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Callia's in trouble, can Cooper come to her rescue?


"And?" the interviewer asks.

Emily goes red. "And I relieved tension."

"So. I'd jerked off to my mom in the middle of a church wedding," Mike says sheepishly. "That's one thing off the bucket list."

"The reception was at the Ritz-Carlton, just a couple of blocks away," Bob tells us. "The sun had come out during the receiving line after the ceremony, so we walked with a group of relatives. I had noticed some tension between Emily and Mike during the service, and once it was over they wouldn't even look at each other."

"And you still had no clue it was sexual tension?" the interviewer asks.

"No. It's not like you logically leap to the conclusion that your wife and your son are having problems in their sexual relationship," Bob says a bit harshly. "I thought that it was more of their argument leaking through, and I was getting tired of it. Emily walked at the very front of the family group heading to the reception and Mike walked at the back. We were all heading home the next day and I made up my mind that I was going to lock those two together until they sorted out whatever was bothering them once we got back to Minneapolis."

"There was some time before the reception started," Mike says, "but I didn't have to hang with mom so it was all right. And with the edge taken off I could actually think of other things. It was kind of like a vacation."

"The dinner was lovely," Emily recalls. "The Ritz-Carlton is gorgeous, of course, and the food was wonderful. None of the celebrities had stayed for the reception - no one I recognized, at least - and so it felt like more of a family affair. Although...well, Mike, Bob, Olivia and I were all seated at the same table and there were a few moments of...tension."

"I was to mom's right," Mike says, "and our feet kept meeting under the table. I mean it probably happens all the time to everyone when you have four people eating at a small table, but we were both really noticing it this time. And every time they touched we'd pull back fast and look at each other with the guiltiest expressions. It would have been funny if I had been watching two other people go through it because it was just awkward and stupid and it kept happening over and over again. But it sucked to be the one dealing with it."

"After dinner came the dance," Bob says, "so of course Emily had me out on the floor as soon as she could. I suggested she dance with Mike, and she turned white and said no. So she and I danced almost continuously."

"I watched mom dance with dad," Mike tells us, "and she was hanging all over him, just draped on him in a way she didn't usually do when they danced. And she never even looked at me once, which was as good as staring at me the whole time. Of course I was watching her."

"I knew Mike was watching me," Emily says. "Of course I did. He was making no secret of it. After a little while I realized that I was dancing especially close to my husband. It hadn't been deliberate before then, but it certainly became so once I had realized."

"Why is that?" the interviewer asks.

"Not to make Mike jealous," she answers quickly.

"I don't think she was consciously doing it to piss me off," Mike tells us, "but I think it was definitely a 'This is my man, not you,' kind of thing, and it did make me jealous. I mean, I'd have died of shame and embarrassment if she were hanging off me like that, don't get me wrong, but a part of me was pretty envious, which is why I ended up with Brianna."

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