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Boss seduces his subordinate's wife.

My first taste made my eyes light up and had me grinning from ear to ear while his cock pumped and filled my mouth with his hot, sweet cum. I sucked his dick and squeezed his nuts until he was done. I wiped my mouth off and licked the cum off my hands, "Delicious!" I told him.

Ron held his hand down to me, "Thanks...."

After we got cleaned up again, I put my panties, garter belt and stockings back on and we got back onto the big round bed. We whispered nasty and dirty things in each others ears and brought our cocks back to life, and shortly after that I lost my panties for a second time. We sprawled and rolled around on the bed in a 69 when all of a sudden the Playroom door opened unexpectedly. In walked Ron's wife hand in hand with Joan, my wife! I almost swallowed Ron's cock whole when they both said, "Okay boys, you've had your fun, move over it's our turn now....if you're done that is!"

The two of them watched Ron and I as we brought each other off one more time. Then they told us that we were more than welcome to stay and watch their session.

So naturally we did, and Ron played the tape from earlier on of the two of us. I was totally turned on my Ron's wife and how she took charge and started in on her seduction of my wife.

"Lie down on the bed, but leave your clothes on sweetheart!" Susan said in a deep sultry voice as she began taking her own clothes off. First her jeans fell to the floor, and then she slipped her top off over head, revealing her taut and beautifully tanned torso. Her tits were smaller than Joan's but nicely shaped. She had a tattoo down along her thigh muscles, a long twisted vine braided with roses.

"Mmmmmmm, you feel so good...." she mumbled with approval as she sat down next to my wife. She began rubbing her bare legs and slowly gliding over Joan's body. Her hand moved slowly along Joan's thigh, disappearing under her shorts and I knew my wife was getting turned on by the way she started licking her lips and the way she was breathing faster.

"Please! Either take my clothes off or let me take them off! Please? I want to feel you touching me, feeling me, please? Before I explode!" Joan whimpered and pleaded under Susan's touch.

Susan laughed and gladly complied with Joan's request and had her naked in seconds. As soon as her thighs we free Joan parted them, pulled her knees up into her chest and gave us all a wonderful view of her wet pussy and throbbing asshole.

We all just stood there and started at her for a moment, watching Joan's copious juices dribble down out of her pussy, onto her ass.

"Oh boy! I am so going to take my time eating you baby! You just lie back, enjoy and let me do all the work!" Susan said. She dipped her finger inside Joan's wet pussy and scooped out a helping of cunt juice. Staring in Joan's eyes she licked her finger clean. My wife was shaking and trembling, anticipating Susan's next move. Spreading her pussy lips, Susan leaned forward and attached her mouth over top of the wide open hole and proceeded to suck my wife's cunt like a vacuum cleaner.

I turned my head to see Ron sitting on the edge of the table across from me stroking his cock and squeezing he dangling balls. I walked over to the other side of the table and reached out for his hard cock. Ron lay back on the table as I grabbed his dick, rolled to one side and sucked my dick into his mouth. With a quick hop, and with Ron holding my cock between his lips, I lifted myself up on the table beside him.

Moving over top of him, I straddled Ron's face. I dangled my cock back and forth and then shoved it deep down his hungry throat. I leaned forward and took his throbbing meat into my mouth and we both moaned out loud. I sucked and sucked his delicious pecker until it was long and fat as I could get it. I licked his swollen balls, pulled and stretched his soft wrinkled sac and squeezed his ass cheeks, shoving him deeper down my throat.

Susan was noisily sucking and tugging on Joan's swollen cunt flesh, and had her crying out loud with pleasure.

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