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I completely trusted my instinct to kiss him, first tenderly, and then with the deep passion that comes from pure lustful hunger.

"You taste as good as you look," he whispered, as he gently but firmly pulled my damp hair back to kiss my neck hungrily.

I melted into him, pressing my wet breasts against his chest and realising that the cold water had made my nipples hard and erect. He must have picked up on this, as his attention shifted from my neck to my large, exposed breasts, with their hard pink nipples just dying to be kissed and fondled.

"Oh my God, you have the most amazing tits!"

I slapped him playfully on the bottom, as if to rebuke him, but he knew that I liked the compliment, as I did not stop exploring his lips, tongue, teeth and mouth with mine. I kissed him with the kind of utter abandon that I had not felt, since, oh God, I could not even remember, nor did I care. I was completely in the moment and it felt incredible.

His lips were soft and yielding and I explored his mouth with flicking, darting movements of my tongue. I pressed myself harder against him and with one hand on his taught arse, and one cradling his tousled hair, I totally immersed myself in his taste and smell. My body could not get enough of him, and as the sky darkened and the moon rose, we continued kissing and caressing, enjoying every new sensation as if it was the first time either of us had been touched.

The cool water lapped against us and as our kisses and caresses became more urgent, he slid his hand down to my panties and tugged forcefully to get them down. "I want you," he murmured in my ear, his wet lips nibbling my lobe and his hot breath driving me insane with animal lust.

"I want to feel you, I want to have you now."

I was out of my mind with passion. I WANTED him to have me. I wanted to give myself to him and feel my wetness around his hard cock, which had been pressing against me, tantalising me for what seemed like hours.

He expertly pushed me up against the steps that led into the pool and pulled my panties down. I eased them off and they floated off into the skimmer box. 'Oh well, I'll fetch them later,' I casually thought, my mind on other things.

Now, I was totally naked, and it felt fantastic. Tom wasted no time, and reaching for my bottom, he pulled me to him so that my waiting pussy was pushed hard against his erection. I gasped and flung my head back as his fingers traced their way up my back to my neck, pulling me toward him so that he could kiss my neck.

His mouth expertly moved its way down to my waiting erect nipples and he cupped each breast as he lovingly kissed them both in turn. He stopped for a moment, gazing in what seemed to be total awe at the sight of me before him, before he smiled.

"Oh, Steph, I know you won't believe this, but I have never done this before. I assure you. I just could not resist you."

I pulled back slightly and cocked my head to one side. "Oh really? I bet you say that to all the girls!" I knew he was telling the truth and he knew that I trusted him.

"I want you so much, Steph, I cannot hold off. Do you want me to?"

How lovely that he stopped to ask, though he already knew the answer, and so did I. "I want to feel you, every inch of you, inside me," I moaned, reaching down to guide him into me.

"Oh Jesus, yes!!" he moaned in return as he slid into me, feeling me clench responsively.

"Oh, YESSSSS! Oh God, that feels SOOOO good, yes, yessss!" My wetness surrounded him and the feeling of his hard cock moving rhythmically within me was pure ecstasy.

He kissed me deep and hard as he fucked me, the water splashing around us as he did so. "That feels bloody terrific," he told me in between his kisses.

He slowed his rhythm and I clenched my pelvic floor muscles tight around him. "Oooooh yes, you feel so tight. My God I can't wait much longer....will you come with me if I hold off for a bit longer?" he asked, considerately.

"Hmmmmm, you might have t

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