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More sexual hijinx with Jeremy and his mom and aunt!

The 18-year-old moaned when his fingers grazed the lips of her cunt and she instinctively nestled into the warmth of his body and spread her legs further to give him full access. He slid his index finger up and down her moistening slit, and then with a bit more pressure, pushed the digit further to the inner lips and her now engorged clitoris. His touch felt like heaven and the wine and grass made all her inhibitions wash away. In the back of her mind she realised that many of the other people were watching her and seeing her wide spread private parts but she did not care.

A middle aged black woman with a strong fit body and a huge Afro ball of frizzy hair styled from in the 1960's, sat on her other side and began slowly massaging her breast. She pulled back Celeste's long hair and nibbled and kissed her ear while telling Celeste how beautiful she was. All this was driving Celeste mad with desire. The woman shifted her hand to the girl's pussy and now both male and female hands were stroking and pleasuring her.

The man took this opportunity to take the teen's hand and bring it to his rather small but rock hard circumcised cock. Celeste massaged it as best she could. The tip had leaked precum and as she had learned, she swirled her thumb over the slick liquid and around the head of the penis. She knew he liked it, when he made low animal noises in his throat. He dipped to her ear and told her to cup his balls. She followed his instructions immediately and found he had a huge set of balls in a hairy sack. This turned Celeste on even more as she rolled the large eggs inside. She sensed the man's sexual frustration since she could not have sex before the midnight ceremony. She offered,

"If you wish, sir, I could pleasure your penis with my mouth."

At this, he pushed her down onto her back on the cool grass and knelt naked with his cock over her face. She leaned up on one arm took his rock hard dick into her mouth as she cupped his hairy balls. As he looked down at her bobbing her head back and forth as she took his manhood into her mouth, he thanks the gods, any god for this moment. With his hands on his hips, he looked around to the people dancing and drumming and saw many of them looking over at him getting the blow job of a lifetime. It made him feel like a real stud. He did not want to cum too quickly so he leaned over and said loudly, so that all the people around could hear.

"Lick my sensitive hairy balls, my dear. That really makes me crazy."

She quickly dove lower and everyone could hear the loud slurping sounds of her efforts. The effect on the crowd was amazing. One could smell a huge odor of sex wash over the group as pussy juice was flowing from hot cunts and precum flowed from erections. A surge of testosterone pumped in the men's veins along with the double dose of Viagra they had taken; to keep their manhood's rigid throughout the night. Bodies started clutching to bodies rocking to the beat of the drums.

As Celeste lay on her back, the black lady had repositioned herself between the teen's legs with her face low and just inches from the student's delicious pussy and on her knees with her own gorgeous ass up high. A young man looked over at this vision and could see the pink slick vagina walls, between the chocolate colored lips of her pussy surrounded by two firm buttocks. He had never fucked a black woman and it gave him an instant woody thinking about it. Little did he know, she was a three term Congresswoman from South Carolina.

The young man moved closer to join the action.

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