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He offered thirty, but I knew that I needed another $165.00 and I was starting to run out of clothes so I pushed for sixty. He exclaimed that no T-shirt was worth $60.00. We went back and forth and settled on $45.00. Now I had $80.00 on the counter and I was down to bra and panties.

Then the bell on the front door tinkled. I was too afraid to look. I thought about who it might be, the police, my Dad, someone from school. Oh, shit. I almost collapsed from relief when Mr. Gold announced it was only the wind. The wind sometimes did that, but good grief it picked a heck of a time for a reminder.

Looking directly at Mr. Gold, I asked him what he'd offer me for my bra. He had me walk closer while he pretended to be examining it to prolong my agony and eventually said he go $40.00.

A little quick mental arithmetic told me that I would still be $80.00 short, so I said I wanted $70.00 because I knew he would want to haggle. He did and we settled on $55.00. I unclipped my bra and forced myself to set it on top of my other clothes.

I was on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I was so scared. I mean here I was standing in a store that was open for business and my boobs were totally exposed to my boss. The next minute my whole body was quivering from the excitement.

Now all I had left was my panties and I was still $65.00 short. At that point the doorbell tingled again. I assumed it was the wind again, but Mr. Gold shocked the hell out of me when he asked whoever had come in whether we could be of any help.

I was too terrified to look. I heard a male voice respond, 'no thanks, just looking.' My mind screamed "What is he 'just looking' at?

Slowly, almost as if afraid my body might crick and draw attention, I turned my head. There was a stranger standing on the door side of the golf equipment rack looking down at the clubs. Since I could see him I knew that he could see me if he glanced up, what a show he was going to get.

I silently pleaded that he wouldn't. He moved around to the other side of the display without lifting his eyes. Apparently he didn't see anything that interested him because he stepped around the end of the rack and headed for the door.

After he left I took my first breathe since he entered. Turning back to Mr. Gold I saw that he was ecstatic. This was a good time to hit him with my final request.

"How much for my panties?" I asked. He didn't respond immediately. Instead he counted the money on the counter top. And he counted really slowly. It came to $135.00. He told me that he knew I needed another $65.00 and he was prepared to pay that for my panties, but with a condition. And what was that I inquired. He replied that I would have to take the trash out in my birthday suit.

He knew he had me over a barrel. Without the other $65.00 I couldn't get the dress so either I agreed to his condition or I had just risked some strange man seeing me topless for nothing.

I agreed reluctantly, but got him to agreed that I could put my shoes back on in case of broken glass in the alley. My panties joined the rest of my clothes and I put on my sneakers. I couldn't believe I had agreed to go outside naked. Granted the chances of anyone being in the alley was slim, but my plans hadn't included any public nudity.

I headed for the back of the store to get the trash. Just as I got to the curtained doorway leading into the back, he told me not to forget the basket up front.

As matter of fact, I had. I ran to the front of the store where we keep a trashcan for customer use, picked off the top, pulled out the bag, put the top back and turned for the rear of the store. Uh-uh he called. You have to put in a new bag. Oh, damn. Fortunately we keep extra bags in the bottom of the can.

Jeez. I was standing in clear view of the street in my birthday suit.

I picked the top back off, got out a bag, put it in place and replaced the top.

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