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Married couple's evolution of sex.

The steel was slightly cool, but Anna had lubed it well, and with practiced ease, she slowly slid the instrument home. A quick couple of turns and Jane felt her pussy start to spread, and she colored slightly, as the rush of cool air hitting her cervix triggered a reaction.

The slight ache from being spread, and the cool air deep inside where it shouldn't be had a familiar effect on her, and she felt her pussy walls start to juice up, even as blood rushed into her labia and clitoris.

The combined effects of whatever drug they were pumping into her, and the intense way they were peering deep inside her most private of places, had the effect of arousing her, even as part of hr mind was desperately trying not to respond. The more she tried not to get aroused, the more she actually it. It was like trying not the think of an elephant after being told not to.

Jane let out a low groan of anticipation as she felt Anna's fingers slide into her, exploring her stretched open pussy, stroking the upper walls, all around her G spot.

"Hmm" the man said, "She's a perfect candidate for a Princess Albertina, go ahead Anna" and with that Anna started to sort out her instruments.

Jane's next memory was when Anna deftly slipped a piercing clamp into her urethra, the shock of an object, any object slipping into her pee hole caused her to try to bold upright, but the restraining straps prevented any effective movement by her.

Her eye's watered as the clamp was tightened, the pain so intense it was like a bolt of lightning, so intense in fact that she didn't notice as Anna quickly and expertly pierced her urethra, driving the needle into the waiting piece of cork she'd placed inside her vagina.

Jane watched intently as Anna held up a small, heavy looking ring, before her hands disappeared from view. There was a brief moment of being stretched and then Anna triumphantly announced "Done, her Albertina is in place."

After that Jane didn't remember too much, the fresh drugs in her system saw to that.

Her next real memory was of her training, the diabolical training that had swapped one addiction for another.

They'd swapped the gynecological table for an almost normal bed, normal apart from the fact that she was tied down, thick leather straps around her shoulders and hips, leaving her arms and legs free to thrash around. She couldn't complain effectively due to the ball gag they'd fitted into her mouth, stretching her jaw wide open.

Jane immediately tried to undo the straps, only to realize that they'd bound hr hands in mittens, her fingers wrapped around a soft rubber ball, before being taped up, leaving her hands effectively useless.

Beside her bed was a nurse, who said "There, there Dear, your rehab program is about to start, and we're sure we'll cure your addiction," and with that she reached down and pressed a hidden button.

Immediately, Jane felt her labia part as a dildo was slowly slid into her, startling her, and making her gasp around her gag as the rubber intruder slipped past her new Princess Albertina.

The feeling as her urethra was slightly tugged as the dildo was an incredibly new feeling, something that she'd never experienced before, and it caused her to release a flood of her juices.

The dildo was angled slightly, so that it just caught her G spot as is slid in, the little ridges catching her urethral ring, causing it to turn in her new piercing, sending incredible feelings rushing through her. Jane couldn't believe it, here she was, strapped down, and despite the fact that they were abusing her, her body was betraying her by responding to the most intense feelings she'd ever felt.

As the dildo slowly picked up pace, sliding deep into her before pulling out, it not only caught her G spot, but her ring, tugging on her urethra, sending wave after wave of heat through her body.

After only a couple of minutes of this, Jane found herself trying to thrust with her hips, trying to force the machine to fuck her as she needed, but the straps effectively stopped

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