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Thatcher makes the decision for her.

I smiled, and asked her if she was horny. She grinned, and I took her hand and placed it against my groin. Made her feel my awesome rod of power. Her eyes lit up. I whipped it out, and showed her my cock. Ten inches of hard and thick, uncut Black Man Power. Amelia's eyes widened. I told her to stop staring at it and gasping and instead to just shut up and suck it. She did as she was told. Amelia knelt before me and began sucking my cock like oral sex was going out of style. I looked at the plump Latin woman as she sucked me. What a sight! I like oral sex. The only thing I like more than oral sex is anal sex. I really, really like anal sex. I don't know why. Somebody should do a study about that.

Meanwhile, my buddies and their impromptu dates were going wild. I saw Jason leaning against a wall, his pants unzipped. Kneeling before him was Sarah, showing the sexy stud what she knew about orally pleasing a man. Watching the plump white chick's nude body was a serious turn on for Jason and I saw his cock harden like never before. He was thrusting his cock into Sarah's mouth like oral sex was going out of style. Sarah was fingering her pussy while sucking Jason's cock. I laughed. The bastard was definitely a chubby chaser, just like me. Amelia continued to suck me. Man, this chick was very good at sucking cock. In no time, she got me hard as hell. When I came, she drank my seed. Licked me clean. Without spilling a drop. Nice, huh? Next, we had ourselves some fun. Amelia told me that she had a forbidden fantasy she wanted to explore. I smiled, and asked her what it was. She told me she wanted to get her booty hole stuffed by a black man's dick. I couldn't believe my ears. However, I very much wanted to help this lovely plump Latina fulfill her fantasy. Happily, I took the lotion she offered me. I made good use of it.

Amelia got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I looked at her pink little asshole. It looked positively inviting. I smeared some lube on her anus, and also on my cock. Then I placed my cock against her back door, and pushed. I was very pleased to discover that Amelia was no stranger to anal sex. Indeed, the big woman had a tight butt hole yet it wasn't too tight. It was supple, from good usage. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right. I placed my hands on her hips and thrust into her. Shoving your cock into a woman's asshole is one of the greatest joys in life. Something a lot of men will never know. Amelia was definitely an anal enthusiast. I like that in a woman. As I began to give the big woman the ass fucking she craved, I noticed that my buddies were also anally occupied by their impromptu dates. The campus loveliest chubby beauties were happily getting on all fours and spreading their plump buttocks to receive the anal probing of a lifetime.

Jason had Sarah on her hands and knees on the floor. He spread her plump ass cheeks and shoved his cock up the big woman's asshole. Sans lube. What a man! Sarah screamed as Jason began ramming his cock into her butt hole. I tossed him the lotion bottle, and he made good use of it. He took time to withdraw his cock from Sarah's asshole and greased up both his cock and her asshole. I trust both of them will find lubricant-assisted anal penetration to be far more pleasant. Indeed they did, for I noticed that Sarah's screams changed from howls of pain to verbal gushes of mixed pleasure. Am I a nice guy or what? I looked a bit further and saw that Kyle and Joanne were having their fun. Kyle was finally fulfilling his fantasy of fucking a large white woman in the ass. He's told me that anal sex with a tall and chubby, big-bottomed white woman was his top sexual fantasy, but he had never pursued it. He said he found them intimidating. I didn't find anyone intimidating, male or female. The perks of being cheerfully psychopathic.

As I fucked Amelia's asshole, I must say that I was getting off.

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