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Two women meet and begin a highly erotic, relationship.

At home, Sai carried Anaya to the couch with his hands softly caressing the wonderous curvature of her hips. Anaya fell asleep and Raja was passed out in the bedroom after another day of self-imposed toil.

Sai marvelled at Anaya's chest heaving with each breathe. Cautiously, he pulled out his straining member from his underwear and stood over his sleeping mother. His cock was aching in his hand and already leaking precum. Sai ground his meat against his mother's saree covered tits, his cock lightly slapping the top of her swelling tit flesh, while dribbling precum all over them. The whiteness of his seed against his mother's brown pillows was a sight he would treasure.

Sai needed to go further and pulled Anaya's saree down by her shoulders, leaving only a straining white bra in his way to heaven. Anaya's nipples were hard and prominent through the material. Sai jabbed each nipple with the head of his erection and tried to catch each nub within the slit of his cock. His precum moistened the bra around her areolae until they were almost transparent. My fat cock is smearing your big nipples mother, look how hard they are for me, he thought.

Sai then cupped Anaya's bra-clad tits and made them bounce and quake. The crashing waves of his mother's undulating titties in the confines of her bra mesmerized him. His father was a fool and he was going to claim his teasing mother for his own pleasure, thought Sai thoroughly enjoying himself. Anaya moaned Sai's name in her sleep, momentarily alarming him, and he ceased fondling her. It quickly dawned on Sai that his mother was thinking of him. After that near escape and with the greatest reluctance, Sai fixed his mother's saree and wiped away his precum, but not before taking a few pictures.

The following day, Anaya was still asleep, while Sai ate breakfast with a big smile on his face. Raja failed to notice his son was unusually happy to see him and announced that he would be attending a business conference for a few days. Sai couldn't believe that he had received succour from his no-good father. Raja told Sai to inform his mother and rushed off to work without breakfast.

When Anaya awoke, she was hungover to such an extent that she swore off drink for the time being and Sai breathed not a word of the business trip. Sai formulated his stratagem; since Raja always came home late he could take his father's place next to his lovely mother. Sai was full of anticipation as he performed all his mother's household chores, so she could rest easy. Anaya thanked heaven for granting her a wonderful son and remarked that he would make a woman very happy one day. Anaya's thoughts drifted to the dream she had of Sai groping her last night; it had seemed so vivid and real, which frightened and aroused her in equal measure.

That night, Sai crept into his parent's darkened bedroom in only his boxers. He could make out his mother's cock stiffening frame. Sai willed himself to slip under the covers. He lay there a moment considering his next move. Sai snuggled next to his mother and made abrupt contact with her buoyant booty. Being in such close proximity did wonders for his erection, which grew to full mast and protruded from his underwear.

Anaya mumbled her husband's name and Sai froze as his cock pressed against her round behind. Sai attempted to adjust himself, but instead he sandwiched his cock between her two quaking cheeks. Only Anaya's skimpy panties protected her pussy from Sai's blood engorged meat. Not one to stand on ceremony, Sai humped his mother's fat ass, which was very accommodating as it jiggled to and fro cradling his pulsing cock. Anaya was in a daze, it had been years since Raja initiated intimacy and he was never this swollen. Anaya became wet and drenched her panties. Sai felt his mother's arousal permeate her panties and coat his cock in her juices.

Oh, it's been too long for you slut; I'm glad we can both enjoy this, thought Sai mischievously.

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