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He cheats, she gets even, but at what cost?

" you...want?" my daddy asked from behind me.

" you...want?" he asked more vehemently.

" ...want...your....cock!!"

Daddy was incessantly thrusting and ramming his cock into my pussy. His hands on my tits pinched and squeezed fiercely. I cringed and cried with the sweet pain, my cries fueled daddy's movement on my soft body. I moaned and trashed on my bedroom floor and I could not believe that my handsome daddy was willing to fill my womb with his thick cock. It felt so much better than the sex I had with my boyfriends. This was different; this was my daddy's warm engorged cock.

"Yes...daddy...fill me...with...your cock! Harder...more. Make me yours daddy! Make me yours!"

I could not help myself from begging my daddy to fuck my pussy harder and deeper. It was beyond my control. My vaginal wall relished every time he shoved his cock into me. I greedily sucked and licked his lean long fingers and the painful sweet torment that my daddy's hand had been doing on my tits, were vaguely remembered by me. I had begun to treasure the pain. My vaginal wall convulsed more violently. I knew that I was about to cum with my daddy inside me. Daddy too intensified his movements in my soaking cunt. I moaned and shuddered even more. I could feel every time daddy shoved his cock into my dripping pussy, and I could sense that my climax was near. I screamed when I came. Daddy continued to thrust into my quivering sopping pussy. He rammed, he thrust, he shoved and he forced his cock into my pussy. At last, my handsome daddy convulsed on my body and I could feel his cock trembled and quaked inside me. I loved the feeling of my daddy's cum in my vagina. I felt complete that night. I was truly my daddy's good little daughter.

The memory of my first fuck with daddy always made me smile. Daddy and I had been lovers for nearly two years. Now it was dawn and daddy had slept in my room. Mum would be back on Monday and that would give me, approximately 48 hours to let daddy do anything he wanted with me. My pussy began to drip my warm juices with the idea. I wanted to make daddy happy and I turned my face towards him. He was sleeping on his back, naked with his limp cock. I raised myself and straddled his body with my back towards him.

My already soaking pussy was on his abdomen and my hands began to fondle his cock. I pushed my hip further up his body, now my sopping pussy relished the feeling of his hairy chest. The hair on his chest tickled my pink wet pussy and I squirmed on his body. In that position, it allowed me to use my big tits to trap my daddy's cock between them. My daddy's cock instantly became rock hard between my big warm tits. I squeezed and pressed my large tits together, creating a warm cocoon for my daddy's engorged cock. My tight ass was hovering just above my daddy's face and I moaned when I felt daddy's mouth and fingers on my wet pussy. He had woken up from his sleep and he straightaway licked and lapped my pussy. He sucked the lips of my pussy first, then licked and lapped the juices that began to leak from my core. He sucked hungrily on the juices that was dripping from it. After that, I felt my daddy inserted his tongue into my wet vulva. I arched my back and whimpered each time my daddy thrust his tongue into my soaking depth.

As daddy continued to eat my sopping pussy, I in turn squeezed and pressed my tits while sucking the tip of his cock that was protruding at the top of my cleavage.

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