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Sexy wife finds fun on the seas.

"Now be a good girl down there on your knees and deepthroat my cock. It's only gonna be a few more minutes before I can't take it anymore and I'm gonna want to lay you back on the bed and spread those legs."

"What?! A blowjob is it. That was the agreement. There's no fu-" and with that, Mike tugged on her hair and jerked her face up to look at him.

"Stand up," he said.


"I said stand up. Just get up."

"What for? I don't get it," Holly said as she got to her feet.

"That body isn't here to fuck? Oh really?"

"No, I came here to-"

"Let's just see what that body is ready for," and Mike spun her around so her back was to him. "I know damn well that pussy is ready to fuck right now. If it's not wet, we can end this right now. Deal?"

As he reached around her, ready to slip his fingers inside her black thong, she put her hands on his intruding left hand.

Mike grabbed Holly's hair with right hand and jerked her head back and swung his other hand free of her.

"Be still," he said. His tone of voice made it clear how serious he was and Holly put her hands down. "When a pussy is wet, it's ready to fuck. Let's see..."

He slipped his left hand inside her thong and went right to her pussy. His middle finger slipped between her pussy lips and went inside her.

"Yeah, geezuz. You're dripping wet. Somebody's ready to fuck. I ought to bend you over right now..." and he pushed her onto the bed where she landed on her stomach. "This pussy is ready to go, isn't it?"

What Holly wanted to say was that she didn't care what her physical self was saying; what her mental self was saying was, "I don't want this!" But she knew that would not be a good idea.

All she could say was, "I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I thought I was coming to get on my knees and that would be-"

"Well," he said as he lifted her ass up a little off the bed and leaned forward to grind the length of his cock along the thonged crack of her ass, "part of this job you're going after requires a person to be flexible, nimble, ready for change at a moment's notice. How ready are you for something not on the agenda? Huh?"

She resisted the urge to say "go fuck yourself" and said, "I'm ready for anything now that I know..."

"That's a good girl," Mike said as he continued to run his cock along her ass. "Your ass looks very nice like this. Do you like to fuck like this?"

"Like this? I have. Do I like it? Yeah, it's OK." She was being honest there. Holly had done doggy style a couple of times with a boyfriend before her husband and only a handful of times with her husband. Doggy style was not something she loved but she was OK with it.

He leaned forward balancing with his right hand on the bed and reached around to her pussy with left hand.

"Love how you're shaved..." he said as he slid over her clean-shaven mound and found her clit. He circled his middle finger around her little button and then slipped inside her pussy, which was wet - very wet.

Holly was not turned on by this in anyway and hated her body for betraying her mind. She stared straight ahead at the bed and pursed her lips as Mike put his middle finger into her pussy.

"Good lord, Holly. How were you not dying to fuck with your pussy like this? I apologize for not thinking of you sooner."

"That's OK. We were busy with other things," she said with sarcasm as he simultaneously grinded his cock against her ass and fucked her with his finger. The subtle wet sound of fucking making its rhythmic presence known in the room.

"How does that finger feel fucking you?" Mike asked.

"It feels alright. I guess I did get pretty wet, didn't I"? She thought it best to appease him when she could.

Mike reluctantly slipped his finger out of her pussy and stood back up.

"Get that thong off and roll over onto your back. Spread those legs and let's see what kind of shape that pussy is in."

Slowly she got up to her knees and slid her black thong down

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