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She is restrained, used and left,; satisfied, but wondering.

Canvases, pastels, brushes, cups, paints, and pallettes litter the floor. You turn off both lamps before flipping the overhead light off and stepping out.

You smile and walk to our bedroom, opening the door with your foot. A handful of red candles are flickering on the dresser and the mirror above reflects my face. I have one arm draped above my head and my hair is fanned out across the pillows. My eyelashes rest on my cheeks, casting half moon shadows on my face in the flickering light. You pause and look at me pensively. I shift and murmur your name, clutching a pillow to me tightly. The blankets slip off me as I shift and the swell of one creamy breast becomes noticeable. You close your eyes and groan softly before slipping off your clothes. You slide into bed beside me, tugging the pillow out of my grasp.

I protest softly in my sleep and you pull me to you, covering my mouth with your own. I melt in your arms, my soft, warm skin brushing yours. My eyes sleepily drift open and I gaze up at you.


You smile and press a kiss to my temple before pulling me tighter against your chest. "Time to go to sleep, babe. Its late."

I nod sleepily and yawn. "I love you, Max."

You brush my hair out of my face and I snuggle against you. "I love you too, princess." I yawn again and my eyes close as my head rests on your chest and my fingers weave through yours. You stroke my hair as you feel me fall asleep, staring off in the distance. Sleep soon overtakes you and you give in.


You groan softly and roll your hips against the feeling. Your hands tremble and tug at the sheets for a moment until the feeling subsides.

You open your eyes to see me kneeling on the bed beside you, stroking your dick softly. I grin cheekily and you growl before lunging at me and kissing me. You tangle your fingers through my hair as we kiss. You lick my lips hungrily and I gasp softly, giving your tongue entrance into my mouth.

I sigh softly and press against you. You tip my head back and nip at my throat. My eyes spark and my pupils dilate as I become more and more aroused. I lean forward and bite your neck as you bite mine, my teeth scraping against the smooth skin. You growl loudly and flip us over so that you are straddling me.

I gaze at you, wide eyed, and you chuckle darkly. You reach for my hands and pull them above my head, then reach for the cuffs that we keep hooked onto the bed frame just for this reason. They are a mixture of leather and sleek metal so they won't chafe my skin. You snap them shut with a click and I moan softly as the sound and feel of them make me so much wetter.

You run your hands along my bare skin, raising goose bumps and elicitating several loud sighs from me. You slide your hands beneath me and cup my ass. I raise my hips for you and you gently kiss my knees. You begin to trail soft kisses up my inner thighs until you reach my aching pussy. At this point, I am soaking wet and moaning, writhing beneath your ministrations. You glance into my eyes and kiss my pussy, then pull away and sit up.

"What do you want, princess?" you ask.

I moan unintelligbley and wiggle.

You shake your head. "No, no, no, babe. You know better. Tell me what you want."

I bite my lip. "I want you to fuck me."

You pause, then shake your head. "Nope."

I groan softly. "Why?"


"Please, please, please fuck me. I want you so bad right now, please." I gasp out as you begin to trace my lips, dipping your fingers into my pussy.

"Not good enough," you chuckle as you lean forward and bite my collarbone.

"I want you to fuck me, master! Please, I need it!"


I begin to chant my mantra.

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