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Katie enjoys fucking a masked stranger at a Halloween party.

Somewhere in my mind, I had decided that she was the type of girl that shaved herself completely smooth, which only enhanced the image of her showering. I rubbed my hand over my crotch and discovered I had managed to make myself rather hard just by thinking about it. I pulled my jeans off, relieving some of the pressure they were causing.

The shower turned off, and I listened to her footsteps make their way from the bathroom to the room at the end of the hall. It must have been her room, I wasn't sure. I had never checked the rooms besides the bathroom and Clyde's room over the past few weeks. A couple more hours went by before I had gathered the courage to leave my room and investigate.

Once in the hallway, I was pleased to see that the door at the end of the hall was not completely shut. It was left open maybe an inch or two, but it was enough to allow me to sneak a peek into the room. It was dark inside, but I could see the corner of her bed. That was all I could see, though, so I pushed the door ever so slowly, giving me more of a view.

She was laying across her bed, the sheets pushed to the edge. She was wearing a short night gown, and her long legs looked so enchanting in the moon light coming through the bedroom window. Up until that moment, I had been so busy listening to the sounds coming from inside the house that I hadn't realized the rain had stopped.

Without realizing it, my hand was on my crotch again, rubbing my growing cock through the fabric of my boxers. I had mentioned before that my girlfriend had left me, so it had been a while since I had let myself think about a woman in the way I was thinking about this girl at that very moment.

So there I was, standing in the doorway, shamelessly stroking my cock through my boxers, staring at this heavenly site before my eyes. It took a few minutes before I looked around the room. Her bag was opened and all sorts of things were now scattered across the floor. On the night table next to her bed, I saw two bottles, one of Dr. Pepper, and the other Jack Daniels. The second was almost empty. I took this as a sign that she had drank herself to sleep.

This gave me courage, for some reason. I moved further into her room and started to push the door shut, but thought better. Instead, I left it cracked open just barely, the way I had found it. I moved to the side of her bed, taking in the site of her body stretched out. She was lying on her side, facing away from me, so I could see the shapely curves of her hips and ass. She appeared to keep herself in good shape, but I was thankful for the fact that she also looked like she had a little meat on her bones, which was the opposite of my ex girlfriend who had taken up the habit of throwing up to reach the legendary size zero.

I couldn't resist any longer, so I reached out and traced a finger lightly over her soft legs, relishing in the sensation of her warmth. When she didn't move a muscle, I became bolder, feeling her leg with my entire hand. I pushed her nightgown up her legs, and was delighted to discover that the night gown was the only thing she was wearing.

Her ass was round, and so enticing. I had to feel it. I'm not sure what was coming over me that night, but with one had now wrapped around my completely hard cock, stroking it slowly, I used my other hand to push her night gown up to her waist. I wanted to see more of this sleeping vixen, so I pulled her gently until she was lying on her back. The top of her night gown was lace and held on by extremely thin straps, so I gently pulled those down over her shoulders, allowing the lacey fabric to slide low enough to expose her cleavage.

I leaned over her, gently resting my knees against the edge of the bed. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. Deciding that I needed a little more courage, I grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels and took a gulp. It burned my throat on the way down, but it did the trick. I put the bottle back in its place.

I stood up for a moment to take in the site once more.

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