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Steve has to rest up and then wants to give Sara some more.

He smiled at his own sneaky intelligence as he sat there and rocked in his chair. Then he got another beautiful idea!

The next day Ron approached Sam as he sat alone in the cafeteria.

"Hey big guy!" Ron said as he sat down across from him with his own tray of food, "What's new?"

Sam only looked up at Ron quickly before he spoke.

"Not much. You?"

There was no mistaking the new cold edge to Sam. Ron knew that wouldn't last much longer.

"Well...I got some weird news today." Ron began, "One of the security guys came to me and told me he had tape of some suspicious activity in one of the storage rooms last night."

Sam looked up from his food at this point as if he had just seen a vampire.

"What?" he replied.

Ron relished his new concerned expression.

"Yeah, seems two employees were going at it!" Ron said, banging his fist into his palm several times.

Sam's face fell like a rock.

"Wow." he managed to say flatly.

"Yeah, so I convinced the security guy to hand the tape over to me for further investigation." Ron continued.

"Oh really?"

"Yup! And I must admit, it was an eye opener!" Ron exclaimed.

Ron had all of Sam's attention now. He saw anger in his face, but an equal amount of fear.

"What the fuck is this all about?" Sam asked him hotly.

"Okay, here it is. I'm a little annoyed about the way Abal dumped me." Ron admitted to him candidly, "And also this whole anal sex thing!"

Sam's face reddened.


"I want you to bring her to the supervisor's office tonight and do it with her there." Ron told him.


"Hey, it's a far sight better than the damned storage room! Show the girl some respect!" Ron taunted.

"Are you crazy?"

"Hey, you were the one who had the idea to have sex with her in the office! Am I the one who's crazy? No."

Sam stared at him for a minute and then shook his head.

"You fucking prick! Okay, so we do it in this office. Then what?"

Sam's quick agreement only confirmed Ron's conviction that he was just using Abal for a quick thrill.

"I watch." Ron informed him.

"You watch!"

"Yes, there's a closet in that office where I can sit and watch you. She won't know."

Sam shook his head again and smiled sardonically.

"Okay, so we do it, and you watch, and then what?"

"You get the security video from last night. That simple."

"Yeah, okay, and how do I know you even have a tape?" Sam challenged.

"Sam, the people in this video were having anal sex. You do know that's a felony in this state?"

"Fuck you, Ron!"

"No Sam, fuck her! That's what you need to do. Tonight! Be there with her at seven." Ron instructed briskly, "I'll be there watching so make it good! Think about your career! Any other questions?"

Sam wiped his mouth quickly with his napkin and let it drop to his tray.

"You must really hate this bitch!" he conjectured.

Ron only smiled.

"No. I just like to watch!"

That night in the supervisor's office the show went off without a hitch! Sam positioned Abal on a cozy office chair with a perfect profile view from the closet.

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