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Catching my mom and brother have sex.

When John said my name I thought my heart would flutter away. For as long as I could remember I had loved John in a non-sisterly way. When I reached puberty, and discovered masturbation, it was him that I dreamed about. It was John whom I wanted to relieve me of my virginity; all of my virginities. As yet no male had entered any of my holes with his cock. Fingers were another story, but no cocks had entered my body; that was reserved for John if there was anyway I could make it happen.

Festus, a strong muscular man, lifted and drug John to the mattress next to Millie. There he positioned him face down on his knees, and with his butt pointing to the ceiling. He then untied Tammy and said; "From the look in your eyes you want him more than I do. Tell you what, you go get him hot and wet for me, then when I'm through you can have him." Tammy was tempted to hug Festus, but instead she ran to John and immediately, and in a very unsisterly way, placed her mouth on his ass. She used her tongue to probe his anal opening, and constantly forced saliva and mucous around the brown crinkly outside, and past the orifice. Not satisfied with her oral activities, Tammy reached between John's legs with both her hands and grasped his cock and balls. She poked, prodded, pulled, and rubbed the manly items, but not enough to take him anywhere near a climax; that was something she was saving for later. "That's enough cutie. You got him hot, but lets see if he's ready for a man now." Festus pushed Tammy aside, but not away. "All I want is his ass, you can have everything else." The man was naked, and it's a good thing John wasn't looking back to see what was about to enter his rectum. Festus had one of those "qualified for porn" cocks. It was at least ten inches long and a full two inches in diameter. It was a cock both the fucker and fuckee could be proud of. It was a cock that was going to cause John a great deal of pain as it slipped past his anal sphincter.

Festus pushed two fingers into John's anus. Other than Tammy's oral efforts there was no preparation and no consideration. John clinched his teeth as the fingers passed, and he continued to clinch them until Festus thought the opening was sufficiently stretched. Just as John was gaining confidence a third and then a fourth finger jammed into his asshole. John grunted hard at four fingers, but when the cock finally entered him he cried tears because of the pain. At first the pain was very intense, but it eased as his ass became more accustom to the length and girth invading his bowels.

Tammy loved John in a way that was not allowed, but now she saw an "acceptable" opportunity to partake of her illicit love.

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