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John returns to enjoy a bevy of women before leaving.

She had changed into clean clothes after her shower, and was now wearing a light colored halter top and a loose skirt. Sitting as she was, the skirt was riding up a little exposing her long, smooth leg and part of her thigh. She watched, amused, as Cindy tried hard not to look.

"Really?" she said, "That's weird. I asked the girl up front and she said you were open 'til four." Cindy's face went even redder if possible at being caught in a lie, her cheeks were positively glowing now. "Are you sure you can't slip away just for a little bit?" Cassie continued, pouting, "I planned this really nice lunch for us as a way of saying thank you for going shopping with me yesterday, and it'd be a shame if you can't go. We can make it quick, I promise. The place is just around the corner. It's new."

Cassie waited, having used her best little-girl voice and effectively shot down all of Cindy's arguments already, while Cindy looked at some post-it notes on her desk, pretending to think about whether or not she could spare the time. Cassie was pretty sure she was actually trying to come up with another logical excuse not to go, but evidently she failed, because she finally sighed and said, "Yeah, I guess I can sneak out for just a little, as long as we're back fairly quickly."

"No problem, we will be," Cassie replied, standing up, "And trust me, lunch is going to be just wonderful. You're going to love it."

They left the building and got into Cassie's car. She took them down a couple blocks, made a left and then a right, and pulled into a parking garage. She took one of the automated slips and started down to the second level.

"What are we doing here?" Cindy asked, "Isn't this the parking garage for the hospital?"

"Yep." It was. Or one of the outlying buildings to the hospital anyway, used mostly by the hospital staff and also by the workers of the surrounding businesses. Cassie found and open space and pulled in, shutting off the car.

"Why are we parking here? There's nowhere to go around here."

"You're right," Cassie replied, turning to face her, "But we're not going any farther. I got everything we need right here."

Understanding slowly began to dawn in Cindy's eyes. "That's right," Cassie cooed, turning her body sideways and leaning back against her door, "I've got your lunch for you right here." She spread her legs wide, hooking her right behind Cindy's seat. Her skirt slid up and puddled around her waist, exposing her wet, gleaming sex. Of course, she had chosen not to wear panties. "I hope you're hungry."

Cindy was staring at her, mouth agape, clearly shocked. It looked like she was trying to say something, but nothing came out. Her eyes flicked to Cassie's spread pussy, and then locked there involuntarily.

Cassie grinned, enjoying this new found power she had over her boyfriend's mom. She reached down and slid a finger up her slit, spreading her lips, displaying her bright pink inside to Cindy's gaze. She was already aroused and her finger slid smoothly, even trailing behind a sticky string of fluid as she pulled it away. She pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean, making 'mmm' sounds as she did, but Cindy's eyes never left her pussy.

"Oh, that's good," Cassie said, "really, you should try some. I prepared it especially for you."

Cassie couldn't believe her own behavior.

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