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Robbie's saga continues as Robbie grows into a boy!

"Second is Kathrine Maxwell, she didn't make it, heart failure."

Mary and April read through the reports, "Maxwell was the first incident historically. The male was here to attend University. They were kept separated. In Fraser case though, they were Chosen and her heat came early."

Janet smiled, "I remember this story, my grandma was talking to mother about it, I was eavesdropping," she shrugged sheepishly, "according to grandma, Ian Fraser that's great Grandpa, sneaked onto the isolation cabin they had kept her in. She wasn't doing so good but once they started doing the tango it went normally." Janet reddened at the end, "though mom also mentioned that was Jacinta's last heat, it's a good thing they conceived on that one."

April sighed, "It seems no matter what, there will be a price to pay for interrupting a heat. Still things would have been clearer if we had a third case to refer. But looking from an optimistic side of things, the rogue's best chance is they finish the cycle."

"Yes, I agree." Mary said.

"The sooner I get this over with the better then." Conner got up side stepping Janet he went for the door.

"Wait." Laura called. "Don't be so hasty about it. Let's just think about this for a minute."

"There is nothing to think about you heard them."

"We were just talking about you breaking your bond with her, you cannot stay rational and detached if you go finish the cycle with her."

"If I don't do this, she dies. Are you suggesting I let her die when there is something I could do about it?" Gold shined through Conner's eyes, the wolf speaking to the female it had grown with, respected.

There is no guarantee this will work anyway. You don't owe her anything. She left you."

Conner recoiled in disgust, "Are you even hearing yourself right now?"

Laura blinked the revulsion on Conner's face was a reaction she hadn't expected, "I'm just saying..."

"Enough Laura!" Jason spoke up, "you have said enough. Leave Conner, do what you have to do."

Conner nodded and left without sparing Laura a glance.

"No matter your opinion on the rogues, suggesting to let her die was not what I expected from you Laura." Mary said. Her voice low her disapproval like a punch to the solar plexus. Mary got up and followed Laura along with April.

"I though you didn't hate her." Andrew threw the second punch.

"That's not what I meant!!"

"I know you didn't love. But you are emotional about this and all you're doing is burning your bridges. There is nothing to for you to do now. We wait and see if this works."


"Conner wait." Mary called out as she hurried after the irate male, "you cannot just barge in and expect her to be ok few hours later."

Conner stopped to face the pack doctors, "look Laura was harsh," April stated, "but she was not wrong in saying there is no guarantee that you completing the cycle will work."

"I know that. But is there is even a small chance..."

"You will take it." Mary nodded her acquiesce. "I not telling you not to. But you must understand, I have no procedure for this situation, no data, nothing that might help better take care of her. I'm not sure just how to proceed with this. What are you planning on doing?"

"Honestly I don't know. Right now, I just need to see her."

"Right now she is sedated and under observation. There is no telling how much her body can handle, if it even can handle the heat, she might go into cardiac arrest."

"So continue keeping her under observation. Even if I am in there you keep an eye on things."

April looked at him apprehensively, "you would like us to be in the room with you?"

"No! Can't you remotely monitor her vitals?"

"Yes we can." Mary nodded then hesitated before adding, "Conner her body is very fragile. During heat healing is not at its strongest, so you have to be very careful with her."

Conner nodded at the doctor as he entered the room.

Strawberry and cream slammed into him, a rough caress to his senses. But it also had an undertone of pain. The heat a brutal experience.

Conner stripped, folding this cloths on the sof

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