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Kenyan dominatrix tames Haitian-American athlete.

My makeup was perfect; she had used blue, purple and mauve eyeshadow in such a way that I knew would look great when I put on my blue satin dress; heavy black kohl and mascara drew attention to by green eyes. She'd accented my high cheekbones with rouge and my full lips with cherry-red lipstick. She'd painted my fingernails to match my lipstick.

"Oh thank you Sloane! I look amazing!" I tried to pull her to me so I could hug her but she held me at arms length.

"No hugging, kissing or anything that's going to fuck up all that work Sarah. After the dance you do all the smooching and hugging you want but I want you looking your best when you arrive at the Prom," she smiled.

"Ok, I gotta fix myself and git. Like I said I have my own date tonight," Sloane wondered off to our bedroom.

She had been drinking steadily all afternoon but wasn't falling down drunk; just like Amanda she'd built a tolerance to the booze.

Amanda led me into her bedroom where my gown and accessories were laid out on the bed.

Sitting on the dressing table was a little roll of cosmetic tape. I hated that little roll of tape; it was a constant reminder to me that I wasn't a real girl but without it, it would be difficult to hide what made me different. Amanda bought it for me ten rolls at a time and I had learned to become adept at tucking and gaffing at very early age.

"Do you want a hand tucking Sarah? This one night you want it to be prefect" Amanda asked.

"Nah, I've got it. Can you just cut me some pieces of tape and hand them to me when I'm ready," I replied.

This may seem strange to most, but being transgendered makes normal what most folks call bizarre.

I pulled off the tank top I had been wearing taking care not to ruin my hair and makeup then I shucked out of my shorts and panties so I was nude. I had only that morning shaved what little body and pubic hair I had and was smooth all over.

I lay flat on the bed and gently pressed each of my testes up inside my body into the inguinal canal and held out my hand so Amanda could pass me the pieces of tape. I taped my scrotum around my penis, then I pushed my penis up and back. Then I took the proffered pieces of tape, each a few inches long, and used it to neatly secure my package.

Amanda opened the packet of expensive, sheer-to-the waist glossy flesh-toned pantyhose and carefully handed them to me so as not to snag them. I remained on my back and slid the cool, sheer nylons up my legs and smoothed the sheer gusset around my buttocks and groin. To me, there is nothing that exceeds the feel of silky nylons against my skin to make me feel feminine.
Then I pulled on the white satin bikini panties and smoothed them out too.

There was no sign of any boy parts; I had a smooth V between my legs that looked just like any girl.

Amanda helped me with the matching padded strapless bra and my foundation garments were completed. Next, Amanda helped me into my backless drop waisted blue satin ball gown and zipped it behind me in the small of my back. I stepped into my blue faux-suede high heels and I looked in Amanda's mirror and was pleased to see the shorter hem at the front of the dress showed off my shapely claves. The satin liner of the bodice felt wonderful against my body and the dress looked magnificent.

Amanda accessorised me with the costume jewellery she had bought which included a small tiara which fitted perfectly with the hairstyle Sloane had given me. She rummaged around in a big drawer and found a nice clutch purse. Then she sprayed me liberally with perfume.

"Baby you look magnificent!" she cried.

She made me pose repeatedly as she took picture after picture with her cheap camera.

"Ok lets go into the lounge and wait for Drew," she almost dragged me out of the bedroom.

"There is no way I'm sitting down in this dress!" I said.

"Of course not darlin' but lets get your nerves settled," she fussed and lit me a cigarette an

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