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In a darkly parking lot, a couple has good, pleasurable sex.

There was even room for a well stocked, though small, wet bar next to the love seat. The carpeting was wall-to-wall black wool. One of the walls was bordello red flocked wall paper with gold filigree figures. The bed was covered with red satin sheets.

Also available, was a private tub/shower bath off the main room. BUT, the topper was, three of the walls surrounding the bed, along with the ceiling directly over the bed, were completely mirror covered! The ceiling mirror appeared to magnify the image considerably. The ceiling not covered by the mirror was a fresco of satyrs and nymphs frolicking in a pastoral scene.

"Well, Lucy dear, are you game, or do you want to back out now, before it's too late?"

"I-I'm g-g-game."

Wayne closed and locked the door.

A floor model gramophone sat against the wallpaper. Wayne put on a recording of jazz music. He turned back to face me, paused, and then slowly walked over to me. He took me into his arms. My arms slowly rose until I held him in the same tight embrace. Our mouths crushed together, then opened as we slurped into a wet and mushy frenzy of French kissing.

Wayne's hands were all over my ass, first caressing, then kneading, and then caressing again. Then his hands bunched up my dress and ripped off my sparse undies, to work on my now bare ass. More damaged clothing I'll have to make disappear so Mamma doesn't get suspicious, I thought, fleetingly.

His fingers found their way into my butt crack and stroked up and down. The finger delved lower as I opened my legs to grant him better access. My pussy was instantly wet and drooling. Those fingers quickly found entrance to my core and plunged into the depths. He stoked my fire to record heat.

Wayne started to undo my dress, but I said, "Wait, I'll do it. I have to wear this home and it can't be ripped. Auntie wouldn't say anything, but Mamma would know immediately I'd been up to something if she saw the ripped dress or couldn't find it."

So, while I, amazingly unembarrassed, slowly and teasingly stripped, so did Wayne. With my panties already gone, I was left with just my brassier and stockings when I dropped my dress. We watched each other and our mirror images.

My God, what has made me into such an uninhibited, bold hussy in the snap of a finger?

Then I got my first look at what Wayne carried between his legs. It was big, really big, and long---and really thick. Talk about the proverbial, "hung like a horse," he surely was. Other than babies in the family that I had sat with and diapered, this was the first grown cock I had seen and I was enthralled, fascinated.

I just kept staring and drooling. And it was standing at full, bobbing attention. He stepped forward to remove my brassier, his pole of flesh pointing right at me. As he flung the brassier away, Wayne stepped into me again, crushing his rigid pole into my lower belly as we clinched again in a fiery kiss.

A small moan escaped my lips as I finally broke our embrace and moved to push Wayne to a sitting position on the bed behind him and got on my knees in front of him.

While he fondled my tits and enormous aureole, I stroked his big stick with my two hands. Even so, over half his cock was exposed above my two hands. Although I had never done anything like this for real before, I seemed to instinctively know what to do. I had play acted with a peeled banana in my mouth, but...

Wayne jolted upright again. His huge balls hung and swung beneath his gorgeous cock as I grabbed hold of it and went back to stroking and licking. My stud groaned his pleasure of my ministrations.

Precum was gurgling out of that one eyed monster as I stroked it and then as though I had done so a thousand times before (which I hadn't, this was the first), I lowered my mouth onto it to take about a quarter of it inside. Though I didn't hesitate to start, I was rather inept at giving a blow job and unable to take any more without choking uncontrollably.

"It's not important, babe," Wayne said, "you'll learn eventually."

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