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Nick finds himself running back for me.

- than by having his upturned face beneath the soles of her feet? What an unmistakable statement she was making to him!

She rubbed her feet around on his face until she'd found the most comfortable positions for them. Then she said to him, "While I relax, slut, I want you to rub the tops of my feet with your hands. Be nice and gentle. While your face keeps my soles comfortable, I want your hands to pamper my insteps. I'll let you know when you can stop."

"Yes, Goddess," came his slightly muffled response from below, his warm breath tickling the soles of her feet.

When slut started rubbing, she closed her eyes. The warmth beneath her feet, and the gentle strokes on top of them made her smile. Yes, perfect conditions for her memories of training her stocking slut...

With the soles of her feet on either side of slut's face, and his hands busy rubbing her insteps and the tops of her toes, Shauna drifted back many months. She had made him her foot slave immediately on that first night that they'd met, but molding him into her stocking slut.....well, she considered that her finest hour. It went beyond simple foot fetish and worship. His love for the female foot made it easy to break him and recreate him into her foot slave. But his love had always been for a woman's feet when they were clean and fresh, pristine and beautiful. Shauna felt that was selfish of him, and thought he should adore her feet no matter what condition they might be in. That was the first hurdle they'd have to far as his worship of her feet, of course.

Secondly, Shauna expected his worship of her feet to extend beyond the times that they were together. It was all well and good he immediately took his position at her feet whenever he was in her presence, and that's as it should be. However, she wanted him to be her slave every waking moment of his day...not just when he was physically at her feet. She wanted him to desire to be at her feet when he wasn't with her, and she wanted some way to constantly remind him of her hold over him whether he was in her presence or not.

Sam, as he was called in his previous life, had always liked when women wore sexy stockings. Sheer stockings in erotic, open-toed footwear turned him on. But his fantasies had been for those sexy stockings and shoes to be removed by him and then the lovely, sweet feet adored. Again, Shauna expected more than that from him....much more.

Shauna always loved wearing sexy hose and heels, and wanted her personal foot slave to worship her shoes and hosiery as much as he did her feet. She loved wearing them, so he should love worshipping them. They touched her regal feet, and so they too deserved his unconditional adoration.

Getting her slave to worship her shoes was relatively easy, happening even on that first night, though only to a small extent. Shauna felt he needed to worship her shoes much more. Likewise her stockings.

Since she wasn't wearing stockings that first night, his training in this area had to wait. Besides, she had so many other things for him to do for her that first night that she was content to save her stocking training for later. But one night, five days after her first meeting with Sam, the stocking training began.....

Sam had taken Shauna out to dinner that night, massaging her feet throughout the meal. She smiled to herself when she remembered making Sam kiss her shoes before he took them off of her, then also kiss her stockinged toes - all ten of them - right there at the restaurant table. After dinner, he had to again kiss her toes and shoes before putting her shoes back on her feet and leaving the restaurant.

After the dinner, Sam had to go shoe shopping with her, helping her try on all types of sexy shoes. She made him kneel before her and take off her old shoes, put the new shoes on her feet, and then tell her how sexy her feet looked in each pair. Along the way, Sam had gotten several erections, making his kneeling and then

getting up for the next pair of shoes and then kneeling again quite difficult for him.

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