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"Morning Mark. Want some breakfast?"

"Yes please."

She served me a plate of eggs, sausage, and bacon. Thank God it seemed like she didn't know what happened. If she didn't know my dad didn't know.

I don't know why I was thinking they would know, I'm just paranoid. My mom tells my dad everything, vice versa. I started eating when my dad walked into the kitchen.

"Morning honey."

He said to my Mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning Mark. What time did you get back last night?" He said sitting at the table.

"Around 12." I said probably a little to quick.

"Really? Then what was all that noise in the morning around 4?" He said with raised eyebrows.

I knew I was caught already so I just told him.

"I was at a party and got home late."

My dad looked at me sternly,

"well don't do it again."

"Yes sir."

I ate my breakfast with my parents while they talked to each other. When I finished I put my plate in the sink, said by and walked out the house.

So I started skating towards the park. To get there I had to pass by Alex's house. Passing by I could see his garage door open and his workout equipment but no Alex.

I got to the park about 10 minutes later and saw that there were a couple locals. I skated up to them to say what's up.

"Yo, what's up?"

None of them looked at me except one.

"Why the fuck are you talking to us you fucking faggot?"

I just looked at them shocked for second.

"Are you fucking deaf!?"

He said and stood up.

"No, no my bad."

I said and got on board and skated away. Best to just avoid any beating I can. After that happened I didn't feel like skating anymore so I headed home sad again.

Passing by Alex's house I saw him working out but he was facing the other way so I was sure he couldn't see me. Then I noticed the mirror and that's when he turned and saw me.

"Hey!" He yelled.

I turned from him and skated home as fast as I could. I didn't know what Alex wanted but how he reacted the night before made me not want to know.

When Monday came around I desperately did not want to go to school. There's was no way I could avoid it though, so I went.

Through out the day I got nothing but stares and insults from the other students. Not one person made an effort to talk to me. I just ignored everyone and did my work to get the day done.

When the last bell of the day rang for us to leave I quickly got up to leave. I headed for my bus not looking at anyone just focused on going home.

I had my headphones on so I could drown out all the other students. When I was walking through my schools courtyard to get to the buses someone grabbed my shoulder turned me around and punched me in the face. I fell to the floor holding my nose in pain. I looked up and it was Alex.

"Don't ever fucking walk by my house again!"

Immediately I got up and ran to prevent and further damage. He didn't chase me. I got on the bus and went to the way back. My nose was hurting badly, somehow it wasn't bleeding.

When I got home my dad was sitting in the living room with the house phone in his hand. He was just starting at the carpet not moving. I slowly walked up to him,

"Dad, are you alright?"

He slowly looked up at me with a strange look in his eye. Then he said,

"Your friend Alex called."

I just stood there shocked. He was starting me in the eye. I knew I had to say something.

"Dad i-"

He stood up and slapped me hard making me fall to the ground.

"Don't fucking call me that! I'm not your dad."

He said that and walked to the front door with his car keys. Before he walked out he turned and said,

"You better not be here when I get back!"

Then he slammed the door and left. I had no idea when he would be back. So I immediately went and packed a bag. I had saved up 100$ recently for a new skateboard, but now I had to use it for this.

When I was all packed up I looked at my skateboard and wondered if I should take it. I loved skateboarding, but at the moment I did not see any good coming out of it so I left it behind.

I walked out my house with a back pack full of clothes an

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