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You give your dirty little girl a good spanking.

'You'll cum Bitch but not yet', she said giving me a wicked grin. I was almost pleased by this, I knew that the more she tormented me by not giving me release all the more sweeter my eventual orgasm would be.

After we dried ourselves off Haley said, 'Go and get dressed Bitch, everything'. I did as ordered and went back down stairs and put on my bra and panties, eventually I found the rest of my cloths from yesterday, which were now scattered around the living room. By this time Haley had joined me she lay on the couch naked her hand slowly stroking her pussy teasing me with her sexuality. 'Good slave, here's your orders, go home and get enough cloths for the rest of the week, make sure you bring your old school uniform and hockey kit as well. When you come back I want you wearing that little blue two strap summer dress of yours, the nice short one, it's still nice and tight on you isn't it'.

'Yes Mistress, it is', I felt like a little school girl being ordered around by her teacher.

'And no underwear, we've got a field trip today and I want you ready for anything. Oh and don't even think about bringing your self off when you get home Bitch, or I will punish you, understand Whore'.

'Yes Mistress'. I went back home and gathered up my stuff as Haley had ordered me, I was excited by whatever it was she had planned for me. I put on the small dress that Haley had ordered me to. I had bought it some time ago and by now I had grown somewhat, it was almost skin tight, my large breasts were almost spilling out of the low cleavage line. The skirt itself was now so short that the hem was only a couple of inches from my pussy, if I had to bend over at any point anyone from the back would be able to she my ass, pussy and all. I looked over myself in the mirror my mind wondering on to all the things Haley and me had done over the past days and all that we might yet do together. As I thought over all these things I saw my nipples harden, clearly visible as they poked out of my skimpily dress, no bra to protect my dignity. I felt beautiful, in love with the sexiest girl in the world, who had complete control over me her devoted slave, I felt young, in love and invincible.

I returned back to Haley's house to find her dressed, disappointing me immensely. She had on a cropped tight white T-shirt stopping just above here belly button, which showed off her golden tanned tight tummy. A pair of tight jeans with a cut off, in fact the waist band was slung so low it was obvious she had no panties on, if she still had pubic hair it would be visible. The jeans stopped just past her knees showing off her dainty little ankles.

'You look fucking beautiful baby', she told me as she got up, 'You look like a walking wet dream'. She walked over to me and pulled me into her kissing me long, passionately and wetly. 'Come on baby were going shopping'.

'Were we going'.

'Now that's a surprise'. She said flicking her eyebrows up at me.

We got out of the tube and Haley lead me trough some side streets, back ways and alleys and into the hart of Soho. Every shop was offering something different, all manner of sex toys, videos and magazines. As we walked passed I overheard a girl offering to give an old man a blow job for thirty quid. There were little cards posted next to stairwells offering half a hour of pleasure form forty to a hundred odd quid. Eventually Haley lead us to her destination, the Lesbian Store of Sin. There was a pretty women at the counter, she was maybe about 30 with deep blue eyes fair skin and a shaven head, that far from being off putting I found extremely sexy. As we entered she gave us the once over with her eyes, I felt nervous and began to blush when her eyes became fixed on my breast, although my embarrassment didn't stop my nipples from hardening.

Haley turned towards me and took be by waist planting a kiss on my lips. 'Have a look around see if there's any thing you like baby', she said. 'Play along when I get a bit playful, OK', she then whispered.

I nodded feeling nervous by her publ

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