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Stepbrothers & their wives swing.

My pussy was tingling and fizzing with excitement once more as I climbed on the bed putting a little show on for the video camera. Neil walked over to the foot of the bed and dropped three different vibrators and two rather large dildo's, one a replica eight inch flesh coloured cock and the second one a ten inch black mambo cock. Both cocks were extremely life like with perfect helmets and wonderful blood pumping thick veins, but the black one excited me more.

I'd never been fucked by a black guy, but my fantasy could become a little more realistic with the huge black dildo. I picked up the black dildo excitedly and could feel my pussy opening, just holding the huge cock. My mind was swirling with thoughts of what this would feel like stretching my quim, and even better, what a real life hard black shiny cock would feel like.

I stared down the camera lens of the video as I licked the length of the huge black fleshed dildo.

"I'm definitely going to get me some black cock soon and get owned by one of those big black studs!" I smiled then placed my lips over the huge black cock.

"Keep sucking the cock while I take some shots!" Neil smiled clicking away happily "Once you feel ready, slide your cheating slut cunt over the black cock and fuck it as though it was real!"

"You may have to help me hold myself open to get this big black beauty inside me!" I giggled.

"Once you have the black cock inside your cunt, I'm going to ram the vibrator up your asshole on full speed!" Neil said through gritted teeth.

I moaned deliriously at the thought of being Double Penetrated by the sex toys and the way that Neil was talking to me. I was in ecstasy being treat like a whore, enjoying the sensations so much that I eased the black cock into my tight shaved pussy with minimum ease. The stretching was a beautiful mixture of searing pain and lust enhanced pleasure. I began to rock my hips as I impaled myself on the magnificent sex toy. I began to pant uncontrollably as my legs began to shake, slamming my pussy on to the black cock I hollered out.

"This black cock is awesome. I'm going to find a real black cock to seed and pleasure me!" I breathed as my orgasm began to take effect.

"Are you going to tell James that you're going to fuck a black cock?" Neil taunted.

"No. I'm going to cheat on James, sucking and fucking a huge black cock!" I panted, my orgasm approaching speedily "I'll let my black stud do whatever he wants!"

Neil smiled and squeezed my swaying tits, adding to my sexual pleasure.

"I have a few black male models I use for porno shoots. I could get one of them to fuck you as long as I can film it!" Neil teased, twisting my pierced nipples.

"Hell yeah! Instead of one of them why not get all of them to fuck me!" I squealed as my orgasm overpowered me.

Female ejaculate gushed from my black cock filled pussy as I continued to ride the black mamba.

"Will you tell James?" Neil quipped.

"If he wants, but it doesn't matter as I'm going to fuck them and make a porno for you!" I panted, my eyes wide open.

"So you want to make a porno with two black studs, one fucking your pussy with his huge hard black cock while the other one stretches your asshole with a black cock just as big and hard!" Neil teased as he began to slide a rabbit vibrator into my asshole.

I began to imagine that I was being fucked by two black cocks as Neil captured the moment on camera.

"I could have the guys here this afternoon if you're up for it?" Neil enquired.

I came instantly, a gush of female ejaculate coating the shiny black replica cock. The rabbit vibrator was on full speed, twirling magnificently deep inside my asshole.

"Fuck yeah! Bring my black cocks here to fuck me!" I pleaded.

"I'll give them a call right now, well I will once I let James out of the cupboard!"

I startled somewhat, looking at Neil with two imitation cocks inside me, still pleasuring as I looked at Neil in dismay.

"James is in the cupboard?" I quizzed.

"He's been watching be a magnificent cheating slut, and just so you know the black cock was his idea t

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