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The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Lauren was coming back into the room in a bit of a daze, paddle and toy in her hands, red scarf around her neck. I scooted the loveseat away from the wall and placed it so it was facing the group.


Lauren just looked at me with eyes like saucers. "Place the paddle and toy on the chair, take off your clothes except for the scarf, putting them off to the side of the room, then stand there until you're told what to do next. I'm explaining this in more detail because I'm assuming that's the only reason you haven't followed instructions already."

And so she stripped, slowly peeling her clothes off, effortlessly sensual. After stepping out of her panties, Lauren took the pile of clothes to the side of the room and sat on the loveseat, putting the paddle and vibrator in her lap.

"I didn't tell you to sit, Lauren." She stood with a jerk, face flushed. "You've really lost your composure tonight; it looks like I need to instill that back in you."

I looked to our friends, shifting slightly on the sofa, more from arousal and anticipation than anything else. "You have to understand that Lauren's normally a very good girl. It's just sometimes she needs more discipline than others. Tonight is going to be another part of her training and you get to watch how much of a good girl she can be." I paused for a moment. "Turn around slowly for our guests, pet."

I sat down in the middle of the loveseat as she finished displaying herself and indicated that she needed to assume her training position. She was on her elbows and knees on the loveseat, nipples barely grazing the fabric, head up, perfectly round ass high in the air. I smacked each cheek twice, reveling in the sound. I just rubbed Lauren's ass for a short while instead of continuing the spanking. In her impatience, she started to wiggle her ass slightly; I could let that go. It was her insistent whimpering for more in front of our guests that wasn't acceptable right now.

"Lauren, why are you wearing the red scarf?"

After a few seconds of silence, Lauren received three quick smacks on each cheek, much harder than her usual "play" smacks. I received no response afterward and leveled three more smacks on each cheek, leaving the skin red with my handprints. More silence followed, along with three more hard smacks on each cheek. However, her haughtiness and impatience had been replaced by perfect posture, straining to maintain stillness. I glanced up to see four sets of hands roaming all over each other. Everyone was letting their hands run free, eyes glued to Lauren and her demure sexiness.

"Sir?" Lauren's voice was a whisper. "Sir, I'm wearing the red scarf because it's my training scarf. It's the one I wear when I have a lesson to learn or revisit for the evening."

I looked at her and smiled. On the couch, clothes were all half-undone, the foursome jerking off either themselves, each other, or both. The sounds were soft, slow, wet, and unmistakable. Lauren's ass was hot from the spanking she had received, but her arousal was even greater. I dipped a pair of fingers inside her for a moment, easily sliding in and feeling her grip me. As I pulled my glistening fingers from between her legs, our guests made an audible gasp as I smeared Lauren's arousal over her bright red cheeks.

"And what's your lesson for tonight, precious?" I slid two fingers inside her again, thumb rubbing firmly against her clit.

Lauren gasped, but hoarsely whispered, "I need to learn control."

I smacked her ass once, but hard enough to jolt her body forward. "What kind of control?"

"S-s-self...control." Lauren's arousal was freely flowing over my fingers by now and she was fighting through her erotic haze just to answer coherently.

"Very good, precious. And since you haven't been good at controlling yourself tonight, I need to make sure that you remember how."

Reaching next to us, I grabbed Lauren's new favorite toy, a small g-spot vibrator.

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