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Ada's virginity is taken forcefully.

ot that I ever wanted you for a son-in-law!"

I was pretty much ready to leave after that comment. Until that point I actually believed Christine when she said she forgave me and that she understood about how I reacted the other day. Surely she wasn't suggesting that was to blame for my break up with Jenn?

Suddenly though it became very clear what she meant. I felt her nuzzling the side of my neck with her lips. I craned my head back breathing the sexy heavy scent of her perfumed body. Her short blonde, neatly trussed hair brushed against my cheek and her lips brushed against mine. Gently she placed her lips on mine. My lips instinctively parted and I felt her tongue touch mine. Slowly at first, our tongues mingled and played. The Christine began nipping and pulling on my lips with her teeth and I started feeling a twitch in my pants. The more we kissed the harder my prick was getting.

I slowly slid my chair out form under the table and turned around to face her. It hurt to look at Christine. Her face was the exact image of Jenny's, a bit older, but exactly like her! My love for Jenn has always been that she never ever failed to do it for me sexually! We did so many things together and had so much fun in bed! Right now it was becoming quite obvious that she got everything she's got from her Mom!

"You ok sweetie?" she whispered as we pressed against each other again. Christine took my face in both her hands and kissed me deeply, passionately while I fumbled with the belt that held her bathrobe closed. Gasping with delight as it fell open I was in awe at the sight of her large pendulous breasts and her big soft, sexy tummy.

Eagerly I took one of her large, hard raspberry-pink nipples into my mouth and sucked on it like the hungry sex starved baby I was. Christine moaned out loud with pleasure. Every once in a while she'd yelp and shout out loud, scaring me half to death at first. It seemed the more vocal she got the harder my sucking and nibbling got. I was blown away by her body! I'd always had a thing for larger women, women with lot's of meat on their bones and though Jenny had been a big girl she was almost a waif in comparison to her gorgeous Mother!

"Let's go to the bedroom," she whispered. I didn't say a word but allowed her to lead me upstairs. When we reached the top of the landing I saw that the door to Jenn's room was slightly ajar. I couldn't resist taking a peek inside. I noticed it was exactly the same as it was before we split up.

I suppose it was stupid of me, but I pretty mush dragged Christine into Jenn's room. She looked uneasy when she realized what I had in mind, but we were both so damn horny, too horny to stop. The thought of getting it on with my ex-girlfriend's Mom in the very same room, and bed that we used to make out on was a huge turn on!

Slowly she peeled off her robe letting it fall to the floor, fully exposing her pale white body to me in all it's womanly glory! She stood there and let me run my hot horny hands all over the expanse of her soft creamy flesh.

I have this thing for big asses too, and Christine's ass was my idea of heaven! Large, firm and supple, yet soft and slightly dimpled. Anxiously I fell to my knees and got behind her. Gently I pulled her warm ass cheeks apart. Kissing her soft warm buns I slowly trailed my tongue down the crack to her warmest spots. Christine sighed deeply and then moaned with pleasure. I lingered at her anus, licking and poking at her tight hole with my out stretched tongue. I could feel her twitching and shivering as I replaced my tongue with my finger. She leaned forward and my finger slide easily into her slick asshole. I teased her a little, tickling her pussy with my other hand while I tantalized her ass with my finger. My cock stood straight up in my lap like a quivering flag pole in the wind.

I stuck one finger, and then two fingers into her into her drooling snatch and starting shoving them in and out of her slippery hole rapidly, giving her a taste of what was yet to come.

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