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Two employees flirt.

Mind-blowing. I've gone to sleep with her beautiful lips wrapped around my shaft, and woken to the most loving blow-job imaginable. If you hadn't come over when you did, I was about to spend the evening ravishing my wife in every way imaginable."

Courtney looked at me with a burning gaze I'd never seen from her before, and leaned her face in close to mine. "Don't let me stop you."

I leaned toward her, closing the space between us, and pressed my lips against hers. Her mouth opened to me and I explored her mouth with my tongue.

Abby tapped me on the shoulder. "Up on the side of the spa, cowboy."

I pulled away from kissing my next-door-neighbor for the first time, and her hand reluctantly let go of my cock. I moved a couple of feet sideways and sat on the edge of the spa, my cock standing proud and eager.

Abby pulled Courtney over close, while she stationed herself between my legs. "Come see what my practice has taught me."

For the next several minutes, Abby licked and sucked my cock as if her life depended on it. She took almost all of it down her throat, gagging a bit, licked and sucked my balls, and did everything she could to worship my cock.

Courtney edged closer and closer, until her chin was resting on my thigh, her cheek pressed against my side. She had about as close a view as possible. My hand strayed to the side and caressed her hair as she watched.

Gasping, Abby pulled her face away for a moment, and faced her friend. "Help me?"

Courtney shuddered, "Oh Abby, I don't know..."

"Please?" she asked, then licked me from balls to crest. She leaned my cock over toward our guest until my cock was pressed against the side of her face. Courtney's tongue reached out and brushed me.

"Oh Shit!" I gasped. I had never expected this from Courtney.

"God, he liked that." Abby said softly.

Courtney leaned forward a bit and gave me a long lick, placing a kiss on the top of my swollen head. She then pushed my cock back to Abby.

Abby tugged her arm and pulled Courtney around my leg, facing my cock straight on.

"Suck him for me." Abby urged.

Courtney licked me again and this time settled in at the top, opened her mouth and took me in, swallowing half my length. I could feel her naughty tongue working me over.

"God Court, that's wonderful." I told her

Abby moved behind my new cocksucker, and caressed her back, sides and finally front, while the pretty little neighbor sucked me better and better. She was good. Not in Misty's class. Not even quite up to Abby and Krista, but damn good.

"Courtney, it's a mortal sin that you aren't using your talented mouth to drain a man more than a couple of times a year. It's a sin, and a waste." I told her.

While her head bobbed up and down on my cock, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. That's a huge personal turn on, and I could feel my balls swelling.

"I'm going to come soon," I warned them both.

"Do you want to finish him?" Abby asked.

"Mmmhmm," Courtney answered with her mouth full.

"Share it with me afterwards," Abby said, kissing her friend on the neck.

Courtney's eyes got big, and just then I reached the end of my rope. I exploded, several days worth of pent up cum, and filled my oh-so-friendly neighbor's mouth to overflowing. She finally pulled away, and the last few shots sprayed across her chin and cheeks.

"That was wonderful Courtney," I told her.

Abby turned Courtney's face toward her own, and lovingly cleaned every trace of my cum off of her face. Then I watched Courtney open her mouth, and display as much cum as I'd ever seen come out of me. Her mouth was solid white. Abby leaned in and place her mouth over Courtney's then leaned back allowing much of my seed to flow into her own mouth. Courtney pulled away, their lips slipping apart, sticky strings of cum stretched between them. She closed her mouth and swallowed deeply, then leaned between my legs again, looked up and displayed her open empty mouth to me. She seemed surprised when she felt my hard cock spring up and nudge her chin.

"Oh my God! Are you still hard?" She gasped.

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