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The bra had lots of lace on it unlike mine. Her skirt slipped to the floor revealing translucent black panties. She had smooth white buttocks and long shapely legs.

I couldn't resist the sight of her and slipped into the changing room. She turned to me expectantly. Her sparkling eyes became glued to mine. Her beauty mesmerized me and, before I knew it, we were hugging fiercely, and gyrating. Our tongues had met and we were breathing in each other's burning mouths. Her fingers slid into my panties and eagerly I drew them in. I lifted her bra and sucked at her nipples. She took my fingers in her mouth, igniting my fingertips. I rubbed my cheeks over her lacy panties and slipped my fingers inside them. She pinned me to the floor, climbed on me, and began gyrating fiercely. Our bras brushed against each other and our juices intensified.

'Oh Reena you're so beautiful,' I whispered in her ear.

In the mirror I looked at myself. I was wearing a plain white bra and panty and my breasts were unusually swollen. Reena came up behind me and cupped them. I moaned with pleasure. She giggled and shoved my hand inside my panty. We were both ecstatic and wanted to do more to our bodies than we were capable of.

I crawled out of the changing room into bed. Reena found a rubber stick in her mother's locker and rubbing it eagerly over her pussy climbed in beside me. She handed me the rubber stick and fell back on the bed, her legs wide apart. The sight of her pussy made me wild. I set out to explore the forbidden world inside her, first with my fingers and then, at her insistence, with the stick she had found. I was afraid to push it in. I didn't want to hurt her but she was pleading.

She gyrated with half the rod inside her, gasping for breath. I bent down to lock my mouth on hers and could feel her every emotion as she climaxed. She fell back motionless, her eyes shut and body exhausted. I played with her breasts but she remained still. I was hot and wanted something inside me. Sticking the rod between her legs I lowered myself onto it but the rod strayed. I gyrated against her pussy but it was useless. Violently I shook her awake. Seeing my pitiable state she shoved the rod inside me. It was probably harder than a real penis but I felt no pain.

'It was so enjoyable. Why don't we do it again,' I asked Reena after I had climaxed.

'We'll do it,' she said smiling faintly.

Though I'd yet to have actual intercourse with a man I knew sex was going to be the thing for me in life.

Bras turn on most men but they fascinate me, especially when the woman wearing them is hot and knows how to manage her body. I like lacy bras. Black, beige and burgundy are my favorite. After that fateful weekend with Reena my interest in women's bodies grew but, at school, our history teacher Mr Wilson drew much of my attention, probably because I found his subject boring. When he talked about the Great War or the Stone Age, my mind would wander through his clothes to his muscular body. I'd smile whenever he looked towards me and he'd blush. Mr Wilson never asked me questions because he knew I couldn't answer any.

'You're not going to pass my subject miss,' he'd warn me often.

'I know, sir, but I find your subject boring,' I'd say.

'History is an interesting subject.'

'Why force it on students?'

'We must know about people who have contributed to our lives.'

'Mustn't we live with the present and admire only those men and women who are alive.'

'There's no point arguing with you, miss,' he'd say surrendering.

I knew he liked me. During his class I'd pull my skirt higher so he could have a better look at my thighs. Whenever I found the opportunity to talk to him I'd open one of the buttons on my shirt to let him see inside. My balloons had become noticeable. His eyes would pop out briefly and I'd smile back to let him know I didn't mind.

My nights were becoming restless and I was always looking for oblong things to stick in my pussy. Invariably he'd wander into my wet dreams.

'You like me, sir, don't you?' I asked him when I cou

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