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After 15 yrs of marriage, she likes the taste of semen


"Sorry for your loss."

I look to the side and saw Quinn looking out the window. He was staring at me with an unreadable expression before he pulls his curtains to a close. "Hey Marco, if there's a royal wedding, who attends?"

"Everyone," Marco said. "Any member of the royal family must have a public wedding for our world to see that power has been met by two different families."

"Who had the biggest wedding so far?"


"He was married before?" I ask, shocked.

Marco nods. "It was when he was when he started being the leader. He married a girl with extraordinary powers."

"What power is that?" Jealousy starts to take over my body, but I wouldn't let it get to my voice. Don't want Marco to ask questions that I wasn't able to answer.

Marcos scratches his head. "She is possessed with the power of seduction."

"Like Aphrodite?"

"Please," Marco scoffed. "She was more like a siren. Everything she does, Quinn gives in. Of course we were twelve at the time-"


Marco nods. "But once puberty hits, her powers enhance and she ended up cheating. Humiliated Quinn that he shut everyone out because he was viewed to not keep his wife in check. But when he made a decision to face the public, he radiated power that no one dared to think a bad thought."

"Where is she now?" I ask, thinking that she shouldn't even be near Quinn.

"She's a working class, so I assume she's back with her family," Marco said.

I nod. "Well, isn't that a scandal?"

Marco nods. "Yeah, we're waiting for him to remarry. He needs a little happiness in his life."

That's true. He's uptight. Gosh, I need to relieve stress. "I want to listen to music," I tell Marco. "I need to get my phone."

When Connor came back, we headed back into the house and went to my room to fetch my phone and earphones. Quinn never came out of his room yet, so I place the earbuds into my ears and started blasting. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy was playing when I got out of the room to grab some water.

Shaking my hips on the fridge, I see Marco and Connor still near but since I have my music on, the rest of the world can drown into nothingness. The verses of Uma Thurman, I started twirling like how I learned in ballet. I only been there for a year but I learned a lot. When Teenagers by MCR came on, I went on the coffee table and started swaying my hips. I started to head bang when the bass drum came in.

Chorus, I start singing and rocking out. Second verse, hips swaying and head banging. Repeat. Letting loose when the guitar solo came by adding shoulders to my swaying. Towards the end, I lost my balance and slipped.

I almost screamed if someone hadn't caught me. When I regained my whereabouts, I looked at the person that caught me. When I met the glaring blue eyes, I gulped. "Hey Quinn." I never been so close to his face with mine better. I could feel his breathing, it was short again. He had his hood up but I still have full view of his face.

"Did you know that you could've been hurt if I haven't caught you?" Quinn spoke. It was low and raspy. I didn't know if he was angry or not.

I nod. "Thank you for catching me."

"You're welcome. We need to talk, privately," he said. "I was going to find you but I just followed your singing."

I closed my eyes. "Horrible?"

He smirked. "Not bad. But you did have two earbuds on."

Gosh, that smirked kill the hardness in his face. I felt the heat coming to my cheeks. "So," I cleared my throat. "You need to talk to me."

"I'm gonna carry you to my room." he said. "It's more private that why, I don't want anyone to listen in."

I nod and wrap my arms at the back of his neck so I don't dangle while he carries me. He smells very similar to the Mahogany Teakwood Candle that Bath & Body Works has. That's my favorite scent, on Quinn, it's mesmerizing.

When we got into his room, he places me on his bed and he sits next to me.

"I've been thinking," he said. "I've been married before and it didn't turn out well."

"You guys were young," I told him.

He shook his head and took down his hood.

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