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--I like to think of my girlfriends (but not your Snooky) as love disguised as seduction. I fell asleep between them. The most sexy thing that happened other than seeing them naked down there (Irma has that sexy fountain design for her pubes!) is when Irma kissed the outside of my wet panty--wow!"

"I love it when she does that." Desdemona says wistfully. "So the girls have been nice and not too naughty?"

"Yep, Snooky sometimes sleeps with me, too. It's like a slumber party until we get bombarded with flying pillows by Nellie and Irma because they can't sleep because of our giggles." Then Janie strokes Desdemona's cheek, "You are such a good mother. So what if she's exposed to some differences...the love you and Roscoe shower on her is a joy nothing negative can dilute."

"Oh," Desdemona says, turning her head and pressing herself against Janie until she hears Janie's gurgling stomach and looks up, "Are you hungry, I hear you gurgling."

She starts to move, but Janie strokes her head, "Don't move, please, I like holding you."

"You do?"

"Yes, you are more tempting than my roomies. Sometimes I want them, too, but I don't want there to be jealousy so I don't give in. I'm also trying to set a good example for your daughter. I want her to know a little restraint is not too bad a thing for a young girl to have."

"Do you think she understands? I hope so. She's eighteen; old enough to make her own choice, I guess, but a late starter--she was sick and didn't start grade school on time, but now she's caught up and will soon graduate from high school. But I still I worry, she absolutely loves Irma and her Aunt Nellie."

"She does, but she has a mind of her own and they both respect her for it."

"I do, too." Desdemona sighs, burying her face comfortably into Janie's abdomen, hands sliding along her hips. "But a Mom--especially someone like me--worries."

"I'll tell you a secret, not something Snooky told me, but something Nellie and I overheard." Janie says, "Snooky was talking to Irma after a big tickle fight--kind of like you're doing to me, but without the sexiness." Janie says, and playfully pinches Desdemona's nipple--"I know what you're doing! Anyway, let me finish before you distract me."

Desdemona groans, "Sorry, I can't seem to keep my hands off you!"

"So Snooky asks Irma if Irma is going to take you away from her father. Irma reassures her that Roscoe loves you more than anything, that no one can take Roscoe from her Mom--no one loves her Mom more than her Dad!"

"That's why I love Irma--she understands us and she's made a place for Roscoe. As buddies they can tease each other and not feel the kind of jealousy I know would happen if another man were a part of our little neglected love triangle."


"I came tiptoeing up here hoping I could find Irma and Nellie making love. I wanted to join them."

"What about Roscoe? He looks very manly to me--wouldn't he object?"

"No. Roscoe and I have a good sex life. I like him all over me, I like him inside me, I like--"

"Enough, Jeez! He's my boss, you know!"

Desdemona giggles, "I could share..."

"Don't even think that. It's bad enough I'm snuggling with my sexy best friend's mother. This is a soap opera, but I do somehow really like being close to you, just keep your clothes on, OK? What would I say to Snooky if I--miss virgin lesbian--had to confess I slept with her mother?"

"Would you tell her?"

"I'd have to--best friend's don't keep secrets. I wonder what she'd say?"

"You could just play with me couldn't you--please!"

Janie looks down at Desdemona, her beautiful silky black hair rumpled against Janie's belly, the pale skin of her classically beautiful Italian face snuggled in, almost like she wanted to burrow between her legs. "We can play a little bit, but I want to be able to look Snooky in the eye without blushing."

"Play? How do innocent virgin lesbians, play?" Desdemona asks, looking up a Janie, smiling.

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