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She began taking them balls deep in her throat, demonstrating her impressive oral skills. Christina watched as the dark haired beauty ravenously sucked on their shafts.

"Fuck you nasty slut!" Christina said grinning. "Want some pussy now, boys?" She purred.

Trev gasped, pulling away from Emma and sitting in the chair, Christina straddled his body and lowered her cunt down onto his shaft. Gasping as his hard member invaded her tight pussy. James lay back on the coffee table as Emma held his huge cock to her pussy lips.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Your sooo fucking BIG!!" Emma gasped as she lowered herself down.

James held her hips and steadied her as Emma finally got the full length inside. Christina was riding Trev hard by this point, screaming and moaning. Emma gasped, her breath taken away by the cock deep inside her, James held her steady as she started to roll her hips on him.

"Fuuuckkkk!!" Emma gasped after moaning her words.

Christina was riding Trev hard, her ass slamming down on his thighs as she drove his cock deep. His face was buried in her massive tits, sucking on the nipples. Emma was now starting to ride James, her pussy eating up his 10 inches.

"Yes! Yessssss!!" Christina cried, her pussy flooding Trevs balls in warm wetness.

Emma watched her new friend cumming hard, as she rode him. Christina tossed her head back, gasping and groaning, her body reaching a climax.

"FUUUCKKKKK!!" She howled out.

James fucked Emma harder, determined to make her cum as well, Trev sat back in awe the busty redhead riding him hard, screaming in pleasure.

"YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!" Christina screamed, her tits shuddering in Trevs mouth.

Emma was riding hard, her pussy moments from exploding, looking down at James, his face starstruck.Her hips churned, pussy swallowing his cock over and over, as her held her hips tightly.

"YEEESSS!! YEESSSSSSS!!" Christina screamed in the background, her body moving into a full orgasm. She had reached her height of pleasure.

"YES! YES!! YES!!" Emma snarled, finally cumming, her body slamming down and grinding onto James.

His fingers clawed her round ass cheeks as she shook atop of him, body shaking in climax. Emma stared straight at James, eyes fixed on his as she came, pussy flooding down his shaft and over his balls.

"FUUUCKKKK! FUUUCKKKK!!" Emma screamed.

Christina calmed from her orgasm, and sat on Trevs lap, watching Emma cum. The brunette was shaking, her hips twitching as the final few jolts of energy shot through her. James held her waist as she twitched for a final time before sitting upright panting.

"Ohhh fuck, that was good. I needed some cock!" Emma gasped.

Christina grinned, looking over at James,."I want some of that monster dick now babe" She said.

"Let's swap places now."

Emma eased off of James, and Christina stood up. Trev took Emma around the waist pulling her close and kissing her hard, before spinning her around and bending her over. His cock pushed deep up into her pussy, as he held her hips.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!" Emma gasped aloud while getting pounded hard.

Christina got down on the floor on her hands and knees, looking up at Emma getting fucked, James got down behind her and started to push into her pussy. Pushing into her pussy, she gasped, then turned back to look at him.

"No, big boy! I want it up my ass!" She said, begging him to slide that big cock where she really wanted it.

"Fuck, no bitch has ever let me before!" James replied. "Are you sure?"

"Slam that huge fucking, monstrous cock right up my asshole! Make me fucking scream!" Christina replied, an evil grin on her face.

James rubbed the head of his lengthy cock over Christina's asshole, wiping the slick pussy juices all over it. Gripping her hips he pushed his hard dick into her. She gasped, feeling the shaft stretch her open then whined as every inch kept on thrusting. His huge dick filled her ass, as she gasped and cried, until all 10 inches were up her shit pipe, balls deep in her ass.

"Fuuuucckkkk!!" She wailed, as James held her hips and started thrusting.


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