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You relax among the falling leaves.

It was bustling with business people, scurrying around for this convention and whatever else business people do in hotels in the middle of the day. No one looked like they were there for sex -- not even me. I didn't want to dress like a hooker, so Chuck and I agreed I'd come in boring dress slacks and a white blouse under my raincoat. I looked like some lawyer's paralegal or something, I figured.

Dreamy Chuck saw me before I saw him, he approached me from behind and goosed my butt through my thin coat. "Hiya doll," he said confidently, putting an arm around me, smiling at the face he only saw in my emails and online pictures. "I'm so excited you came to meet me, you have no idea how excited I am."

"Oh, is that right." A glance to his crotch, sporting a prodigious bulge, confirmed what he told me. "Hmm, well we're going to have to do something about that excitement then, aren't we?"

It was like we were old friends, or longtime lovers, even though we'd only met online about two weeks earlier. He took my hand, we kissed hello on the lips, we went off to the lobby to sit for a bit. He had to make a couple work phonecalls, so I sat there on a comfortable chair next to him, people-watching while he babbled corporate speak into his phone. Then, ten minutes later, he put his phone away, winked at me, and asked, "So -- are you hungry for lunch? Or -- well you tell me what you want to do?"

Smirking, seeing him checking out my petite eye-popping figure in my clothing, I was sexually aggressive from the outset. I loved that there were no pretenses; we both knew why we were there. "I want," I said slowly, drawing it out quietly, playfully, "is for you to take me up to your hotel room, strip me, and fuck my savagely all afternoon."

So, he did.

We weren't alone on the elevator ride up to the 35th floor, but it was charged nonetheless. We held hands, then he stood behind me and ground his bulging crotch against my lower back. I had to bite my tongue, force myself not to moan. I tickled him as he tried to unlock his room, he tickled me back there in the hallway, it was pretty silly of us. Then, a moment later, we were behind a closed, locked hotel room door, totally alone for the rest of the day.

Chuck pushed me to my knees, I was still clothed, removing only my raincoat. Standing in front of me, his big paws clutching my long hair and skull, he rubbed his penis through his pants against my face. I felt the hardness, I could small it too, I wanted it so bad. I looked up at him diffidently, letting him rub against my face, until finally he let me unzip his pants, unfasten his belt, take his shoes off, and pull down his slacks and underwear.

"Mmm, gawd your cock is hot," gasped the married slut on her knees, gripping his boner as soon as it popped free, stroking it to draw out more precum. I tasted the pointy head of the ultra fat shaft, I couldn't get my fist around its thick base. It was love at first sight of his erection. "Fuck I love your dick!" I slurped it, licked and kissed it, sucked it a little, letting his fuck my mouth as I kept looking up at his friendly, smiling face. "Mmm, how many married women have gotten to suck 'n fuck this cock? Besides your wife, of course?"

The stud snickered. "A lot -- dunno, twenty? Something like that." He groaned in satisfaction, seeing his penis inside my wet, hungry mouth. "But you're the prettiest, I'm serious, you're gorgeous, Melanie." He licked his lips and grunted. "How many men have you fucked behind your husband's back?"

I paused, wanting to lie and sound experienced, not wanting to say he was just the second in person. I thought about Adam and other men through the cellphone and Skype, and other men I met online who just got cyber or phone out of me. "A few," I giggled, blushing as I looked up at him. "A girl isn't supposed to kiss and tell?"

He was removing his clothing, leaving himself only in black socks, otherwise totally nude, with just a gold chain around his thin neck.

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