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For Sameera those two weeks when Rehan was away to India felt like two long years. She missed Rehan terribly. Just as those two weeks were coming to a close, came the news that the company had deputed him for a week to Jamaica. God, the same place famous for its nude beaches. If France had one, Jamaica had dozens. Sameera was so preoccupied with these thoughts, that she did not hear the telephone bell ring.It was Simran.

"Hi! Bored?" she asked in her exuberant voice.

"You bet." Sameera said trying to sound cheerful.

"Well, I have a nice surprise for you.We are again visiting Agde. Be there." Simran said.

"Alone it won't be fun without Rehan." Sameera sounded downcast.

"You just have to be there.You have endured enough boredom.I will wait for you there tomorrow at 9 a.m.Sharp.Be there" Simran said in a final tone and the line went dead. Somehow the irony of the situation brought a smile to Sameera's lips. If Rehan was going to be on a nude beach, nature had arranged that she too would be on one. And who better than John to give her company.

Agde, she said to herself.

She was the prettiest girl Sameera and John had ever laid eyes on, and she was completely nude. Sameera's jaw dropped as she saw her leave the sanctity of her tent, and the warm sunshine touched her long black hair that was tied back in a extensive pony tail. Her eyes were drawn to her small firm breasts and her pink -brown little nipples, further on down her flat stomach to her crotch, which still displayed a tan line in the shape of very high-cut thongs, but those thongs were not there. Absent.There was nothing whatsoever to prevent her gaze reaching the small tuft of bronze down on her irresistible mound, just above her tender little slit snuggling between slim thighs.

All along Sameera had believed that a girl looked better with designer clothes. Here was Rehan's little sis rubbishing all those assumptions by being so pretty and completely in the buff. Gingerly they entered the tent.

"Hi,Sameera, welcome. Hello, how do you do?" Simran said first kissing her sis-in-law her breasts rubbing on Sameera and then extending her hand towards John. Standing there opposite him at the table was this girl, his friends's sister, that breath-taking angel of a girl, no more that a few feet from him. If he had leaned forward he could almost have touched the smooth skin of her stomach. So close that he could see the individual hairs in the black tuft above that heart-burning slit between her firm thighs.

He couldn't help it, his eyes involuntarily started at the bottom, where the table cut off the sight of her lower thighs downwards, slowly up past her tantalising pussy to view up her shapely midriff and over her glorious breasts until his gaze reached her face. It seemed so slow, his ogling at her body, but the Almighty knew he just couldn't help himself. And she really didn't seem to be in any way trying to conceal herself from him: one of her hands rested lightly on a hip while the other held her towel over a shoulder.

"Uh...hello," he said, shaking himself out of his reverie. Once his eyes met hers, something seemed to pass between them, something that set his insides alight more than they had ever been before. She was so very, very close he realised he could smell her perfume. He wasn't an expert on scents, but it was sweet and feminine, and enough to bag him hook line and sinker.

"Hi, I can see you are having a nice time." Sameera said.

"Yeah! And you too will." Simran said.

"Come on! How can I strip without Rehan being around?" Sameera said.

"You are living in dark ages. Who said that you can not strip? You are going to strip and now. But tell me, should I introduce you to my friends before you strip or now.?"

"I......." Sameera seemed a bit unsure.

"Strip! Now. And you too, sir." She said addressing John and left the tent, a figure of grace and beauty.
Sameera had an inkling of this and so it was not long before she had stripped fully.

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