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A young crossdresser's first time out and the fun she has.

It was a bonus using her parents room,___ ___she wasn't taking much notice by this stage,___ ___I threw back the old fashioned covers and set her down,___ ___her pubes tasted of piss,___ ___so I stopped tonguing her and used my finger,___ ___she moistened nicely,___ ___and after pulling her hair pins to release her hair from some strange stylised bun I laid her nicely in the middle of the bed,___ ___spread her legs and just took advantage.

She lay pretty much comatose,___ ___peering at me in confusion,___ ___but my god did she feel good,___ ___my plan was to fuck her and leave her but this was grade A pussy,___ ___so tight yet so slippery,___ ___I decided I wanted her naked so the bra and suspenders went,___ ___then I wanted to feel her body properly so I stripped down and then it was back to business,___ ___fucking her in that great big soft bed,___ ___her tits felt just right against my chest,___ ___the neck of her cervix just touched my penis at the end of each stroke and I started to wish I had seduced her properly.

Her eyes widened as I came,___ ___the creamy semen boiling through my shaft and shooting deep inside her.,___ ___and then she turned her head to one side and threw up,___ ___fortunately over the bedroom floor.

___"I hate you!" she said, as she drunkenly rolled on her side and closed her eyes.

I lay still a moment,___ ___then I said___ "___Good,___" ___and kissed her.

It was lovely and soft and warm in that bed,___ ___it took me fifteen minutes or so to get hard again,___ ___and it was dead easy to get her on her back once more and for me to get her legs apart and pile right in,___ ___I wanted a reaction so I just banged right into her I wanted her to know she had been fucked,___ ___I wanted her sore and bruised when I woke next morning,___ ___I left love bites all over her neck,___ ___marking her out as my property,___ ___something I never dared do with proper girlfriends.

And then I was cumming.___ ___I rolled off her and slept like a baby.

___"Argghhhh." she screamed as the sunlight streamed through the bay windows. "Mummy will kill us for gods sake help me clean up!" she whined, as she disappeared in a swirl of brown hair and exquisitely formed pink buttocks.

I straightened the bed covers and dressed as she returned with a bucket full of tools to clean the carpet.

___"What happened," she asked, "I'm so sore this morning."

"Don't you remember___?" ___I asked.

___"No Sorry," she replied, "Its a blur, but for gods sake, lets get out of here before anyone finds us."

I___ ___helped her,___ "___Where's your room___?" ___I asked.

___"In here," she said as she swept past collecting discarded clothing as she went.

I collected my things and followed,___ ___she was sitting on the bed pulling on her stockings,___ ___until I took her legs and spread them wide,___ "___No we mustn't somebody will come.___"

"I'm sure we both will,___" ___I said as___ ___pushed her on her back,

___"Hurry up then!" she insisted, as she guided me inside her once more.

___"Don't you remember anything?" I asked.

___"No,oh do that .yes that's it, Oh thats so good, oh yes yes yes." she exclaimed.

___"Lucinda, is that you, " a deep upper class woman's voice boomed.

___"Yessss." she said guiltily.

___"Have you got a man up there Lucinda.

___"She's just cumming." I shouted.

___"Ssshhhh." Lucinda said as she dissolved into laughter.

___"Lucinda!" I looked and saw a much older version of Lucinda staring at me "what is the meaning of this, what on earth will Poppy say."

"Sorry,___ ___Mummy this is.___" she replied uncertainly.

"Ryan,___" ___I said___ "___Jenkins,___"

"Yes,___ ___its Ryan Jenkins,___ ___Mummy.___" she confirmed.

"You little tramp,___ ___I warned you.___" ___the woman said,___ "___When you said you were gay I warned you,___ ___Poppy will be devastated___!"

"Who is Poppy___?" ___I asked.

___"My room mate, she's been sleeping with Charles, Mummy, I guess I wanted to get back at her," Lucinda said in confusion.

___"Is that all I am to you, something to get back at Poppy.

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