about our meals and looking after each other. We assured her we'd be fine. Taking me to one side she asked me if Mark was coming over. She knew that Mark and I were sexually active and she had put me on the pill. I told her that he wasn't coming over and that Ian and I were sticking together over the weekend. She smiled at that, oblivious to our actual intentions and off they went.

I cooked our evening meal and poured a glass of wine for each of us. We limited it to the one glass to loosen us up, not to get us drunk. Over dinner we talked like brother and sister, like twins, like young adults -- and like lovers. Ian enjoyed that I wore no bra and that my nipples were erect and very noticeable through my blouse. I teased him about his big erection being obvious in his trousers. I teased him more when I let him know that as well as no bra, I wore no panties. My short skirt and bare legs were all planned. I bent over more than I needed to when I picked something off the floor that I had deliberately dropped. Ian saw my pussy lips framed by the tops of my legs. I had got everything very smooth and hairless for this evening -- for him.

After we had cleared away everything from dinner, we suddenly stood a few feet apart, silent and staring. We both knew what was about to happen and I think we both shared excitement and nervousness. Ian suggested that he double lock the doors so that even Mom and Dad could not open them. Then we went to my room.

We did not try to make foreplay out of undressing. Instead we both stripped naked and then we embraced, standing by my bed. We held each other close, Ian grasped one breast in his hand and we kissed animatedly and erotically. Between my legs my pussy was becoming hugely moist, more than I could ever remember. I touched Ian's cock, feeling the fabulous tenseness of his erection. I circled my thumb and forefinger around his amazing cock head, unable to close the gap his impressive girth created between my finger tips.

Ian began kissing my neck which is something Mark always does before we fuck. I realised the similarity just as Ian began doing it to me and then I realised too that I felt no guilt about betraying Mark with my brother. Besides, this was not actually betrayal. This was different. This was family. This was twins being intimate, very intimate -- without competing with anyone else.

I felt Ian's finger slide between my pussy lips and I gasped. He felt my drenched state and groaned with controlled lust. He said "Karen, my Darling, take me to your bed."

I knew I was ready. I knew that Ian was clearly ready. I got onto the bed, on my back, I raised my knees and widened them fully, showing my soft inner thighs. Ian, at the foot of the bed stared at my gaping, soaking pussy. And I wanted him in it -- now! I held my arms out and said "Ian, Darling, take me! I'm yours. Let's fuck!"

I had thought about saying 'Let's make love' but I went with 'Fuck' as it seemed more earthy and raw, like our sex was going to be. This wasn't sex culminating from some long loving courtship. This was going to be sex involving two closely bonded family members wanting to share their bodies for intense passionate pleasure, share their bodies and fuck.

Ian knelt at the end of the bed then, on all fours, placed himself over me. I opened my tight pussy lips with both hands and urged him to come to me.

I saw his hips lower and I felt his cock head touch my inner thigh. I moved my hand and gently held his shaft, drawing his cock head to me. I guided him inside my opened lips and I softly whispered. "Push Darling!"

I drew breath in semi-shock as I felt his impressive cock begin to penetrate me.

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