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A couple enjoys a new toy together.

As you showed me to the bathroom, and handed me the towels and fresh clothes I grabbed you and kissed you passionately. I then quickly closed the door before you could say anything.

While in the shower I kept thinking how crazy this was. Standing under the warm water was a shock to my cold skin making my nipples instantly harden. I closed my eyes and began to think of you. A wave of pleasure passed through my body as I traced my finger around my now hard nipples and slowly made my way down to my clit that was throbbing . I was almost at the brink of orgasm when I was startled by you standing there watching me.

I started to blush when you asked if I needed a hand. I giggled a little at your cheesy comment. I said you weren't allowed to touch yet. I faced you and spread my legs to show you every part of me. I slowly made a figure eight pattern over my clit which caused a moan to escape my lips. I looked over at you to see you stroking your harden prick. Seeing this I shoved my fingers into my pussy which caused my hips to buck against my hand pushing them deeper and deeper until I nearly passed out from the orgasm.

As the aftershocks faded I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. You reached for me, but I told you again you must wait. A small smile crept on my face as I saw the huge stiff cock you were hiding in your pants. I made sure to dry off extra slow using the towel to draw your attention to all the areas that I wanted you to touch, lick, kiss, and bite. It felt great to tease you.

I placed the t shirt that you gave me over my head. It barely covered my ass, and my nipples were so hard they stuck out. I walked back out to your couch where I sat with my legs spread just enough for you to get a small peek at my pussy. You walked over to me, sat and waited for me to give you permission to explore the body you only had been able to imagine until now. I pinned you hands behind your head as I lowered myself onto your lap making sure my breasts were right at your mouth. I began grinding and soon you could feel my wetness soak through your jeans.

You held my hands behind my back, and started kissing and nibbling on my breasts. Feeling your tongue massage my nipples made me so wet I was imaging other things you could do with that tongue. After minutes that seemed like hours of teasing you kissed up my neck and met my lips with a deep passionate kiss. I broke free from your hands and kissed and licked down your body until I reached your zipper. I proceeded to unzip with my teeth and pulled off your pants watching your cock stand straight up. Another smile crept to the edge of my mouth which was salivating at the thought of sucking all of your hot cum out of it. You grabbed the back of my head and forced your cock all the way down my throat. I was immediately sucking and shoving this magnificent piece of flesh as far into my mouth as it would let me. I enjoyed almost making you cum and stopping. It was almost as good as when I finally let you fill my mouth. The taste of you was so sweet I swallowed and sucked every last drop out of you.

Eager to return the favor you picked me up and threw me on the couch. You kissed and softly bit up my inner thigh making me shiver. Teasing me with your tongue by keeping it just far enough away that I could only feel a light touch up against my clit. I tried to press myself against your mouth, but you only pull away. Finally you give me what I have been begging for. You explore every part of my wet pussy lapping up all of my juices. I start grinding with your pace and quickly reach the edge. You send me over by pushing two fingers in stretching my pussy. With your tongue moving insanely fast on my clit and your fingers hitting all the right spots I soon explode into orgasm. With my body overcome with pleasure I pull you up to kiss you and taste my juices.

Kissing me deeply you take your swollen prick and slowly inch by inch bury it deep into me.

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