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When he was offered a slut, he had no idea it was her.

Michele had never been with a woman to my knowledge but after her bad relationship, maybe it would be a good change of pace.

We walked towards the bar and too late I remembered Dave.

"Kayla!" He swaggered forward eager to push up against me but Derek was suddenly between us.

"That's far enough," he said.

The right hook Dave dished out took us all by surprise but Derek blocked it then pushed me away. Derek aligned the side of his hip to Dave's hip and holding him in a bear hug, threw him to the floor. Derek landed on top, his arm locked around Dave's neck. Dave lay stunned, his flushed red face registered shock and he struggled like a turtle on its shell.

Michele caught me around the waist.

"Kayla, are you ok?" I stood next to her as 2 burly bouncers led Derek and a stumbling Dave outside. I rushed outside with Michele on my heels.

"It wasn't his fault," I said, but a man who had been at the bar was already explaining that Dave had thrown the first punch. The group dispersed, an angry Dave not allowed back. Michele's friends went to find another bar, while Michele, Sarah, Derek and I stood outside.

"Well," Sarah said then looked at Michele. "Want to get a coffee?"

"Sure," Michele said, looking at me for confirmation. I was looking at Derek who was staring at the cars pass by.

"Could you give us a minute?" I asked the other two.

Sarah didn't need more prodding to whisk Michele away, "We'll meet you at Java's when you're ready," she said. I laughed at Michele's surprised expression as Sarah pulled her away.

"Derek?" I put my hands on his chest and he squeezed my wrists and looked down at me with anger in his gaze.

"I hated how he put his hands on you," he breathed, leaning in to steal a short hot kiss. "But that's no excuse. I thought fighting was behind me, but the bloodlust... It's powerful."

"What?" I said in alarm, but he was kissing me again. His kisses moved up my face.

"I used to be a professional fighter," he said, "I wanted to tear his head off when he touched you," he whispered against my temple.

He held me there under the light of the bar sign as people weaved around us. We were in a bubble of our own.

"Come to my apartment," Derek said. "I want to hold you in my bed. I want to keep you there."

He ground into me a little and I felt an answering tug in my pussy.

"I can't," I said, "Michele."

"Text her. Sarah will make sure she has fun. I wasn't really giving you a choice." The grip on my wrists hardened as he hailed a taxi. I laughed in dismay, all reason deserting me as I felt the pull to be with this man again. Under the stars, it felt right.

I had deja vu as we entered his hotel lobby. With a quirk of a smile he picked me up in his arms. I gasped.

"I'm feeling superstitious," he said as he hefted me once and I squealed. "Last time we were here I was carrying you and it was the most amazing night of my life."

I tingled in anticipation and shut down the part of my brain that wanted to wrap protective arms around myself.

The concierge nodded to Derek as we passed him. I whispered in his ear, "Approximately how many women do you carry to your apartment? The concierge was so unfazed."

"Approximately one," Derek said in my ear then bit it. The elevator dinged open and he shuddered, his face went from playful to dark. He looked down at me. "Last time we were here, your beautiful tits were already on display. I could barely keep from cumming at the sight of them."

He walked me into his apartment and placed me on the bed. Then he pulled the straps of my top down. I wasn't wearing a bra and my large round globes jiggled as he put his hands on them, feeling the rose nipples into points. He undid my pants and pulled them down, grabbing fistfulls of my curvy ass under the lace thong.

"I couldn't handle it," he breathed as his mouth came down to suck one breast into his mouth. "I couldn't handle his hands on you. You are made for my hands."

"Derek," I breathed.

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