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Nothing beats the caboose for a memorable train ride.

As I watched, she reached out and removed their hands from their cocks. Because I couldn't see her front I wasn't absolutely sure but it looked as if she placed their hands one on each of her breasts.

The two men seemed to take the hint because I could see her buttocks clench and I assumed that was due to the sensations from have two strangers' hands on her body. She moved forwards until her thighs were up against the lower bench on which the men were sitting.

I was enjoying watching the proceedings and I think there was a slight pang of jealousy as her hands dropped down the men's laps and took hold of the cockes that seemed to be very much on offer - not to mention in need of a little attention.

The guys rested back against the benches as Lisa's hands performed their magic. It wasn't long before both men's hips were moving in time with Lisa's hands and pre-cum started leaking from their cock ends. Once the pre-cum appeared she slowed her hand movements then stopped altogether and released the now somewhat angry-looking cocks.

When both men opened their eyes she gave them a come-hither signal with her finger then opened the sauna door. Both men were quick to stand up. I saw the long cock standing up pointing towards its owner's stomach whilst the shorter fatter one stuck straight out just slight above the horizontal.

Both men followed Lisa out of the sauna and the door swung closed behind them. I was stunned that Lisa had left me in the sauna whilst she departed with two naked young men. I quickly stood up and moved to the sauna door, looking out of the window. Lisa took hold of the two cocks on offer and started leading the men towards the hot-tub.

In contrast to my 5ft 8" in my stocking feet, Lisa stands no more than 5ft tall. As I watched her walking across to the hot-tub it registered with me that we both had similar busts, waists and hips, so Lisa looked like a stockier more rounded version of me. Seeing her leading those two 6ft tall young men across the floor was quite something.

Somehow they all managed to climb into the hot-tub. Lisa moved to the opposite side then turned round so that she was facing me. Her eyes were looking at the cocks she was continuing to play with but, then, very briefly I saw her glance towards the sauna. I was sure that she could see me watching. She seemed well in control so I decided to see how things developed.

I thought I would be able to make some noise exiting the sauna and hence rescue Lisa if it looked like she was uncomfortable with whatever happened.

As I watched, the men helped her up onto the side of the hot-tub then stood either side of her. With her feet resting on a step she settled herself into position. Both men took hold of a breast each with one of their hands and placed the other on the insides of her thighs.

As they played with her breasts and nipples their hands ran gently up and down Lisa's thighs. Ever so slowly her thighs parted and the men's' hands inched further upwards with each stroke. I could again see the tidy bush above Lisa's slit and as she rested back on her hands her slit became more exposed to me.

The men must have increased the pressure on her thighs because they continued to part. Eventually her knees were quite wide apart and I could make out her men-friends' hands as they came into contact with the sensitive skin between the tops of her thighs and her slit.

As their hands stroked her I could see Lisa's slit opening and closing, and could only imagine the pleasure she was feeling with four hands on her body.

All of a sudden 'short-fat cock' moved his hand up over Lisa's bush then down so that it rested over her mons with his fingers over her clit. At just about the same time 'long-thin cock' moved his fingers to Lisa's slit, sliding between her evidently moist lips. A squeal of pleasure erupted from Lisa and her hips jerked off the side of the hot-tub.

I could see both men pulling and tweaking her nipples as their other hands also played with her sensitive lower re

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