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The Spark.

Dana's hands gently stroked the length of my erection and caressed my testicles. With the tips of her fingers she teased and lifted my corona, softly pulling me longer and then stroking again. I felt like I was going to cum in her sweet hands.

With a hand deep in her thigh and an arm around her holding us close my lips brushed her cheek and I breathily confessed, "I'm leaking... be careful, Sweetheart... ohhh!"

She turned her lips to meet mine, kissed me softly and breathed, "You're so hard, Darling... Mmmmm, yes, a sweet drop... let me have it." With that she bent to kiss away the drop of fluid on the tip. Her tongue licked the glans and she took the head of my avid penis partly in her mouth for a loving suck. When she drew back up to kiss me she murmured, "After all this loving... you're going to squirt a lot in me."

It was then that it dawned on me, "Dana!" I whispered, "I have no... you know... protection for us."

Dana purred, "I don't want you to wear anything. I'm safe... and I want to feel the warmth of your beautiful cock inside me." She guided one of my hands to her breasts. I lovingly returned to pleasure them, gently lifting and squeezing and kneading with both hands. When I pinched and pulled them to my lips for hungry sucking she lay her head back and moaned quietly, "Oohh,... Darling..." One of Dana's hands cupped under mine to encourage. I let her hold that breast to my lips to free my hand to love her neglected pussy.

My fingers slipped between her labia again and found oozing vaginal lips eagerly relaxed in anticipation. I was breathless, "Mmm, you're warm... and wet.... you feel wonderful." When my thumb had found her clitoris and two fingers were stroking inside her, Dana began whimpering and rhythmically flexing into my hand. I sucked and nibbled on her nipples, kissed her fullness, and nuzzled in her cleavage.
When her moans became more high-pitched Dana's hand brought my head up and my lips to hers. I felt her vagina and tummy shiver and shudder, "Aahhhuunnnggghhh... mmmm... mmmm, ooh, Matt!" We kissed lushly humming and caressing, "Unnnh, you made me cum..." Dana slipped away and lay back toward the end of the couch. She opened her legs and parted her labia with her fingers so that her moist, pink love lips welcomed me with crystal drops of dew. She slid a leg behind me against the couch, "Darling, lay down with me... between my legs... and put your beautiful penis in me. Do it to me.... Oh, God... I want to feel you throbbing in me."

I removed my shirt and moved between her legs. She took my hardness in her hands and guided me into her luscious, slippery warmth. "Oohh... Dana... uhnn..." Her legs and voluptuous thighs surrounded me and her oozing, slippery vagina sucked me in and enveloped me.

"Uuhhhnnnn... that feels... soooo good." With her hands on my bottom, she hugged me to her and held me in those magnificent thighs while her pussy lovingly and frantically pleasured itself.

I supported myself on my elbows so I could hold her jiggling melons in my hands. Our joining was hungry and eager. My penis was plunging and withdrawing wantonly and squirming and rutting around in her depths. Dana groaned and whined and moaned every time she took the length of me. I was breathing heavily when I gasped, "Uhn... uhn... I can't... hold it... "

"Uhhnn... don't wait... cum in me... uhhnn!" The sweet feeling surged through my glans and then the pulsing pumping began at my root. "Oooh! I feel it!... You're throbbing... Oh, God... you're cumming in me!" Dana shivered and shuddered and her warm glove squeezed my swooning penis. For a moment her breasts shook like jello in my hands. Her eyes were closed in ecstacy, "Oohhh God!... Maaattt."

When our orgasms subsided we began to relax.

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