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Jennifer gets into a heap of trouble.

But here, a sheep in the lion's den? No, Kara didn't belong here. She was a low level medic for fuck's sake! She was barely military!

In her state of near panic, Kara didn't realize that she was being eyed by one of the prospective buyers, and jumped slightly when she saw him. He was a short man, maybe even shorter than Kara, with ink black hair and equally black eyes, wearing a green military uniform. He continued to stare at Kara, but not with lust or malice. He looked....confused, as if reaching into a foggy memory whose details had become blurred. Deliberately, the man stepped toward Kara and gripped her face in his hands, not allowing her to turn away.

"Ummm," Kara tried, nervously. "Can I help you?" She couldn't resist. There was just something odd about letting a man grab your face without at least trying to figure out why.

The man let go, stepped back, and pondered a bit, still eerily staring. Then, he stopped. His face lit up with sudden recognition, and a triumphant grin crossed over his face. "You're that explosives girl," he said, first unsure, then confident. "Yes, yes! The girl from the train!"

"I think you have the wrong person..." Kara cried, afraid she'd bare the brunt of someone else's escapades, then stopped mid thought. This man did look slightly familiar, and in a sudden rush, the memory came flooding back to the forefront of Kara's mind...


"Who here can shoot a gun?" Elandra asked.

Once, Elandra's medical unit had been gifted a few soldiers, to protect the high school where they'd hastily put together a half-assed sort of hospital. But Isleydor's forces had almost over taken the city. The south side was gone, and the west side as well. If General Tamius Sue were to hold onto Gardok's east side, she would need every man available. And that meant taking away what little protection Elandra's unit had held dear. Now, the medical team was all alone, hunched in the basement of the school as air raids from above shook the ground. The afternoon clean up would be brutal, as usual, and with medical supplies running low, Kara doubted most of her patients would survive. Exasperated, she tried focusing on Elandra and whatever else the Commanding Medic had in mind.

"Come on, don't be shy. Who here can shoot a damn gun?" Elandra demanded, impatient.

A few medics raised their hands wearily, and Kara raised her hand as well. Elandra didn't ask if she could shoot a gun well, only if she could shoot one at all. And, although Kara didn't have a particularly violent nature, her Uncle Florence had insisted she learn to shoot. As one of Calihistra's foremost Weapons Specialists, he'd demanded it once the war began, even if her parents, both medics and pacifists, protested.

"Alright, then." Elandra skimmed her unit carefully. "Trundle & Caseway, after the raids are over, head upstairs. There's some artillery in the cafeteria we've been gifted. It isn't much, so use it sparingly, okay? Your new job is to protect this hospital with everything you've got, and only after are you to work with patients."

"But, Commander, we need every man working on medical duty if we are going to save these people..." Trundle began, nervously.

Elandra hit the back wall with her fist in a fury, shutting Trundle's protests down. These days, the tiniest hint of insolence could set Commander Elandra off. "If all our stable patients die because of an attack, all our work is out the window. We can't save everyone, and you need to get that through your thick skull. Do I make myself clear, Trundle?"

"Yes, mam. Absolutely." Trundle fidgeted nervously with his hat and averted his eyes, opting to stare into the concrete of the ground.

"Okay, then. Who here has experience with explosives?"

This time, Kara was the only one to raise her hand.

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