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Teenage boy is forced to suck cock for beer.

I was falling for this girl. It was stupid I know, her being 19 and me 36, seventeen years my junior, young enough to my daughter. But there was just something about her I could not get out of head, both the big one and the little one.

I would have stayed in the shower with her all night, but Larry yelled at us and we quickly rinsed off and dressed, her in the skimpy yellow bikini she had worn at Larry's the previous week, followed by a pair of almost as skimpy shorts and a sleeveless button down halter that didn't even cover her belly button. She put her hair up in a pony-tail and was ready, me just standing there naked having watched her dress. She smiled at me, a knowing smile that indicated she knew she was getting to me. I collected myself and threw on my trunks and shirt and made my way to the porch.

Larry had located my stash of weed and had fired up a fat boy I had rolled the previous night. We passed the joint for about five minutes until it was out, then loaded up the cooler and made our way down to the boat dock. Larry had been on the boat before and quickly showed us what ropes to lift and where to sit before he cranked up the engine and eased us out of the inlet onto the main lake. Kim and I settled in on the bench seat in the back while Kelly sat next to Larry as he raced us down the lake. Without even realizing it, I suddenly noticed that Kim and I were holding hands like we were a couple. What the hell was she doing to me? Even though I couldn't explain, I sure didn't mind it.

Within fifteen or twenty minutes, Larry eased us up to a boat dock attached to the "Life Raft" a huge lake-bar that was nestled in a cove several miles from the rental house. After tying down the boat, we made our way up to the bar and Larry greeted the apparent owner, an older, sophisticated looking man in his 50's. Well, as sophisticated as you can get in a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and deck shoes. Larry introduced us to the owner, Martin, then motioned us to a table, telling us to order whatever, while he talked business for a few minutes.

The bar was packed even though it still wasn't officially summer. There were probably 15 or 20 boats docked like ours, weekenders who came from St. Louis, Kansas City or further to get away for the weekend. There were old and young, although I noticed more than one or two couples that matched Larry, myself and our dates -- guys in their thirties and forties with cute co-eds attached to their hip. Even though their were plenty of other bikini clad women milling about the place, I was probably biased but thought that Kelly and Kim were hands down the hottest girls in the place.

As we sipped on the drinks we had ordered, I looked at a flyer on the wall and noticed that the bar was hosting several contests later on in the evening. The first was a wet T-shirt contest while the second was a girl-girl kissing contest. Holy shit, Martin didn't fuck around. He certainly catered to what the guys wanted. No wonder the place was getting more packed by the minute, although the men seemed to be outnumbering the girls. I didn't say anything to Kim or Kelly about the contests just yet because I wanted to make sure they had enough liquid courage to enter when the time approached.

I was saved from having to use my persuasive skills when Larry and Martin returned to the table about twenty minutes after I noticed the flyer. Martin stood behind the ladies and wrapped his arms around their shoulders, saying, "You ladies picked a good night to come here. You'll be excellent contestants for our activities tonight."

"Oh yeah, what's that," Kelly said, after finishing off her second margarita of the young evening. Kim wasn't far behind on hers as well.

"Well we have two lovely events for you gals," replied Martin.

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