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He Mom & Aunt while pining for his dream girl.

It was quite similar to the first place we had gone except there were more eyes watching us as we headed toward the hall. I knew from the forums I had read that most of the time it was gay men preforming oral on the guys using the holes. I guess if you didn't have to see it, you could make yourself believe it was a girl on the other side of the wall. I wasn't sure how many females were seen coming in here.

Finding an empty viewing room we entered and I locked the door behind us. I had brought quarters this time too, although I didn't think we'd be watching the movies. I loaded up the coin slot and picked a movie at random. The only real furnishings were a white plastic lawn chair (just like last time) and a black rectangular trash can sitting in the corner. The floor did seem a little sticky and a few used condoms hung from the rim of the trash can. The room which again wasn't much bigger then your average bathroom stall had a hole in both side walls perfectly waist high. The movie started and we stood there looking at each other.

Finally I asked in a hushed tone, "Do you want to stay or not?"

"It's not that bad, I guess."

The movie hadn't even been playing for much more then a minute before I noticed movement. Like a mouse poking its head out of its hole, I saw the head of a penis finding its way into our booth.

Charlotte looked at me kinda shocked.

"What, what should I do with it?"

"What do you wanna do with it?"

"Can I touch it?"

I almost laughed.

"Yes you can touch it."

She stepped over and reached out to it like it was a strange dog and you didn't know if it would bite or not. She almost patted it on the head and then she giggled. The cock twitched and seem to harden at her touch. She then ran her fingers down the length of the shaft and the disembodied hard-on jerked up. She giggled again and gripped it like a handle and started jerking the cock.

"Come here," she said, "and take your pants off."

I pulled off my shorts and my boxers and dropped them both on the dingy chair. My own cock was quite hard even though I was witnessing my girl beating off a stranger.

I walked over and my girl grabbed me by my dick and pulled me closer. She had one hand on the strangers dick and one on mine before she licked her lips and slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. I was looking down and noticed that I was within less then a foot of another mans erection. I decided not to dwell and just enjoy what was happening.

My girl had shoved almost my full length into her mouth when she looked up at me and smiled around my shaft. She pulled back off my cock paused and turned her head and started sucking the hard-on in her other hand. She worked her head back and forth never stopping the movement of her hand on my dick. She pulled off and dove back down on me. She looked so hot and she kept looking up at me while jerking both me and the man behind the wall. She took turns alternating a few minutes on me before turning her attention to her new "toy".

After about 15 minutes of taking turns going back in forth; my cock buried down her throat; the strangers dick suddenly convulsed and erupted shooting two ropes of semen into the back of my girls head. The third rope oozed down her pumping hand. Feeling that he had cum she stopped blowing me to watch the final drops of semen emerge from the head as she squeezed his shaft. She began to use his cum as a lubricant on his semi rigid pole, but he jerked and twitched as the stimulus was too much for him. The mystery mans penis quickly withdrew and disappeared.

A look of disappointment crossed her face before she realized that the hole behind us was no longer vacant. A thick heavily veined cock was sticking straight out of the wall.

Charlotte stood up and pulled her skirt off throwing it on the chair with my shorts; all she had on now was a skimpy black thong.

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