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She shuddered her day dreams became too real.

As her body shivered, he chuckled. She had been so deep into her day dream that she didn't hear him come in. The warmth of his hands and the tingling in her body were real. They laughed as she realized the water was cold and she was pruned. He smiled as he asked if she thought staying in the tub would eliminate her lesson for that weekend.

She knew he was playing with her, but still told him she had just been taken by day dreams. He chuckled and told her sure she had. She laughed and began to rise from her now very cold bath. He handed her a towel from the rack. She wrapped it around herself and his eyes traveled from hers to the towel.

She let the towel fall to the floor. He stood: taking her collar, cuffs, and chains from the counter. She raised her hands for him to cuff. Then one at a time put her feet on the counter; making it easier for him to place her ankle cuffs on. Finally he lifted her hair so he could secure her collar.

He took her hands and led her to the bedroom. She was led to a window. He turned her back to it and told her to raise her hands. She does so quickly; unsure of her fate. She heard the curtains open and blinds being raised. She shuddered as she felt the afternoon sun bearing down on her flesh.

"I have told you that you will learn patience." he said, as he attached her wrist cuffs to the curtain rod.

He told her that the rod was very weak and she would have to be careful not to alter it with movement.

"Yes sir." was her reply.

His hand slipped between her legs and she let out a soft moan as he teased her. He made her part her legs a bit more, continuing to tease her. She whimpered as she felt the chains tighten a bit and she became more aware of his words. He brought her close to the edge she fought to hold her hands in place.

He backed away from her and began to ask her questions. She struggled to regain her composure. When Carino was able to answer him again, he moved back to her and began to touch her again. She whimpered softly and he again chuckled.

"Patience girl, patience." he tells her softly.

She begins to feel her body give into his touch. She squirms and whimpers more. He kisses her throat, making her whimpers fade and her body shudder.

His words falling on her skin: "Don't do it girl."

She feels her skin get flush as her orgasm seems inevitable. He bites her breast firmly.

She cries out. His voice still soft, telling her: " I told you not yet."

His fingers still teasing her relentlessly. He pushes her once again to the edge and she feels her juices flow onto her thighs. His hand comes from between her legs as he takes a step backwards.

His fingers travel to her nipples, coating them with her juices and stepping back a little more. She could feel the sun growing hotter on her back side and her now wet nipples becoming harder as the cool air hit them; causing her to shiver more. Although he had moved from her, she could still feel his touches.

He stands and watches her. His eyes travel her body as she feels the tremors of her orgasm subside. He looks into her eyes, glassy and needing.

"Carino, tell me what it is you want girl?"

Her voice nearly inaudible, she whimpers she wanted to pleasure him orally.

"Oh, are you sure you want to do that?" he asked her.

"Yes sir." she replied. "I do badly."

He chuckled. "But if I allowed you to do that, you would cum and I will not allow that. For now anyway."

She whimpered softly. She knew he was right.

He again moved to her. His body against her; pressing his hips against hers, making her whimper again as she felt his hardness.

He kisses her. Telling her: " All in due time girl. All in my time."

His hands slid around her to her bottom. He chuckles, telling her he thought it needed a bit of warming before they headed out for dinner.

He told her to bring her legs together and took her bindings from the curtain rod.

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