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The party collects some sweet loot.

It was a fib of course; she just didn't want to suck a cock and she didn't want to fight about it. On the drive to school she wondered if the urge to be watched had run its course; if it had gone just as suddenly as it had appeared. It certainly seemed that way.

She didn't even feel like letting her front row boys see anything. Even when Barry asked her if she would like his help in finishing the work on the shelf she no. Driving home that night she wondered what she would do if Frank wanted to climb in bed with her. Then she realized how silly the question was; if Frank wanted to? He was probably already hard waiting for her to get home. And then there was Chris and Bobby. They were expecting to spend every night with her that Rick was gone and she HAD made that damned deal with them.

Everything changed when she went to Sarah's to pick up the kids. Bobby answered the door when she rang the bell and the smile on his face when he saw her started a stirring in her loins. Damn! What was it with her and young boys? He hollered out:

"Mom, Kathleen is here."

"Send her back here to the kitchen."

She walked into the kitchen and Sarah smiled at her and said, "Do you want them tonight or are you ready for a break?"

"If you had asked me that this morning I would have said I needed a rest, but that mood went away when Bobby answered the door and smiled at me. Frank keeps asking me when you are going to come back over."


"Yes, you. He told me if you weren't already married he would try to get you to go home with him."

"He did? Well mercy me."

"When I told him that even if you weren't married he wouldn't be able to separate you from the boys he said he wouldn't want to. Said he would need their help to keep you satisfied."

"He said that did he?"

"Oh yes Sarah girl, he definitely has the hots for you."

"I guess that I will have to find some excuse to come over then. You sure you won't mind my horning in on your fun tonight?"

"Just bring the boys and come on over."

She put the kids to bed at eight and by eight-thirty they were sound asleep. She called Sarah and ten minutes later she and the boys were in her bedroom and five minutes after that she had Bobby's cock in her mouth and Chris was fucking her from behind. Next to them on the bed Sarah was sucking Frank's cock as he munched on her pussy in a sixty-nine.

Chris came and Bobby was moving to take his place when the phone rang. It was Rick making his nightly check in phone call. They talked while Bobby worked his cock into her wet pussy and Chris laid down where Bobby had been so she could suck his cock when she hung up the phone. While she talked to Rick and while Bobby slowly fucked her she fondled Chris's cock with her free hand. When she and Rick had exchanged their I love you's and their good-byes she hung up the phone and said:

"Okay guys, make it good. Hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon so this is our last night this week."

Then things got busy. She sucked Chris hard and by then his mother had fucked Frank and was sucking his cock to get him hard again. Chris got up and went over to Sarah and slid his cock into her from behind. Frank left Sarah's mouth and came over to her and pushed his cock into her while Bobby went over and offered his cock to his mom's mouth. As Frank fucked her he was looking over at Sarah being worked over by her two boys and she wondered what he was really thinking. Frank came and got up to go to the bathroom and while he was gone Chris picked up where Frank left off. When Frank came out of the bathroom Sarah pushed Bobby away and told him to go help Chris.

"This is Kathleen's last night so you and Chris take good care of her."

Sarah got off the bed, took Frank by the hand and led him out of the room.

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