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She likes it rough.

All the suds were gone so there was no other reason to continue with the rinsing. I raised my hips again, further. When I lowered myself I felt a hand under my butt. I closed my eyes.

A fourth dip of the snifter into the tub was the only sound that interrupted the crickets and the gurgling water of the hot tub. The first drops of water hit my mound. At the same instant I felt my uncle's thumb touch me at the base of my cunt then travel up through my creamy folds in the opposite direction the water was flowing. His thumb stopped at my clit, paused momentarily then began making long slow circles around my humming nub.

A fifth dip. This time the water found its way around that rolling thumb and between my lips, tickling my exposed opening.

"MMMMM... Ohhhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I couldn't restrain my pleasure any longer.

I bit my lip and rolled my head. I don't know where I was getting my gumption from that night but there it was.

"Would like to taste me Uncle Mike? I tasted you and... mmmmmmm."

Before I could finish his thumb slipped inside me and was replaced on my clit by his tongue. His other hand was caressing my stomach and breasts. It was all too surreal. It seemed to happening so quickly yet he seemed to be moving extremely slowly in the same instant in time.

His tongue roamed through my labia drifting over and exploring my contours, instead of poking forcefully like the tongues of the boys who had done this to me before him. His hot breath wafted over my delicate skin that had been cooled by its dampness and the night air. My hands found his head and encouraged him to focus on my button. He knew better and continued to raise my tension and enjoyment. He slipped his thumb out of my hole, moved his hand then slipped two fingers into my warm oven. They massaged my insides. MMM, so this is how a man is supposed to touch a woman, I thought to myself. My body was writhing under his attention, drinking in the sensations from his hands, tongue and mouth. Suddenly he sucked my clit into his mouth and danced his fingers inside me. I pressed his head down onto me, froze with my hips in mid air trying to hold back my pending rush to orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhh.." I could hold back no longer. I bucked and quaked and released the power Uncle Mike had built inside me.

"MMM". "MMM" "MMmmmmm".

I twitched while the waves of pleasure continued to grow, exploded, then subsided. My clit reached that hyper sensitive state it does after an orgasm. He released my clit aware of my tender state. He kissed my thighs, long slow sucking kisses. His hands caressed my legs and abdomen and breasts comforting me. Tremors continued to roll through my body from my intense orgasm. I started to sit up.

"Just lay still and enjoy the sensations Mel. There's no hurry to go anywhere," Uncle Mike whispered to me.

I laid back. "Thank you Uncle Mike. That was incredible."

"My pleasure Mel. Just lay there, relax, and enjoy." He placed a few kisses on my cunt. Then he began gently sucking and licking my nectar from my freshly shaved skin. His hands still drifted over my body, releasing more aftershocks from my orgasm.

"Just relax Mel. Enjoy and relax," he murmured to me gently.

I closed my eyes once more and followed his instructions, enjoying his touches and listening to the messages my body was sending to me.

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