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Kate gets more than she bargained for when babysitting.

I moved the curtain that I had pulled down, laid down on my back, and threw my legs in the air. Leo started to get on me, but Greg stopped him. I put my legs down while Greg bent Leo over and forced fed him my dick. I shivered with pleasure feeling Leo on my dick again, and I received extra pleasure when he started to moan and I could feel the vibrations on my cock. I didn't even notice that my eyes were closed until I had opened them and saw why Leo started moaning. Greg was eating his ass OUT. Leo was getting so much ecstasy from this his mouth closed in more on me, the extra pressure was a welcome change, also in his rimming excitement Leo's knees buckled but Greg grabbed his waist and picked him up never ceasing in his chomping on Leo's chocolate ass.

I wanted to continue this scene forever but I noticed that Greg was starting to soften from neglect so I turned myself to it, while Leo was still bobbing on me, and put the veiny cock back into my mouth. We were in this triangle of delight for a couple of minutes until Greg lowered Leo back to the ground, thus taking his own dick out of my mouth and replacing it with Leo's.

"Leo...fuck him." Greg demanded as he sat on the table in front of my couch.

We quickly got out of our 69 and resumed the position that we were in before Greg came in. Leo kissed me and then spit in his hand and rubbed it on my asshole, then brought his hand back up and let me spit on it to rub on his dick. In an instant we were back at it as if Greg was never there, it was just Leo's scrawny body on top of my big boned self, and we were blissfully together. It wasn't until he started shaking and groaning "oh...oh no" that we both remembered that he was going in bareback. In our hormone filled stupor Leo never put a condom on, and it felt amazing! Feeling Leo's pulsating cock in my ass as it unloaded ten powerful streams of cum up my gut was electrifying and my moans displayed my enthusiasm. Leo slipped out of me and looked down to see that his dick was covered in his own cum. He splayed out on top of me tired from the release and I kissed his head. Meanwhile Greg had stood up and gotten closer to us pumping his dick with a big smile.

"That was awesome, now who wants the real pipe?" Greg said as he got behind Leo and I. He was choosing one of us to fuck, and with Leo's ass still wet from the rim job, and mine oozing sperm, to him we were both ready. I'm not sure what came over me but I could feel Greg about to pick Leo, and for some reason I really didn't want that to happen. So I flipped Leo over to where our positions were reversed and held my cum filled hole up awaiting Greg.

"If you think you can handle it, go for it" I said like the slut I was pretending to be. Greg took the bait and ripped open a condom package.

"Where did you get that?" Leo asked.

"I always have at least two condoms on me" Greg replied.

"Why didn't you give me one?"

"Because I told you to fuck him, if I wanted you to fuck him with a condom I would have told you to" Greg was starting to get a little too big for his britches in my book. But before I could say anything.

"Heeyeye...hoooooo...mmmhm." I couldn't stop the groans I was making, just the tip of Greg's dick was in and I felt like giving up and going back to the car washing idea I had. Greg was pretty much just vibrating in me to get my ass acclimated to his member and I could feel every twitch surge through my body, I then felt a warm almost liquid substance on my hole.

"So along with condoms, you also comes stocked with a small amount of lube?" Leo chided in my defense.

"After I got you to your father I was going... out." Greg responded. Leo looked pissed, he could handle this arrangement with Greg but now understanding that this guy has been cheating on his sister really made him mad. I knew he needed some form of revenge.

"Move." I told Leo.

"What?" He asked



"Just do it."

"For what reason?"

"It'll be fine I have

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