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Dad joins Mom and Son.

She would start out by licking my cock and balls while I struggled to lift my weights. She would establish a rhythm to her blowjob. As I lifted the weight, she would suck my cock deep into her mouth. As I would lower the weight, she would withdraw my cock from her mouth. If she took my balls into her mouth and held them there, I would have to hold the weight static.

Another version was special bench press routine. Cindy would sit astride my erection, taking my cock in and out of her pussy as the weights went up and down. As she slid my cock into her cunt, I would have to push the weight up. When she rose off my cock and let it slip from inside her hot, wet cunt, I could lower the weight. Needless to say, I always wanted to hold the weight high, with her tight hot pussy wrapped around my cock. Cindy would set the tempo. If she fucked me fast, I had to lift fast. If she fucked me slow, I had to lift slowly.

As she sweetly tortured me, I sweated and pumped iron. She would not allow me to get off until I had completed all the sets she had determined that I should lift. If I did cum without her permission or before I finished my reps, I would be punished. Punishment varied just like the rewards.

Sometimes I was punished with more physical workout, like having to do sit ups. Cindy would sit on a stool over my thighs with a rope tied around my balls. She would pull the rope tight, stretching my balls and making me sit up. When I raised myself, I had to stick my tongue out and lick her clit. Up and down, licking her clit until she orgasimed.

Another variation was toe touchers. She would lie on a declined bench with her knees bent and her legs raised. As I touched my toes, I would have to lick her clit. Again, up and down I would sweat and work, as she enjoyed the multiple orgasms that I would have to bring her to.

Cindy loved to torture me. Being very oral, she loved to have me eat her pussy, licking and sucking her clit through multiple orgasms. I, on the other hand, dread those sessions. Inevitably, I ended up sexually frustrated with a raging erection (as she did not allow me to cum) with nothing to show but a very tired tongue and very sore muscles.

If Cindy got her enjoyment from receiving sex during our workouts, she equally enjoyed the pleasure she got in torturing and punishing me for my workout failures. Cindy used punishment as a proverbial "carrot and stick", only in my case that meant a carrot up my ass as she beat that same ass with the stick.

Cindy used punishments primarily to enhance her sexual pleasure. But she also used punishment as a means to (as she put it) teach me to control my orgasms. Cindy believed that since women, especially her, were multi-orgasmic, that she should be served with multiple orgasms. Men on the other hand only too commonly shot their wad early and only once. By denying me an orgasm, Cindy kept me horny and assured herself of repeated climaxes.

I found it hard (literally) to be denied an orgasm, sometimes for days at a time, all the while being teased to a constant state of arousal. However, it was pretty amazing the results of such denial. My cock was always super sensitive and I got constant erections. Just a sensuous kiss, or a covert caress across my groin and I would have an instant erection. Then, when I finally did cum, it felt like my head was being torn off. I would shot jets of cum, like water from a pressure hose. The amount of cum I pumped out was also amazing. When I emptied my ball, I would ejaculate a cup or more.

For Cindy, punishing me included more than satisfying herself and denying me. It also meant true pain...for me. Cindy was an artist when it came to punishing me with pain. As the saying goes, "it hurt so good". Her tortures were delightfully seductive and exquisitely painful. She trained me like a dog, using reward and punishment.

Speaking of my ass, Cindy had a fondness for making my ass the focal point of her punishments.

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