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Her first experience giving oral .

Once the pants were gone Melinda could see the big tent in johns boxer pants Melinda slowly reached up undone the button and reached in the hole to pull out this monster she wanted so bad.

When Melinda reached into the hole she found this hard cock just about to burst through the boxers she grabbed his cock and pulled it out of his boxers and began playing with his 9 inch uncut thick hard as a rock cock.

Melinda began wanking john while she teased the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue Melinda could see and taste his pre cum already then Melinda started sucking on the head off his cock for a few minutes then she told john we are just friends with benefits and don't worry if you cum in my mouth its ok I have always wanted to taste you.

Then Melinda returned sucking the whole of his nine inches slowly and picked up speed very slowly then Melinda reached with her hand to slightly scratch and tickle his ball sack then she felt his ball sack pull tight so Melinda started sucking harder on his cock and then Melinda felt his cock harden and swell more in her mouth and his cock started to pulse and Melinda sucked her hardest and quickest she could.

As Melinda picked up her pace she felt his cock start to pulse frantically and then he shot his cum the load was so big that Melinda had trouble to keep all the cum in her mouth when he pulled out of her mouth he still shot spurts over her face as she moved away to swallow his huge load, as Melinda move away slightly johns cum was dripping down Melinda's face and down her neck.

Melinda got up and wiped her face and neck with her hands and then licked her fingers clean in front of john then Melinda said to john its my turn now and Melinda moved over to the cleared area on the ground and laid down on the ground.

John moved over to Melinda and kissed her on the lips and then slowly removed her top to show that she was wearing a black lacy bra that just covered her tits. Then john moved down to her skirt over her hips to show that Melinda was not wearing any panties and that she was freshly shaven and that she had her clit pierced with a big gold ring.

john was surprised to see a clit ring on Melinda yet alone a shaven pussy, john started to flick his tongue ever so slowly over her big sensitive clit Melinda's clit was so sensitive that with every flick of johns tongue Melinda's clit jumped and continued to grow. John was not worried by the clit that was growing with his tongue movements.

John moved his hand down to her full pussy lips slightly stroking them then Melinda was starting to flow her love juices all down her legs. John tried to lick it up as she leaked it out but then out of the blue something john was not expecting to happen Melinda squirted all over his hand and face.

John has never experienced this before but he like it and wanted more of that to happen, john slipped a finger into her tight dripping wet pussy and slowly fingered her for a few mins then he added 2 more fingers into her slowly loosening pussy.

John had 3 fingers in her wet dripping pussy, moving them in and out slowly picking up pace while still licking her clit which was about 3inches long now and stiff as a rock then Melinda said are you going to fuck me or keep licking and finger fucking me?

I am not saying its not good but I am so fucking horny, john moved up lifted her legs over his shoulders and put his huge bulging purple head to her bulging pussy lips and pushed lightly and he just slipped in as he was made to fit her wet dripping pussy.

John started slowly fucking Melinda then Melinda said Harder faster I am going to blow you out of my wet cunt and squirt all over you.

So john started to fuck her hard and fast then john felt Melinda's cunt tighten around his hard bulging cock and that's when Melinda's cunt forced johns cock out of her cunt with a heap of pressure and just as j

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