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Two friends become lovers while watching porn.


I said," Has he indeed."

I was at this great fork in my life. Should I follow the left fork and strip off in front of these two men who seemed just about more exciting and erotic than anything that has ever happened to me. Or do I take the right fork and do the sensible thing as a staid married woman and laugh it off and retire to bed (on my own!).

I needed to stall for a few moments while I decided. I said, "I am not dressed to do a striptease. I'm only wearing an old top and skirt."

Nick said, "I think you're missing the point Darling. A strip tease is about what you will not be wearing-not what you are wearing!"

We all chuckled and then I have to admit that I was thinking that if I did end up stripping at least I had some very nice sexy lacy underwear on. I have long ago purged my knickers drawers of what Nick calls 'industrial underwear' at his insistence. And then I thought I cannot possibly do a strip because I like to keep myself shaved and I cannot possibly let another man see my pussy if it is all shaved. I only really shave my pussy because Nick likes it so much: in fact he shaves me most of the time. In fact it was only about 2 days previously that Nick had done it and I have to say when he shaves me he is very thorough! And then I was puzzling that Nick would obviously know that I am freshly shaved so why would he think that it was OK for me to expose myself to Mark? I decided the answer was to just strip down to my undies for a bit of erotic fun , maybe even take my bra off depending on how I felt. But then I thought I was desperate for a pee anyway.

I said, "I will think about it. You'll have to ask me nicely and make it worth my while when I get back because I am desperate for the loo."

I was absolutely bursting and hot footed it off to the downstairs cloakroom and locked the door. I slid my panties down and felt huge relief as I released the torrent. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and grinned. I could not recall ever being more high or excited. The prospect of doing a partial striptease before my two boys just seemed intoxicating. But then I had that feeling of sobering up and a feeling of cold feet washed over me. I thought 'Don't be ridiculous. You are drunk and will regret it so much tomorrow.' And I gathered up my resolve to go back and give the boys the bad news that there would be no show from me.

When I went back in the room just as I entered it Nick turned on the music quite loud. He had obviously been fiddling with his IPOD while I had been away. It was Tina Turner --Simply the Best actually. The beat of that always gets me going and the boys were both looking at me expectantly so I instinctively started bopping in front of them laughing. I had no idea where I wanted this to go or how far I would go. As soon as I started dancing they both began cheering me on enthusiastically. I felt so appreciated.

It wasn't long before Nick started chanting, "Off, Off, Off."

Mark came up to me with my glass refilled with red wine. He said,"Here you are Jane; have another drink. Dutch courage!"

I stood and glugged it down and handed the wine glass back to Mark.

I thought I would at least take my top off and began struggling out of it. I had to pull it over my head but it sort of got stuck and we were all laughing at my lack of finesse. I suddenly felt a little silly standing there in my bra and skirt and Nick realised and then started chanting, "More, More!"

In the background Tina Turner was still doing her bit urging me on with a sexy beat.

Mark joined him in support and I think that was when I thought I'd better give them a little more to cheer about. As I said I was wearing some lovely lacy cream underwear and my bra was sufficiently flimsy that you it gave them a good view of my erect nipples through the lace.

By now Tina Turner had moved on to 'Steamy Windows' which gets me going just as much.

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