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Dick for breakfast for Perdita.

Don't look like that. We know it's disgusting. That's why it will be such a challenge for you and so rewarding for us. Of course, Jocelyn is going to be shocked at first and pretend that you're totally sick. I guess we are all pretty sick for thinking this one up. Whose idea was it anyway? Nobody is admitting it. Are you ready Jocelyn? OK, begin."

Nick looked at Winnie and Jocelyn and the others. He looked at Jocelyn's generous breasts which were rapidly rising and falling with her excitement. He felt sick. Up to now, he had been cooperative, but he couldn't stick his tongue in a woman's ass. He made no move to open his mouth.

Then he felt a tug from below and looked down. His testicles were pulled slightly forward again. They looked odd, but he didn't feel uncomfortable. As he watched. they were tugged a couple more times and he saw them swinging back and forth. Then he saw them slowly move further away from his crotch and felt a pulling sensation. They continued to move slowly forward, and he began panting quickly trying to control the feeling of discomfort. Now there was pain, and it was increasing by the second. He was breathing in and out so fast that he felt as though he was ready to faint. Tears were coming out of his eyes and his teeth were clamped together.

Then suddenly, the pain stopped. The string went slack again. He breathed slower as he recovered. He heard Winnie's voice speaking. "OK, begin," she said. He hesitated, and then he felt the string begin pulling forward again, very slowly, not uncomfortable at all yet. "OK," he gasped. "I'm ready. Just give me a second."

"No problem," said Winnie. "Take a few seconds to motivate yourself. We want you to sound really sincere, like you are the biggest perv in the world."

Finally, Nick began, but he was nervous and he rushed his words.

"We need more emotion," said Winnie. "You really have to eat out Jocelyn's ass or you'll die of frustration. Do you understand? You've got to persuade her to open up to your tongue even though she's scared and probably disgusted."

Nick began again, but again he didn't sound like he meant it. There were a couple of hard tugs at the string, and he cried out in pain. "That's how much you are hurting to get into Jocelyn's ass, Nick," prompted Winnie. "Show her how much you're dying to do that."

The third time, Nick took a different approach. He pretended to be shy about asking Jocelyn to give him what he wanted. He looked down and spoke into her lap.

"What did you say, Nick?" said Jocelyn.

He repeated his request.

"I don't think I heard you clearly," said Jocelyn. Nick looked at Winnie and she was nodding up and down, encouraging him, indicating he was on the right track.

"Did you just say what I think you said?" Jocelyn said, sounding slightly taken aback. "Get your face up here and look at me. Now tell me right to my face what you just said."

"Jocelyn, dear, I'm going to die unless you let me push my face between your beautiful round ass cheeks and stick my tongue so far inside that I can taste something sweeter than your mom's apple pie."

"You disgusting animal!" Jocelyn screamed and slapped his face so hard it almost knocked him off the couch.

He jumped up in shock and rubbed his face, feeling the sting of his bruise. "What the hell?" he said and looked angrily at her and then at Winnie, who was laughing.

"That was great," Winnie said. "Sit down, Nick. We wanted to make this realistic, and you and Jocelyn sure did. You spoiled the end of it, because you were supposed to keep on pleading, but we'll fix it up when we edit. Now we're starting a second after she hits you and knocks you away. You are holding your cheek in pain and surprise, but you keep on going, telling her how there's nothing to be ashamed of, how you love every part of her body, that nothing is dirty unless you think it is. And that she's going to feel so special with your tongue inside her, who else would do that for her, who else thinks she's that special? Think of some more stuff like that."


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