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Thomas proves himself to be useful for more than sex.

Scott expertly manipulated his thin 9 inch cock out of the boxer fly and slowly started to jack it.

"MY FUCKING GOD!" David screamed what are you doing?"

"Just relax!" Scott smiled at him. "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

With that Scott opened his mouth and took in David's mushroom prickhead in one gulp. The intern let out such a loud groan Mark thought he had been hurt. He quickly realized the handsome intern was getting his very first blowjob. He got on his knees as well, watching Scott gradually deep throat David's cock until he could easily take in 6 inches in one gulp. David was grunting and screaming in complete abandon, trying to hold back a massive load. Scott gestured to Mark at one point, who gladly sucked on David's balls like a madman, sticking his tongue back as far as it would go. David started to screech in complete ecstasy, as the two men alternated sucking his stiff bone and sensitive balls. Then suddenly, as Scott thrust a good eight inches of the intern's prick into his mouth, David lost his load.

"FUCKING BITCH!!!" David started squirting cum in Scott's mouth with such force it dribbled down the principal's cheeks and neck. Scott swallowed what he could, then spit out enough cum to fill a small bowl. David had spasmed seven times, and was completely spent. He collapsed on the floor, panting as his sweat dripped onto the new rug.

"Pretty good welcome, huh?" Scott had cum all over the place as well, though not as heavily as the young intern.

David could barely talk. "Y-y-y-eah...I can't believe what just happened!"

"Believe it man!" Mark grinned. "Just wait until tomorrow!"

"T-t-t-t-omorrow?" David's eyes practically popped out of his head.

"Yeah, tomorrow," Scott was now fully dressed and turned to leave. "Carry on, gentlemen!"

David's jaw lowered as the principal closed the door. He was too confused to process anything yet, only that he had just gotten the tube job of a lifetime....


Scott was sexually satisfied for a few hours after giving David his first blowjob, but around dismissal time felt the familiar twinge in his loins. His last meeting of the day was going to be a difficult one. Mark Thunem, the 19 year old senior class thug, had tried to destroy the final project of two 18 year old Eagle Scouts, Earl Reid and Matt Jonessy. They had built some new choral risers which were stacked against the wall in the chorus room. Mark tried to stuff some newspapers soaked with lighter fluid around the risers and actually started a small fire at one point. Fortunately, a student walking in the hallway noticed the smoke right away and the new risers only sustained very minor damage.

Scott decided to meet with all three men in his office after the rest of the staff had left. Earl and Matt were extremely geeky, although quite handsome in their own way. Earl was a big man, having short blond hair and well developed pecs. Matt was the proverbial 90 pound weakling, and as he walked his baggy jeans could barely cling to his small frame. Mark looked like the typical gangsta senior class boy....covered with piercings and tattoos, with pants that sagged so low 6 inches of his striped boxers stuck out. Scott decided not to expel Mark, even though that was a definite option. The skater dude had the tightest butt Scott had ever seen, and he was determined to explore every nook and cranny of it before the day was up!

Earl and Matt were a bit scared to be in the same room as Mark, but Scott finally talked everyone into meeting in his office. As the three men entered the room, no one talked or looked at each other. Scott was the first to speak, and his stentorian voice echoed in the spacious room.

"Mark, you are very lucky that fire didn't spread. I could have arranged for you to miss graduation, awards night, and the senior prom. You aren't even going to be expelled!"

"I'm not?" Mark couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Of course, you have to make this up to Earl and Matt," Scott continued in mock seriousness.

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