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Mom and Mindy get ready for a night out...


"Fuck you, Mike, just fuck you," Nick replied, and yanked the ice pack away from him. "You'll be fine, suck it up you pussy."

Mike had been on the receiving end of months of actually pretty covert bullying from Nick; the footballer not wanting to draw the attention of being a gay-basher away from the fact he was a bit of a stud, had a big dick and a reputation with the ladies. Until now, he'd taken it because he got it from elsewhere. But he'd seen Nick's gentler side in some situations, and he knew if he just kept at it, the truth would soon come out.

'How did he know he was gay?' I hear you ask.

Simple, really.

Nick had had gay sex.

But nobody knew about it except Nick, the guy who had enjoyed Nick's large, thick penis in his mouth and ass, and that guy's best friend... Mike DiMarco; a guy who had watched from behind a tree, just away from the secluded forest setting where this encounter had taken place.

Nick didn't know Mike knew, and didn't know of his ex-lover and Mike's pre-existing relationship; part-time lovers whenever one got a weekend free from UCLA and another from Oregon State. Mike was prepared to bring that to the table, but not quite yet. He wanted Nick to admit it, and to come out all by himself with as little coercion as possible.

But anyway, back to the conversation, and Mike snapped.

Nick received a taste of his own medicine as Mike swung his left fist across Nick, hitting him so purely on the nose, he knew Nick might be harder to repair than him.

"Here, pinch and tilt," Mike said, slamming an ice pack into Nick's stomach as he nursed a bleeding and possibly broken nose. This would see him out of important games for the next month, and he was definitely pissed about that. But at least that punch had awoken him from some misguided opinions about Mike. Mike hoped.

"Good punch you got there."

"Gee, thanks. Wish I could play football," he said, looking towards the showers. "So many hot naked male bodies underneath that shower."

"Well, I'd prefer the cheerleaders' dressing room, but that's just me."

"No, it's not. You talk good game, Nick Jackman, but you're as gay as I am." Mike smiled as if he'd had a brilliant idea. "Don't mind me," he said, taking off his top to reveal a tanned and toned stomach, "I'm going to check out the facilities."

Nick was impressed by the physique, but would only admit to that being because he appreciated another male's fitness due to his being a sportsman.

Mike took off his shoes, stuffed his socks in them, and then undid his belt. Nick went to speak, but Mike told him not to and strangely enough, he did as he said. Mike's faded jeans hit the floor to reveal tight boxers hugging a large package. Nick visibly panted, and Mike smiled before moving slowly towards him and sensually tugging the white material slowly down.

And Nick cracked.

As soon as the large semi-erect penis was exposed along with the shaved pubes and balls, Nick threw the ice pack away, grabbed it and just shoved it hard into his mouth.

Mike groaned as his cock grew to a full erection in Nick's mouth, and the newest homosexual on the block hungrily sucked it; grabbing the foreskin and moving it back and forth as he licked and sucked the beautiful bellend of this athletic looking and very attractive so-called nerd.

Mike stroked Nick's hair, and he moaned in pleasure, still sucking hard on the cock in his mouth, and then just stopping. Just as Mike was about to reprimand Nick for hesitating and denying his true sexuality, and maybe spill about him knowing Nick's little secret, Nick stood up and removed his t-shirt before slowly moving against Mike.

Chemistry began and sparks flew; brain signals flying from their eyes to their dicks to tell them this was what was right, and that this had to happen. And they embraced by their arms, naked chests and tongues; both men kissing passionately in the middle of the locker room.

Mike didn't want to wait anymore for a man he knew he wanted, and reached between them to jimmy open Nick's belt, whip it off, unzip his jeans and t

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