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Jane has sex with close friend in front of husband.

But I was awake most of the night, like I said, and took a shower early this morning - probably around seven o'clock. When I was done, Pamela was still fast asleep, and I just started looking at her. And I could not help but to masturbate. She's so... fucking hot."

"I thought more and more about Pamela," Amy admitted with some trepidation, perhaps wondering to herself if she should convey this story to Devon and Camille. Would either of them tell Pamela about it afterward? Would Pamela become upset with Amy because of it? "But then," Amy continued, "I started thinking about Jeremy again."

I was all ears as Amy kept talking, "I thought back to last night and what a wonderful time I had with Jeremy. I have not felt that happy and at ease with a man in well over a decade. I do not know what it was, but something about Jeremy just clicked with me. The more I thought about Jeremy, it just seemed... that my heart melted. He's... he's unlike any man... I have ever met before."

"Sounds like you're in love, girl!" Devon laughed.

Camille was snickering. "No wonder I heard Trish ask Lindsay if you and Jeremy were suddenly engaged, or something, this morning." Camille laughed again. "You two seemed like quite the happy couple during breakfast, Amy."

"How was he?" Devon squealed, with an inquisitive look. "In bed, I mean? Jeremy?"

"Wonderful!" Amy gushed. "I haven't had an orgasm like that from a single man in quite some time."

"A single man?" Camille asked, somewhat confused. "What do you mean? You prefer married men, or something?"

Amy laughed. "No, not exactly. A single man as in ONE man. Back home in Ohio, I'm used to being gang-banged. I have a group of five boyfriends who I see every weekend. They come over to my apartment and basically stuff me full. Sometimes, it can be more than five."

Camille's dark eyes were wide. "Stuff... you full?"

Amy grinned. "Yes. All at once. Five-on-one sex."

"Hmmmmm," Devon purred. "Sounds VERY exciting!"

"I take them all on and am usually the only one standing at the end," Amy proclaimed with a triumphant smile. "I wear all the guys out and usually wind up wanting more."

"I've never been with more than one guy," Camille openly admitted. "But where I live, in California, I get together with some friends I had when I was still in college quite a bit. It's me and ten different girls." She grinned and added, "We all get together and fuck each other silly, in big daisy-chains orgies. Talk about fun!"

"Sounds like it..." Devon murmured.

"My favorite part is when we put on blindfolds," Camille continued. "Most of the time, I have no idea whose pussy I am eating, or who is eating my pussy. All I can do is search for the closest pussy and start licking away. It is one giant free- for-all which lasts for hours on end."

"That sounds incredibly hot," Amy commented, massaging one of her breasts with an open palm. "Oh, wow." She turned toward Devon and said, "What about you, honey? Anything wild?"

"Not really," the blonde replied. "I had a boyfriend for eight years and running, but we broke up a few months ago. I was totally faithful and monogamous to him."

"Oh, you poor thing," Amy squealed, patting Devon on the shoulder. "I'm sorry to hear that you broke up with him. But his loss is our gain because if you were still dating him, you would not be here on the island right now."

"His name was Barrett," Devon pouted. "But don't feel sorry for me because the guy was a total jerk. I should have gotten rid of him a long, long time ago. If you want to hear a wild experience about me, I must go all the way back to high school to tell a story. It's been that long."

"I love stories," Camille grinned. "Tell us a naughty story about something you did in high school, Devon."

The young woman paused before saying, "Hmmmmm... okay. I had a boyfriend in high school. Let me say that his name was Tim and he was the quarterback of the football team. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad."

"That doesn't surprise

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