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That's what Claire's son deserves.

"Yeah, okay, so that sounds bad," I acknowledged.

"Actually," Anna offered with an ear bent towards the pool. "It sounds splashy. Which is often nice."

"And," Michelle continued. "Someone seems to be using the guest shower. So, that sounds interesting. We do have bath gel in there right?"

"Er, yeah. Glad you're focused on the important things," I said.

"Hospitality is always important, young man," said my suddenly maternal mom.

"Of course," I replied. "And while we have a minute, I think we should think about how these folks figure into our... unusual... relationship. They're going to figure it out. They aren't dumb," I pointed out.

Anna nodded and said, "No, they aren't. Now, Don and Jan are naked and I'm guessing fucking our friends within a week of knowing us and maybe an hour of knowing them, right?"

"Huh. Yeah, that is awfully fast," I agreed.

"And indicates that they are pretty open folks on the sexuality spectrum. If I were guessing."

"Okay," I said. "Granted."

"They have kids, right?"

"Yeah, Don said they'd visit over the holidays so yeah," I answered a little confused.

"Okay, and presumably the kids would swim here with the Johnsons as well?"

"I guess. I can't imagine knowing my neighbors had a pool and not getting to swim in it."

"Right," Mom added for the slow kid in the class. "And we know that Don and Jan are full on naked folks in the pool."

"Since the 70s," Michelle added.

"So, they are fine with their kids seeing them and presumably the Johnsons naked a lot," said the voice of maternal but kinky logic.

"Yeah, Don mentioned that the kids would curtail the drunkenness when they were over here," I answered. Hey, I like to pass exams as much as the next guy.

"So, you've got grown folks who are completely comfortable being naked around their families. You've got horndog folks who jumped at the chance to get naked with you in the pool. And I'm going to bet that Jan was flirting with you like mad, right?"

"Well, a bit."

"So, maybe they aren't schtupping their kids, but I bet they have a wide range of responses to differently characterized relationships," Anna concluded.

"I guess that's possible," I slowly accepted.

Michelle laid her head on my shoulder and quietly added, "And Jo fucked her cousin Audrey for about 4 years on and off. So, I think she's going to be okay."

"What? Is everyone doing this shit?" I said a little too loudly.

"Shit? Well, baby boy if you think this is shit-" Anna snapped.

"No, you know what I mean, I mean-"

"It means he really liked the anal Anna, and could he please have some more," Michelle answered with a very stern look.

They started to giggle and I breathed again.

"Okay, you two. I get it. These folks are clearly not too judgey and might not mind that we have an unusual- Or I guess not so much in your experience- Relationship."

"Right," Michelle said. "So, who's fucking whom around here?"

"Oh shit!" I heard from inside the house. I was guessing it was Jan.

Looking up, she and Jo were rounding the corner and had just figured out that they didn't have the place to themselves.

Jan said, "Gil, I thought you might have rejoined Don and Kate since you didn't stick around with ... uh... Hi, girls!" She attempted to waltz past the oddness of the situation.

The two of them were holding hands and seemed to be slightly moist. Jo had a towel over one shoulder and they were quietly tittering. I guess nothing makes you feel so young as fooling around with kinky strangers.

"No, hon," Anna answered. "He's been out here surveying the orgy that he seems - and it's sweet to realize this- not to have known he was throwing."

"Awww," Joann said. "That is kind of sweet. I mean, I told him that Kate wanted his schlong. I thought that was pretty straightforward. And straightforward is the only way I'm really comfortable using the word straight."

"Now, Jo you know you will fuck a dude in a pinch," Michelle countered.

"Oh, didn't say I wouldn't fuck one.

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