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Husband thinks his wife is having an affair.

It was clear that she was boiling hot. Her legs were apart and his hand was slowly easing up to her silky pussy hair. As his hand finally reached her pussy, she sucked in her breath and cried out, "Oh, Yes, Oh please."

He was still in no hurry, though. He lightly danced his fingers across her pussy lips as he ran his hand back and forth, with his fleshy fingertips pressed up against her wetness. She had her knees spread apart and his cock grasped in her hand. She was pulling his cock skin all the way over the end of his cock and then pushing back against his pubic bone, with a thump. Each time she pumped, he let out a grunt. Her pubic bone was grinding against his hand. Her smell filled the room. It caused him to flare his nostrils and to savor the scent.

She dropped back on the bed, rolled over on her side, and he scooted over so that he was facing her, his cock against her stomach. She hung on to his cock, and he reached around her waist and put his open hand on the swell of her anus, pulling her against him.

His cock was poking into her stomach and she was now moving her hips with smooth, intense rolls, holding him to her stomach in her fist. Her right leg began to come up over his side, so that her pussy was wide open for his hand. She was the universal female asking to be fucked. She was saying, oh please mount me. I'm wide open.

He slowed his own humping of her stomach, and captured her face with both hands, while she held him. Almost sitting up, he slowly lowered his face down onto hers, and kissed her tenderly. He gave her a long slow, tonguing of her lips and her mouth. He began to suck on her lips and run his tongue in and out of her.

Her noises got louder. She began to rock and shake. Her pussy was still only lightly caressed. Her thigh muscles were jerking and jumping.

While he was kissing her, she went wild and began thrusting wildly with her pussy. She made animal noises, high pitched female noises, sounding desperate, and then she screamed, coming before he could even get two fingers in. She came all at once, while he had his tongue down her throat, and was sliding his two fingers into her. Her back snapped into an arch, pulling her face away from him, and her pussy squeezed down on his hand like she was grabbing his finger. She bucked and cried out, "Yeeeesssss, Oooooooh God, that's sooooooo gooooooodddd. Ahhhhhhieeeeeeeeee. I'm coming."

He held on to her pussy and forced both fingers all the way in while she was coming. She responded with another back snap and another cry. She was out of control, just one enormous orgasm. He thrust at her pussy, causing more little screams and jerks. his other hand was massaging the spot above her pelvic bone.

As she was coming, he slid down lower on the bed, so that his cock could get between her legs. His cock started pushing against her leg. His fingers were inside her convulsing pussy and his long cock slipped down to press against her bottom. It was the most elemental sensation a man could imagine. It seemed dangerous. She needed him very badly.

She could see the underside of his cock as it probed, and couldn't stop herself from uttering a small "wow!"

She was completely soaked with sweat, and he was leaking precum fluid. He let out a huge moan. His cock was so incredibly hard. He pushed hard and his pubic bone crushed against her moist pussy.

Everything in the general area of her pussy was soaking wet. She was sweating enough that she was glistening. As he rested his cock head partway inside her, he ran his fingertips around her anus hole. She quivered, and jerked back toward the pillow. Without any hesitation, he slid a finger inside her anus.

She made an approving noise. Then uttering, "Oh, yes, I can't believe this. Please do me good."

With her on her left side, and with her right leg over his side, he had yet to fully enter her.

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