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Sindy foolishly accepts a challenge from her friends.

I hope you can deal with his passion... it burns really bad this thing, you know, a virgin's love?"

"I can handle it, don't worry," Brad said, in the same chilled tone.

They parted without shaking hands, and Brad was looking quite happy after having this conversation with the high school black sheep. The future was looking bright and he could not wait to have Andy in his bed. As for Jack, after he exited the bathroom, his face became anxious, his eyes turned darker and his hands clenched in his pockets. And that was supposed to be an easy task! Who would have thought?

With his heart pumping hard, Andy went directly to the meeting place as soon as the classes were over. Nobody was there and he felt his heart falling a bit. He sat there with his back against the wall, looking down and feeling miserable. So he was fairly surprised when a hand grabbed his chin. Right in front of him was standing Brad, looking as beautiful and untouchable as before.

"Andy, what are you doing here?"

"Aah, Brad, hi! I... I mean... I was supposed to..."

"To meet your boyfriend, right? Well, he is not coming, how about that?"


"Yeah, that's right, he left you here, to wait like a fool!"


"Hush, I know many things that a little boy like you doesn't."

"I'm not that little!" Andy felt angered all of a sudden.

"Of course, you just need more time to grow." Brad was mocking him and Andy started to feel even worse.

Brad scrutinized the beautiful face and said abruptly:

"How about spending the afternoon with me, then? What do you say about that?"

"I'd love to," Andy managed to mutter, but, strangely and surprising for him, he was sad that Jack left him like that, without a word, without seeing him. And he supposed to be happy to be with Brad, his love for almost four years of high school.

"You don't look very excited to be with me ... Maybe you want to be alone, then!"

"Oh, no, Brad, I am so glad you came, I feel so ashamed, I want to be with you, I did not know if I have a chance after Saturday night..."

"Hey, hey, easy, easy, let's go, there is no need to explain. Jack is 'past tense', right?" Brad asked, looking very attentive in Andy's eyes.

"Jack? Jack who?" Andy mumbled, but he was on the edge of crying, without even knowing why.

Brad circled Andy's waist and all of a sudden, pushed his tongue into his mouth. Taken aback, Andy had an instinct of pushing him away, but he let Brad kiss him, after all, it was him who he loved and he supposed to feel good in his arms. He kissed back, but a tear ran down his cheek. That kiss was nothing like the kisses he got from Jack, but he tried not to think at the comparison.

Maybe he was a little shaken, a little tired and a little too consumed. He lied to himself and embraced Brad powerfully. Brad interpreted that as lust and started to snake his hands inside Andy's clothes, eager to touch that perfect skin and to enjoy himself really good. After all, he was not used to long after somebody, not even those few days that he had spent thinking about taking Andy's cherry.

So he pushed and pushed and managed to undress Andy of his t-shirt and then he started to unbutton his pants. In that moment, Andy stopped.

"Brad, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like, Andy? I want to see you all naked!"

"Brad, please, not like this!"

"What? Oh, fuck, you were all over the floor at my house with Jack! He was like fucking you through your clothes! And now you act like a stupid girl! What the fuck!"

"Brad, please, don't be mad, I am afraid that somebody can see us, we can get expelled, you know..."

"Oh, I guess you are right, we are on school property and the principle will not appreciate this kind of extra-curricular activities. OK, put your shirt on and let's go!"

Andy got dressed and followed Brad, that was walking rapidly in front of him.

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