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The Divorce and the Revelation.

Why don't you come over here and put my wrap over me."

Standing still with shock, I fumble with my glass as I try and put it on the rail, before I will my feet to move. I step over to you as I fold it out and walking behind you as you straighten up. I notice that I'm only slightly taller than you and begin to bring my arms around your shoulders. My hands shake as I try and cross the fabric over you, not daring to touch you.

You grasp my hands and close the wrap around you holding my hands still against the area, just below the nape of your neck. You stand there, my body not quite close enough to make contact to yours, and give a deep satisfying sigh. "So why were you looking for me?"

A cold sweat floods me as my mind searches for an answer. I start to stutter out random excuses, not finishing the first as I start on the second. I try and back up, but you keep my hands still and back up into me. Your hair pushes into my face a bit, smelling of flower and the ocean, calming me a bit.

"It's ok. I noticed you outside of the house when I walked past. I don't understand why you went looking for me, but I'm enjoying the company." I step into you a bit, careful not to make too much contact as we stand there, looking out at the beach. I take in all your scents, inhaling deeply as I can feel my hands tremble under yours.

You step away from me and turn in my arms, our faces so close that your warm breath fills the opening of my coat. I stand still unsure as what to do except stare deep into your eyes. Your hands slide along my sides, meeting behind me as you pull me closer to you. Lifting your face a bit, you bring your body up and softly and shyly touch your lips to mine. Flashes of heat pass through me as I press my lips firmly to yours, my arms moving down your shoulder and gather you up into me. I melt inside as I feel our mouth moving together, the passion of a first kiss building as we pull each other closer.

Your neck and cheeks are flushed as you pull away from me, the heat from your body disappearing. Sliding your hands up my sides and down my arms, you turn us and grab my hand in yours. Pulling me as you walk backwards to the door, sliding it open with your free hand," Why don't we get out of the cold?"

I blindly follow you, a loss of words keeping my mouth shut, I just nod my head up and down as I slide the door closed behind up. You lead me through your house, shutting the lights off as you go. You kick off your shoes as we approach the stairs and I follow suit. Using my feet to shove them off next to yours, I climb the stairs, our eyes never leaving each other. At the top of the stairs, I'm over come with the desire to kiss you again, as I pull your hand over to me and wrap an arm around your waist and bring one behind your head. Kissing you deeply and moving my mouth slowly over yours, I feel how soft your hair and body is, turning me on more and more.

I pin use against a door off to the side of the stairs, as your hands pull my coat off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. You bring a hand up my back pushing our kiss deeper and faster as your other hand turns the knob of the door. We stumble inside the darkened room, the only light able to penetrate the drawn shades is from the moon light. I can see that we are now in your bedroom as my eyes adjust to the low light, making out a well furnished room. A large king sized bed in the center of the room divides it in half with large windows on each side and covered in an over stuffed white comforter.

You bring us to the end of the bed and push me down by my chest into a sitting position, leaning back on my arms, my ass barely on the bed. No words come from you as you reach over and start to unbutton my shirt. One by one, you work my shirt apart, pulling it out from my jeans. You lean in and kiss my chest as your hands push my flannel off my shoulder, having me lift one arm after the other and you toss it to the floor.

You stand before me and remove your wrap and let it fall to your feet.

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