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A new relationship looms over an old one.

"Get down on your hands and knees girl" he ordered, pointing his leather crop to the floor. She glanced across to her master for his reaction, however her hesitation cost her a sharp and stinging slap to her ass. Her body jerk as it struck, and she glared up at him.

Angrily she dropped down to all fours. Roy reached down and picked up her reigns, giving them a quick jerk to gain her full attention.

"You will remain on your hands and knees at all time when in my presence. You will not speak. You will stamp your 'hoof' on the floor once for yes and twice for no. You will not touch yourself without permission. That sweet little cunt is for the use and pleasure of others now", he told her, tapping his crop between her thighs, and adding, "Obey me and you will learn fast. Give me any trouble and you will be punished. Is that clear girl?"

Her mind raced, trying to think how she could outwit this man. He may have been a great fuck last night, but today his arrogance was just plain irritating, however, rather than suffer another slap, she hit her fist down on the floor once.

Who does this man think he is ordering her about like this? She thought, I'm not his property. If he thinks he can 'train' me to his ways, he had better think again. I'm not a horse or pony, even if I did agreed to wear this stupid gear.

"That's a good girl" he smirked, stroking the side of her lovely face with his fingers, but as he did she swung her head around and sunk her teeth into the side of his hand.

"Fuck!" He hissed, jerking away.

"I warned you I thought she might be a fiery one Roy," her master chuckled.

The cowboy held his hand to his mouth for a moment, and then he grinned and told her, "I think I'm going to enjoy taming and training a frisky little filly like you."

Once again he pulled on her reigns, he wanted her closer to the bed, but she resisted. A couple of quick sharp slaps to the back of her thighs however convinced her to obey. He wrapped the leather straps tightly around the bar at the end of her bed, and moved quietly behind her. She tried turning her head to see what he was up to, but the reigns were tethered too tightly. Again and again she felt the sharp sting of his crop on her ass and the back of her legs. Sharp strikes that left stinging welts on her soft flesh. She closed her eyes tightly and braced herself; determined not to make a sound. Not because she feared the punishment, so much as she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. After several minutes he stopped. Her ass and the back of her legs burnt. Tears had formed and trickled down her cheeks as she quietly sobbed and sniffed, and lowered her head. She could hear him breathing heavily. It had taken quiet an effort to whip her ass like that.

"Good little pony girls don't bit. Are you going to behave, or do you need more convincing?"

Reluctantly hit her fist on the floor.

Leaving her tethered to the bed, he leaned down to her, and gently stroking the welts on her ass and legs with his rough hands. He smiled as spoke. "You know I don't like having to hurt pretty little fillies like you. You're going to be good for me now aren't you?"

Again she hit her fist on the floor.

Little wonder the old man had to have this one, Roy mused as he gently stroke her. Her skin was smooth and the color of light honey, her legs long and lean. Her hair, soon to be trimmed into a mane was long, soft, and golden. Gently he pushed his hand up between her thighs and under her tail. Her cunt felt warm and wet to touch.

Fuck it, I can't believe I'm getting paid for doing this, he thought smugly.

He stood up and leaned over her to release the reigns from the bed, leaving the tip of his crop on her ass. "That's it girl, keep your ass nice and high. Now show Roy how you crawl with your head up nice and high."

Keeping a firm hand on her reigns and the crop ready and resting on her ass, he watched as she crawled around him.

"There that wasn't so hard to do now was it? Good little pony girls get treats" he explained, grinning and pu

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