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It wasn't unusual for students be shuffled around classes between semesters at this particular school. Some students would take half one course and half another, or they would be moved to another class after finding that they were under or over performing in their previous placement. I had received a list of new students to my class. Only three were added, and although I couldn't put a face to the names, I could immediately see what connections they had that allowed them to be at this school and not expelled for their poor performance, thus placing them in my happy band of underachievers.

Valentina Pellegrino. Her surname is what I recognized immediately. Although I hadn't attended any of her games (I tried to attend as many as I could, but there are so many...), word around the campus was that she was the greatest player the school had ever had. Being the star athlete of the girls' soccer, track, and field hockey teams, Valentina was able to enjoy the stereotypical benefits that came from being a top player on a high school sports team. So even though her parents don't carry as much power as compared to those of other students, she had managed to secure her own place in the hierarchy through her reportedly amazing prowess on the field.

Vanessa Smithfield, of the local renowned Smithfields. Although I had never met their daughter, or her parents, the Smithfields carried a great deal of weight around the town. Financers and beneficiaries of several upper class establishments, including the school itself. They owned a great deal of land and had themselves involved in many lucrative areas, all contributing to their fabulous wealth. While having never met her personally, I would hear murmurs from other students about Vanessa. She was one of the popular girls, the kind that make or break another student's high school social life. However, since this year began, I hadn't heard anything said about her, not a peep. A strange thing to go from being the most mentioned name in the school to suddenly not existing on anyone's radar, but that's high school drama for you.

Vivika Briarheart. Now here was a name I could not match to any student. While true I had never met Valentina or Vanessa, I had heard their names and could easily figure their place in the school pecking order. Vivika, however, was a mystery. Not even her surname rang a bell, despite how unique it was. Most students you could trace to someone of some importance at this school, but hers had no connections that I could see.

Despite getting a star athlete, a (possibly former) top of the social elite member, and a mystery added to my class, I didn't feel anything would change in the dynamics of my classroom. I almost believe some prankster god was watching me, and upon the internal utterance of my assurance of a smooth semester, the deity must have chuckled at what was to come.

My first alarm should have been my immediate thoughts of the girls as they walked into the classroom, the last to arrive after all the other students had found their seats, in true dramatic fashion. I had seen attractive students before, but never any desires sprang up and those that flirted with me or gazed dreamily while I taught were easily rebuked. These girls - no, these women, were of a different class entirely.

The first to enter the room was a blonde, but blonde with blue streaks running through her twin pigtails.

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