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Jane loses her virginity.

He touched her hair and she giggled and tilted her head. They chatted for a few moments and I noticed her nod in my direction. The man turned to me and stared, his eyes seemed to bore into my very soul as he held my gaze. This time I was too scared to look away.

He turned back to the barmaid and spoke again before shaking hands. I thought it was strange that they shook hands since they seemed to be friends, but I didn't have time to dwell on it as he started towards me. I froze, like a deer in headlights as he came up on me, up close he was even bigger than I first thought and even more disarming.

Without saying a word, he sat down next to me.

"I'm Tor," he said, "and you are?"


I found myself brought back to the present with his hand on my neck. His fingers grasped the rings on the back of my thick leather collar and I was lifted from my position and flipped backwards. As I landed on my back, the wind was knocked out of me and the pain became real again as my now bloodied ass hit the floor, crushing my cuffed hands underneath it.

He kicked me in the ribs, once, twice, three times and I curled into a ball unable to protect myself with my hands restrained. Struggling to breathe I managed to let out a choked "thank you, Sir".

"Good boy, that earns you a reward." He said before tilting his head forwards and letting a long dollop of spit slip out of his mouth and down on to his monstrously errect cock. Spit was all the lube I was allowed. He stroked his cock, covering it in the spit and making it glisten and shine like any Holy artefact should. He crouched down and taking an ankle in each hand, lifted my legs off the floor and pushed them over my head. While he had never been gentle with me, by now he had given up any pretence of gentleness, he forced his huge cock straight into my asshole. It felt like I was going to be ripped in two, as it always did. My asshole swallowed his entire length in one go and he held it there, buried to the hilt in my broken body. I let out a sickened grunt from the pain and it earned me a punch in the face, right in the meatiest part of my cheek,

"Let's try that again, shall we?" He said through gritted teeth and pulled his cock out, it felt like my insides were sliding out with it but before I could catch my breath he plunged it straight back in. This time I managed to stifle my discomfort and my submission spurred him on. He began to slam his cock in to me over and over, his balls slapped against my bleeding ass, the force of his thrusts was incredible, like he was fucking my entire body.

He brought one of his hands up to my neck and closed it around my collar, the other found my hair which he used to slam my head into the floor over and over. The assault on my body caused my mind to drift again.

I found myself back in time to our first proper date.


We were in the same bar where we met, I had flown in especially having told my fianc__ it was another business trip. Ever since I had met him, my fianc__ had become less and less attractive to me. I had always been the dominant one, in our relationship, I thought that was who I was, but more and more I found myself being sickened by her submission. I had begun to crave domination, both emotional and physical.

Over the course of the evening we sat and talked, he told me stories of subs he'd had and I knew that was what I'd wanted, in fact, I wanted even more. All his previous subs had been casual, he had never had a full-time, live-in slave and as time went on, I knew I wanted to be the first. He told me that he wanted to own me, tonight and I accepted. To tell the truth I felt honoured to be offered the opportunity to serve and pleasure him.

Under the table his hand found my cock and squeezed hard. I had never experienced sexual pain before but I found myself instantly aroused.

"From 1-10, how painful is that?" He asked.

"Erm, about 4." I lied, it was closer to 8, but I wanted to impress him.


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