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They thought the party was over, but it was just beginning.

"OHGOD...keep sucking Molly...it feels so good..." she hissed as Molly worked over her tits, causing Katie to throw her head back and arch her back as my dick slid in and out of her tightening pussy.

"FUCK...OHGOD...I'm such a slut..." she hissed as she laid there on the couch with my dick plowing in and out of her pussy and Molly's mouth all over one of her tits as we drove her closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.

"But you're my slut Katie..." I teased her as I sucked down on the other tit that Molly couldn't reach again and felt Katie's cunt walls squeezing my dick as she shot another load of her sex fluids all over it.

"OHGOD...FUCK...suck my tits...pound my pussy...cumming..." she hissed as she lifted her hips off the bed, placing her hands on the back of Molly's head to hold her mouth over her tit as I thrust into her a few more times and erupted into her again, firing my cum deep into her pussy as she locked her legs around me.

"OHGOD...OHGOD...YES..." Katie hissed as she came down off of her orgasm, Molly still sucking away on her tits as my cum started to ooze out of her pussy.

"Lick her slutty pussy while I fuck yours from behind Molly baby," I whispered to the blonde half of FS1's dynamic duo as Molly climbed on top of Katie and lowered her head between her legs while I came up behind Molly and grabbed her hips, sliding my dick over her tight pussy lips.

"UH..." Molly hissed as I slid my dick into her pussy, her walls starting to stretch out for me as I began to pound on her while she ate Katie's cunt.

"Eat me Molly...let John fuck you with his dick..." Katie whispered as I started to thrust deeper and deeper into Molly's tight cunt, Katie's hands still on the back of her as she licked Katie's pussy.

"FUCK...OHGOD...such...a...hot...cock..." Molly moaned as she licked away at Katie's insides, Katie arching her back at around the same time as Molly started to push her hips back into mine.

"OHGOD...OHGOD...make me cum with that tongue you sexy little blonde bitch..." Katie hissed as Molly buried her tongue inside Katie's tight snatch and licked away at her insides.

"MMM...cum for me Nolan...you sexy brunette bitch you..." Molly hisses as she eats at Katie's cunt a little longer, Katie arching her back and cumming all over Molly's tongue as Molly's tight cunt started to pull on my dick.

"FUCK...OHGOD...you feel so good in my pussy John...no wonder Katie loves your dick so much..." Molly hisses as she throws her head back and starts to cum all over my dick as Katie starts to return the favor and suck on Molly's tits.

"Cum inside this sexy little blonde slut baby...it will be so hot..." Katie whispered to me as I pulled on Molly's a hips a few more times and started thrusting deep inside of her.

"Katie...you know I'm not on the pill right now..." Molly started to complain when Katie kissed her and gave me a thumbs up, distracting Molly as I pulled on her hips one last time and exploded deep inside of her, filling her womb with thick, sticky strands of my baby seed as I shot into her a few more times and pulled out of her.

"MMM...that was hot..." Molly moaned into Katie's mouth as the two continued to swap spit, not even caring anymore that I had just dumped a full load of my baby batter into her as Katie reached down and rubbed her pussy as my cum leaked out of it.

"Hey John...I bet you want Molly to suck your dick now, don't you?" Katie teased me as she ran her hands over Molly's pussy again and pushed her to her knees while I sat down on the couch.

"Only if I get to fuck your ass when she's done Katie," I lovingly whispered to her as she winked at me, Molly reaching for my dick and wrapping her hands around it as she started to suck down on it.

"FUCK...suck it Molly baby..." I hissed as she ran her tongue over the head of my dick while Katie laid on top of my desk and recovered, fingering herself as she watched Molly suck on my dick.


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